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Packing for Safety and Fun on the Next Camping Trip

Posted By: on September 13, 2014


Whether you enjoy hiking a waterfall in spring or gazing at falling leaves in autumn, camping out has many attractions for every outdoor enthusiast. Aside from planning for the time of year, camping also requires some forethought about safety for the entire group. You want to roast marshmallows and explore the countryside without any emergencies marring the trip.

Covering the Skin

Whether its winter or summer, covering your skin from the elements is a top priority. The hot summer sun burns while bitter winter winds dry out skin. Consider wearing long sleeves and pants to protect your largest organ. You’ll only need to put sunscreen on any exposed areas, such as the face. This clothing strategy also protects you from scratching branches on long hikes. Even bring extra socks to keep feet dry in case of rain or stepping in a large puddle.

Nighttime Resource

Always practice making a fire well before the camping trip. Everyone in the party should be able to create fire in an emergency. For added safety, bring along a strong flashlight with extra batteries. When the sun sets, camp areas are often pitch black. Industrial-strength flashlights give you a sharp view of the surrounding area, especially if you need to search for a straggling hiker or just find the nearest bathroom cabin.

First Aid Kit

Never leave the house without a full first aid kit. Camping is all about discover and good times, but all of that changes if someone is hurt without the proper recovery tools. Look through the kit to check for ample bandages, tape, antiseptic and other ointments. Automatic cold packs are a smart addition to the kit. It doesn’t weigh that much in your overall supplies, but can be a lifesaver when necessary.

Safe Foods

After cooking up that caught fish, clean up the area meticulously. Store away any utensils, pans and trash to avoid attracting wildlife. You are in the wild even if the camping site is obviously designated for visitors. Raccoons and bears are curious and hungry creatures, depending on your location. Hiding all foods away after use keeps your group safe. Try to bring canned foods if you don’t live off the land. Sealed cans have no enticing scents to wildlife.

Location is Everything

You’ll definitely want to explore the area while you’re visiting. Get familiar with the ranger’s location and phone number in case of emergency. Bring along your own traditional compass and GPS devices. You always want to know your location and the camp’s coordinates. Being lost in the wilderness is difficult to do when you pay attention to location and landmarks. Even get the kids into the spirit by pointing out key landmarks, such as a river. Teaching them about finding their way could be a lifesaving lesson.

Being aware of your surroundings and packing accordingly keeps everyone safe. If there are any special needs, such as chronic disease medications, bring an ample supply to avoid complications. The outdoors should be a time of reflection rather than worry. You’ll feel calmer knowing safety measure are already in place.


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Used Car Buying Guide

Posted By: on September 12, 2014

When it comes to buying a used car, as with most major purchases, buyers are primarily focused on one thing: getting the most for their dollar. In the world of used cars, there is no established price for any particular vehicle. Plus when you factor in the costs of vehicle ownership, it’s more than clear that there is no better value than purchasing used. And then on top of that, there is a virtually endless selection of used cars. While used cars can offer the most value, they also carry the highest risk. There are plenty of stories of car buyers getting stuck with lemons, and having no way out. Fortunately there are tools such as the Kelley Blue Book that you can use to get information you need to know the ideal value of a certain car.

What’s The Right Vehicle For You?

Only you can make the ultimate decision on the type of vehicle you’d like to have. With that being said, you have all the help you need, including the valuable research tool known as the Internet. If your options are fairly wide open, it’s best to start by deciding your preferred vehicle body style. This choice should be in line with both your personal taste and your needs as far as a vehicle is concerned. For the latter, you have to consider things such as how many passengers you will regularly need to carry and gas mileage and safety features. Once you’ve considered the body you need and have one or two models selected, you can narrow your search by setting a strict budget and looking at the mileage of used vehicles fitting within your criteria. Get as much info as you can about a vehicle before you go see it. Always be sure to use caution, especially when using the Internet to shop around.


You should get to a point where you have a number of vehicles to look at in person. Have a financial plan in place before you go. This doesn’t just mean having a strict budget in place but considering other costs of ownership such as fuel costs and insurance rates. As far as price, value is in the eye of the beholder. Purchase price will be determined by how much the seller or buyer is willing to budge.

Closing The Deal

Before signing anything, make sure to get everything that you’ve been promised in writing. This is especially important for anything that relates to a money-back guarantee or any other form of warranty. Even in this case, sign an “As is” document only if you know the vehicle you’re getting is pristine, because that document will override anything else you’ve been promised. At this point, you should have just as much knowledge on the vehicle as the owner does, but still, you do not want to leave anything to chance. After you have all the paperwork in order, you can drive away satisfied with the value you received.

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3 Things You Must Know if You’re Buying Your First Home

Posted By: on September 10, 2014


It’s an exciting time when you decide you’re ready to start looking at moving into a home that you own. But the purchasing process will likely throw a few challenges at you if you don’t know what to look for.

Here are three of the top recommendations for first-time home buyers before they enter the market.

  1. Pre-qualifying makes life easier

If there’s one thing that can help make the purchase process a whole lot smoother, it’s making the effort to pre-qualify for a home loan so you know in advance that whatever offer you make on a desirable property will be good when you make it. To get started, find out how much you think you will qualify for independently, then start talking to either financial institutions or mortgage brokers.

The primary thing to remember is that if you want a home and make an offer, and someone else wants the same home and makes an offer, the party that’s pre-qualified is much more likely to have their offer accepted.

  1. Don’t forget to ask for what you want

If you’ve studied the home buying process at all, you’re probably aware that there are various options available to you when with regard to financing. Making a predetermination about which form of financing or loan you want to get is a really wise idea.

If you do, there will be no surprises when it comes time to secure your loan. You merely make a formal request for what you intended to get. This can be extremely useful in payment terms.

Often, lenders will offer incentives for slightly different mortgage packages that make those more attractive to the people you’re working with. It’s a good idea to keep yourself open to your lender’s advice, but don’t neglect to verify that it squares with what you originally wanted.

  1. Gauge the market and act appropriately

During the housing boom a decade ago, many folks who wanted homes would bid the asking price and be surprised that the seller did not accept their offer. That’s because the sellers were typically receiving other offers that exceeded the asking price.

At that point, people stopped asking for home inspections just in order to get their offer accepted in time. When the market slowed down, conditions quickly shifted and the buyer gained more leverage.

Today, every region has a different reality when it comes to knowing what you can expect when you’re making an offer. The best person to talk to about this is your real estate agent, who will know roughly where the market stands in the area where you’re looking.

You can also ask use the agent as a sounding board to find out whether certain requests such as repairs would be something that would hurt your offer or not. Many times, the key to success here is finding an agent that will cater to your needs.

First-time home buying specialists are normally very in tune with spending the extra time necessary to ensure that your requirements get met.

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Boom Go the “Tides”

Posted By: on September 9, 2014

Check out the hot new music phenomena Lindsey Stirling’s newest video “Master of Tides”. In the high energy video, she crosses unsuspecting shoppers and swashbuckling adventure, much