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3 Better Ways to Manage Your Revenue

Posted By: on January 14, 2015

Corporate revenue management today runs at a different speed and level of personalization than ever before. The key for success in revenue management today is strong integration of engagement both between departments and with clients directly. Making sure that the company has the tools in hand to ensure a unified whole from the customer level all the way to accounting is a daunting task, but in today’s business climate, it is essential to survival and success.

Fully Integrate Revenue Management At the Sales and Service Level
Successful revenue management means that at the point of interaction, having control of offerings, income, pricing, and reactive service can help predetermine a successful outcome later. While revenue management was originally a focus of airlines and hotels using pricing leverage to mitigate loss, today revenue management is used across industries so companies can have a deeper connection with their customer base.

With social media, clients have more direct access to the companies they do business with than ever, and smart companies leverage that customer data to ensure that they give an offering that exceeds their clients’ expectations. That increased level of customer data, for its part, can give analysts better predictors of client behavior, allowing them to adjust offerings accordingly, say Yuri Levin and Jeff McGill in Analytics Magazine. More importantly, clients connecting with the brands they trust on platforms they often see as personal can make better assessments of how a company can better serve their needs in the future.

Integrating Revenue Management At the Back-End
Revenue management is by nature front-facing (in dealing directly with clients), but its data collection aspects need to be successfully integrated at the back-end for it to work, says CSG International. Making sure that the sales force or service group have access to the wealth of data and flexibility needed to satisfy their clients is something that has to be dealt with in real-time. The difference in time could be fatal to a client interaction.

For this reason, using an integrated back-end revenue management system connected to policy management allows a company’s front-facing groups to impart information to their clients while ensuring that they also collect data which can then be analyzed and reviewed for potential negative or positive effects. In short, making sure that the front end has access to information that clients need to make an initial purchase or additional purchases is essential, and customer reactions to that data are vital in figuring out how successful individual processes are in relation to the whole.

Automate Billing Processes And Integrate Into Revenue Management
The single most important part of the revenue management process (next to offerings and data collection) is revenue collection itself, according to CRM Magazine. Automating this process actually further personalizes the customer experience, as a majority of clients prefer electronic billing. Whereas billing is often the least pleasant part of the customer experience, automating the process while expending human capital to directly enhance the customer experience makes the overall experience one where clients feel more engaged with their companies. Automated billing will not only improve brand image, but make billing, and ultimately accounting, far easier.

Integrating automated billing into the overall revenue management system not only improves the bottom line, it leaves the customer feeling that their personal experience was more engaged, making them more likely to stay loyal.


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Stopping Migraine Pain

Posted By: on January 14, 2015

young woman with migraine

People have suffered from migraine headaches since time immemorial. Dozens of remedies exist, with varying degrees of success. The ancients used trepanation, which is a process of drilling holes in the skull, to release whatever had caused the headache. That method actually persisted into the 1600s in Europe. Other remedies involved various ways of burning the skull. Contemporary remedies are significantly less harsh.

Natural Remedies

One of the gentlest ways to treat migraines is through homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are easily purchased over the counter, although it’s highly recommended to first consult a practitioner trained in homeopathy. The more common headache relief remedies include belladonna, bryonia alba, and sepia.

Aromatherapy has provided relief to some migraineurs. Other alternatives include consuming various herbs, such as feverfew, and supplements, especially magnesium. As there can be interactions with some medications, always consult a professional first. Vitamins B2 and C can be helpful. Simple caffeine offers relief to some sufferers. Other non-drug remedies include biofeedback, exercise, meditation, and modifications to the diet to eliminate foods that may cause a headache.

According to Migraine Relief Center, there are centers specifically for migraine relief today that offer a full range of treatments, from natural remedies to surgery. Several drugs have proven temporarily effective over the years, but nearly all have side effects. Botox provides relief in some cases. Ongoing research has led to several new non-invasive treatments, some of which have few, if any, side effects.

New Developments

One of the biggest advances has been in learning more about what causes migraines. Traditionally they were thought to begin when a “trigger,” such as various foods or changes in the weather, caused an inflammation in the blood vessels. Thus, the early drugs focused on easing the inflammation. Contemporary research now points to a neurological source as well as the actions of several brain chemicals. There may also be a genetic component.

According to WebMD, researchers continue to study ways of alleviating migraine pain, and the emphasis now is on prevention. They’ve discovered that migraineurs have a “window of vulnerability,” which is the time period, usually brief, in which a particular drug is most effective. That minimizes the length of time a patient must take the drug and provides optimum relief. It requires patients to keep records of their headaches in order to determine their individual window.

Two new drugs are currently in the testing process. One combines a triptan drug, which has been prescribed for years, with naproxen sodium, to reduce both inflammation and pain. Another drug is designed to prevent the release of a chemical known as CGRP that exists in higher than normal levels in migraine sufferers. A drug in the same class as drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s has also shown promise in preventing migraines.

New Non-Drug Treatments

A non-drug development is the Cefaly device, which already has approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Cefaly applies transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) by means of a headband. The electrical current stimulates the trigeminal nerve, a source of migraines. So far, Cefaly is available only by prescription and is for use in adults. The primary side effect is a slight skin irritation in some users.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), originally used to study activity in the brain cortex, is now offering relief to some migraineurs. TMS releases an extremely brief magnetic field which produces a mild electrical current. The current interrupts the electrical activity in the brain and stops a migraine.


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Capital One Mascot Challenge Voting

Posted By: on November 15, 2010

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How Many Licks to “Lick” Google’s Lollipop Memory Issue?

Posted By: on January 14, 2015

Google’s Lollipop has been suffering with a memory leak for awhile now, but Android users can finally rest easy. Along with the Android 5.0.1 update, users of Nexus (who got the upgrade first) have reported that the latest changes have fixed the memory issues and they’re now setting pretty. According to numerous complaints that rolled in, there was a bug that killed apps and made home screens reload non-stop. When it comes to flawless memory and technology, Google should be ahead of the curve, but the Lollipop shenanigans prove that even the tech giant can make mistakes.

Not only were apps crashing, but RAM was also leaking which put users in a sticky situation. In order to get help or simply vent, the Android Issue Tracker was inundated with claims, complaints and finger pointing. As Time reports, Google should be used to complaints by now but hopefully the latest update will put an end to Lollipop-related rants.

Nothing sweet about this Lollipop

According to one anonymous user, “When play music crashed in the background today, with maps navigation running in the forefront, system ram usage was at 780mb. Maps ram usage was at 280mb. The play music process was stuck in restarting status until I swiped it out of recents and restarted it. This was after around 48 hours uptime. Camera app also started crashing mid-photosphere shortly after this.”

This complaint is reflective of many, with Nexus device users claiming their Nexus 7, 4 and 5 were all impacted by the memory bug (Nexus 6 seemed in the clear, warranting those positive TechRadar reviews). On average, it seems the gadgets were using over 1.2 GB of RAM, compared to “normal” 500MB usage. Regardless of OS, opening apps and programs means RAM gets used. Android works like this, too, but it’s designed so that RAM gets auto-cleared when resources are necessary somewhere else.

Bugging out

According to Google, the memory bug was preventing RAM from getting auto-cleared, not letting other processes use the space. This led to killed apps, spontaneous crashing, and a general poor experience for users. Fortunately, Google has seemingly fixed the problem, with the current status reading “Future Release”.

It’s expected that Google will issue another update soon, as the company has a history of fast updates for Lollipop. Keep an eye out for Lollipop update 5.0.2 by February 2015.

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4 Ways to Reach Company Goals

Posted By: on January 13, 2015

No matter what the business, at the end of the day, the financial goals will involve minimizing the expenses and maximizing the profit and market share of the company. How each individual company sets about doing this is different, but setting effective financial goals and actually accomplishing them is as tricky for businesses as it can be for individuals. Here’s where companies can start to help themselves succeed.

Setting Effective Goals & Monitoring Progress

As obvious as it may seem, a company can never reach its financial potential if it does not start off by setting up effective goals. While what different companies choose to focus on may vary to some degree, all of the goals, regardless of which company they originate from, need to be quantifiable and given a specific timeframe, says Roger Wohlner, writing for U.S. News & World Report. Establishing goals with quantifiable benchmarks leaves the guesswork out of whether or not the company is making progress; either the company has reached the intended growth figure or it hasn’t and there’s still room for improvement. Setting up a timeframe and then checking up in regular intervals to make sure everything is on track is also essential.

Enact Finite Action Plans

The second step toward reaching a company’s financial goals after setting them up is enacting a finite action plan, says Dawn Drozd of Corp! Magazine. The plan should be tailored specifically to each company’s needs and should involve an allocation of resources and manpower to work on individual sectors. If the company is looking to cut costs somewhere, it will have to make a thorough search of where there might be excessive spending, for example. Identifying the tasks necessary to accomplish each goal is the main idea here, as well as setting up a timeframe for the completion of each individual task.

Using IT Governance Effectively

One of the most effective ways to design corporate strategies and achieve business goals is through the appropriate use and incorporation of effective IT governance. With the business world moving quickly and the proliferation of endless projects, resources, and logistics to manage, says Daptiv, using a specially designed software suited for the company’s individual needs can help maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and reduce operating costs within the management sector.

IT governance can help in several sectors of the job, first through demand management that aggregates incoming work and is able to analyze and prioritize tasks at hand. The software can then do capacity planning and resource management to make sure that resources are allocated in the most cost-effective ways to complete portfolio work. Throughout the entire process there’s portfolio and project management tools that keep everyone informed about the progress being made to help the whole team stay on track. Finally, IT governance can also help with financial management, keeping track of material and labor costs, budgeting tools, tracking orders, and invoices. If there were any one product that could help a company achieve its goals, it would be IT governance software.

Employee Alignment with Goals

Another very important part of achieving company goals, whether they are financial or pertain to something else entirely, is to make sure employees are all properly briefed on what the exact objectives are and where they fit into the plan. Employee productivity increases substantially when each individual knows what his or her specific contribution is to the team as a whole. With common goals in place, workers begin to focus more and find better and smarter ways of doing a job.

Creating a shared accountability provides visibility to goals and pushes everyone together towards completion. The importance of engaged employees is not one to be underestimated: a recent Gallup poll shows that large numbers of dissatisfied workers lead to absenteeism and lower productivity as well as a whopping 51 percent higher turnover rate.


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How to Compare Home Heating Systems For Cost and Efficiency

Posted By: on January 12, 2015

Homeowners looking to reduce their heating bill should compare different systems for cost and energy efficiency. Selecting a heating system is not an easy task. How long will the heating system last? Homeowners with an eco-friendly bent often have a difficult time finding a heating system that will warm the home without leaving a major carbon footprint. Here are some things that will assist in selecting the best home heating system.

Natural Gas

A natural gas heating system is one of the most popular with homeowners. A home with a gas furnace can be kept warm day and night while still using relatively clean, renewable energy. The furnace serves as the engine of the home and pumps hot air throughout the space. Modern systems that are Energy Star certified and are designed to reduce the amount of energy and fuel needed to activate the system and heat the home. A standard furnace is roughly 80% efficient. New systems come with even higher efficiency ratings, sometimes upwards of 95%, according to Laurent Belsie of the Christian Science Monitor. There are rebate programs available to reduce the amount of money homeowners spend on natural gas furnaces.


A geothermal heating system is one of the best selections for people seeking a green heating option. The geothermal system is one of the most energy efficient systems available. One of the main benefits to a geothermal system is the way it stays consistent year-round. The geothermal system taps into the temperature below ground, since it stays constant even while the air temperature fluctuates. This natural, sustainable heat source is a great way to heat the home without spending a fortune.

An extracting loop system uses polyethylene underground pipes to transfer the heat to the home year-round. Homeowners will see the same traditional furnace inside the home as the pipes are hooked up to existing duct work. This helps to create heat that doesn’t end up costing an arm and a leg and doesn’t drain the earth’s natural resources.

The cost of the geothermal system varies based on the size of the home and the amount of work required to install the system. The geothermal system itself typically costs $10,000 or more, and a heat pump can run $3,500 or more. Operating costs are much lower, though, and homeowners often see a significant decrease in their home energy bill. Average savings for geothermal systems are around 50%, according to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association‘s FAQ. The other benefit of geothermal systems is how quiet they are and how effectively they provide consistent heat in the home.

Heat Pumps

The air-forced heat pump route provides a beneficial option for eco-conscious homeowners, according to Washington Energy Services. A heat pump is twice as efficient as most gas furnaces. A standard heat pump is found outside and has a compressor and two copper tubes. Heat from the outside coils is extracted from outside and it ends up heating the home. Air-forced heat pumps will require a source of power, whether gas or electricity, to provide backup heat during extreme temperatures. Heat pumps will cost $2,500 or more to install the equipment, but they can last 12 years or more. Modern heat pumps are 150% – 200% more energy efficient than older models. The air-forced heat pump is by far the most energy-efficient model on the market, and will be able to save homeowners hundreds of dollars on yearly heating fuel and utility costs.

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4 Ways Organic SEO is Beating Social Traffic

Posted By: on January 11, 2015

When it comes to online marketing, business owners of all shapes and sizes are continually tracking the success of all of their online marketing endeavors. What they are trying to determine is where their time and money is best spent. One of the hottest topics in this discussion is whether organic SEO or traffic generated from social media is more successful. What many find surprising, is although consumers steadily increase their time spent on social media year over year, organic SEO still beats social media by a landslide, according to Eric Layland, co-founder of Point It Digital Marketing. Below are four ways in which organic traffic generates better results than SEO.

Social Media Posts Typically Peak, Then Decline

In order for a social media post to go viral, or even be moderately successful, it must earn numerous likes, shares, comments—and most importantly clicks back to a website or landing page. To achieve this kind of success, social media posts need to incorporate trending keywords and hashtags, or need to inspire users on social media to start using them. Even if a social media post garners great success shortly after being posted, the success of the post is likely to peak during the first few days of the week it goes live, and continue to decline over time. On the flip side, quality keyword-optimized blog posts and web content will continue to generate traffic for weeks, months, and years to come—even if their success peaks in the first few days they are live.

While Social Media Is Designed to Be Current, Online Content Should Be Evergreen

While some blog posts or online articles are written with current topics in mind—such as “New Year’s Eve 2015″ or the latest breaking celebrity news—most will be written as an evergreen topic that remains relevant for many months to come. Even if the keywords in the article are no longer trending, a blog post may still achieve success because it contains relevant information that consumers want to read.

Consumers Actively Seek Out Businesses on Search Engines

While it is not out of the question for consumers to search for the products and services they require within a social media search tool, it is far more likely that they will head to Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for what they need, and according to Rand Fishkin at Moz, it is crucial that a business’s website appear in the first few results of a search. Showing up at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) not only increases traffic, but also shows potential customers that the company is a reliable and trustworthy business, Fishkin says.

Small Amounts of Quality Content Generate More Traffic

When looking at the ratio of combined weekly social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, a trend starts to emerge: marketers share multiple posts per week, day and even per hour. While social media posts are certainly shorter, faster, and easier to compose than website content, blog posts, and online articles—in most cases, fewer pieces of high-quality online content will generate more traffic than multiple social media posts. For example, a total of 25 social media posts is likely to drive less weekly traffic than 3 well-written, engaging, and optimized blog posts. This can largely be attributed to the ability to insert far more keywords into even a 400-word blog post than into a bite-sized social media post, but it’s also an excellent lesson in quality over quantity.

While social media is still a relevant and necessary part of online marketing, a BrightEdge study showed that only 5 percent of traffic comes from social media, as opposed to that of 51 percent of organic searches. For businesses looking to get ahead in the new year, focusing SEO efforts on high-quality content and increasing traffic is a much better strategy than spending more time on social media.

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Women for Guns is Becoming a National Trend

Posted By: on January 10, 2015

The National Shooting Sports Foundation conducted a study in 2009 concerning the purchase of firearms. Results indicated that three-fourths of gun shop owners claim that females outnumbered males in gun purchases. The most common reason given involved self-protection. Of the women volunteering to complete a survey, 80 percent shared that they bought a gun for self-defense, according to reporters Rachel Dubrovin and Tony Nguyen. Little more than one-third planned on using a weapon for target practice and one-fourth purchased a gun for hunting. Nationwide statistics suggest that between 12 and 15 million women in the country own guns. Some expect this number to continue rising.

Female Gun Owners Represented

Though the National Rifle Association and the Gunowners of America are traditionally all male organizations, during the 1990s, Women Against Gun Control emerged. Armed Females of America is another organization that represents women owning firearms. The organization entitled Second Amendment Foundation created the magazine “Women & Guns,” which features articles written by and for women. Within the pages of each issue, information includes gun reviews and female-oriented gear. The publication also offers information concerning shooting related sports.

Increasing Female Interest

By 2009, the National Sporting Goods Association noted that the number of women participating in hunting or recreational shooting increased by 20 percent. The National Rifle Association developed the “Women on Target” program that offers women the chance to learn about and use firearms in a clinic-based environment. By 2010, the program noticed a 20 percent increase in interest. The number of women attending clinics across the country was recorded as being more than 10,000.

Self-Defense Factor

Overall, the objective of females making gun purchases remains self-protection. Some make the purchase to have at home in case of break-ins. Others conceal carry in purses or on their body. Previously, women relied on pepper spray or knives for self-defense. However, many believe that firearms offer more protection against a male attacker, especially in preventing rapes.

One Size Does Not Fit All

While men may be tempted to make the purchase for a spouse or significant other, gun purchases should be made by the individual intending to use the weapon, according to this article at The Well Armed Woman. As the calibers and styles vary, women must feel comfortable with the overall design, size and function of the weapon. The gun must not have extreme weight and fit well in the hand. Instructor and shop owners report that women traditionally prefer .22 or .38 caliber handguns. These models are easily carried in a pocket, a purse or concealed in specially crafted holsters. If interested in learning how to shoot, before making a purchase, women should make arrangements to complete a shooting and safety course.

Marketing Trends

In addition to the many styles and types of guns available, manufacturers are also attempting to appeal to potential female gun owners by creating weapons and gear designed especially for ladies. Virtually every type of hand gun is available in pink. Holsters allow for carrying guns concealed within bras, around the waist or on the thigh. There are purses featuring quick access pockets. Women may also purchase jewelry, clothing and accessories advertising their interest in firearms.


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Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show

Posted By: on January 9, 2015

Exhibiting at a trade show can generate highly targeted and lucrative business leads. It is an opportunity to greatly expand your customer base because the people who attend trade shows are already motivated, or they wouldn’t be there. The average business-to-business cost per lead from a trade show is about half that of sales calls depending on the industry. You may also have the opportunity to meet the management of your targeted companies.

A custom trade show display will set you apart from the rest of the ho-hum basic displays. Companies that have a unique trade show display are often talked about long after the show is over, according to professionals at Best Displays Online.

How a Custom Display Helps

Whether it’s outstanding or hum-drum, you will have a display at your next trade show. A custom display will make all the difference because it will not only attract customers it will impact their thinking later. An important question to ask, according to Tim Patterson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Interpretive Exhibits, is, if you invest your time and money presenting your business at a trade show, why not make an impression on attendees?

Trade show displays are not one-size-fits-all. There are various booth spaces and other different demands according to the venue and location. Each show display needs to be thought through with the aim of catching the consumer’s attention. Your design may change if you are right in the entry way or way back in a corner.

You can make use of technology to make your display stand out. With streaming demonstrations that are attractive and interesting, people will stop more often to watch than just pass by.

How to Get Ideas

You may have attended several trade shows in the past and can remember displays that made an impact on you. It’s worth taking the time to go to any type of trade show to look at the various displays and see which ones work and which don’t. Some things to note are:

  • Which booths attract the most attendees?
  • How are prices and special offers displayed?
  • What are the most effective sales-person interactions?

You can also get a look at most of your competition in one place and see their latest products and how they are promoting them.

A Modular Display System

A modular display system is the easiest to customize and can be adjusted to suit any type of space. Some tips for your display are:

  • Try to be close to the top companies in your industry. This will enhance your brand.
  • Have good graphics on your banners that are eye-catching and recognizable so customers will notice you.
  • Make sure your social media information and website are prominently displayed on your banner, so, even if people walk by, they can access you online.

There are a huge variety of ways you can display your product or service at a trade show. It’s worth taking the time and making the investment to have a spectacular display, because it will attract more people and give you a chance to interact with prospects, learn their requirements and offer solutions.

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Supply and Demand Affects the Shipping Industry

Posted By: on January 8, 2015

As the Internet expands exponentially, the shipping industry has seen a surge in profits and volume. It’s not just the large corporations shipping bulk orders, but everyday people ordering items from across the globe to middle America. According to the Economist, however, there is an increasing supply of freight ships with a smaller shipment demand arising. The Internet boom can’t sustain heavy shipments every quarter, making some freight companies concerned about their asset investments and possible loss in the coming years.

More Containers and Vehicles Available Today

If you’ve ever driven cross country, you probably saw countless freight trucks lining the roads. As the economy grew in the 1990s and early 2000’s, freight companies put their profits into container and vehicle purchases. The business growth was perpetual, giving companies ample funds to expand quickly. Business forecasts may have been too generous, however, because shipment volumes slowly decreased. From global issues with other countries to a slowdown stateside, freight companies suddenly had too many vehicles and containers for their volume.

Gas Price Consideration

When the United States economy took a major hit in 2008 with the Great Recession, gas prices were a big factor in global shipment volume trends. Gasoline affects product pricing at every turn, from the manufacturer’s cost to freight driver’s tank fill-up charges. All of the fuel to move an item had to be incorporated into its final cost. This shipment slump continued for several years after the initial recession jolt. However, today’s gasoline prices are beginning to abate. In the coming years, the gasoline cost alone could spark more shipment volumes again.

Companies Shipping Smarter

Freight companies are seeing smaller shipment volumes because of intelligent customer shipping strategies too. Customers are using containers perfectly sized to an item instead of filling a huge box with filler and a small product, for example. They could ship in bulk to a centralized distribution center instead of piecing out the shipment from a difficult location. Freight companies must move with the times and create intelligent shipping strategies on their own to survive an ever-changing industry.

Manufactured Goods Altered

Every product has a specific shape, but it’s not always ideal for shipping ease. Product manufacturers are actually researching and implementing different item shapes. For instance, a grape juice container could be rectangular instead of cylindrical. This shape makes packing easier and can increase the number of bottles in one box alone. Manufacturers save on shipment costs this way, passing the savings to direct customers. With more product sales, shipments increase and benefit the freight companies with more volume and profits.

Freight carriers will find a way to balance out the flow of goods and services, but bumpy times must be met with innovative ideas and strategic accounting, according to FreightRun. Working with several client types will shore up the bottom line, such as large corporations mixed with small businesses. Global trade will always be necessary so freight carriers do have a positive outlook in the long run.

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Is Private Health Insurance Worth It?

Posted By: on January 7, 2015

No one disputes the benefits of private health insurance. The cost of medical bills is one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy, and when you need medical care, you want it fast. It can be confusing to buy any kind of insurance product, and health insurance is no exception. The terminology is intimidating and unfamiliar, and you may feel stressed because the stakes are high. If you’re in the market for private health insurance, it’s worth taking the time to research several options and visit some comparison websites, according to professionals at HealthCorps.

Some Things to Consider

Private health insurance will give you choices and provide peace of mind. During your research, there are some considerations you should keep in mind. According to Consumer Reports, some questions to ask before you choose a plan are:

  • What is the timeframe for treatment? You are usually seen quickly, but it’s worth asking when you’ll be treated.
  • Where does the insurance company provide treatment? It will most likely be in a private hospital with en-suite rooms.
  • What physicians will see you? You can ask who will be treating you.
  • What treatments can you expect? Private health insurance provides a wide variety of treatments and drugs, and you need to know what they are.

A health insurance provider should be able to explain the coverage in terms that anyone can understand. The brochures and websites often use words only understood in the medical profession. This is required because these words accurately define what is covered. However, you shouldn’t be in the dark about your coverage because of this, and the insurance agent or broker should be able to make everything clear in every-day language.

How does it Work?

When your doctor recommends tests to aid in his or her diagnosis or to determine the best treatment, they will give you a referral letter that you take to your insurance company. Your insurance provider will check your coverage to determine your eligibility for different treatments under your policy. They will then approve the claim. With private coverage, you should be seen quickly by the specialist therapist, doctor or other consultant.

Different Kinds of Coverage

There are several different types of private health insurance. An individual policy will help you get treatment quickly for an illness or injury. There are also policies that cover a whole family as well as policies tailored just for growing children.

Many people tend to favor the cheapest plan. However, this is not recommended because the cheapest plan may cost you the most when you need it. Most policies require a monthly premium for coverage that the policy will pay according to the cover limits for each type of treatment. In some cases, the cost of cover can be reduced if you prove that you lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are cash plans that contribute towards regular healthcare costs. They will pay a cash sum when you visit a medical practitioner including a dentist, chiropodist or optician.

The most important thing to do when considering private health insurance is to compare coverage and price from several different providers.

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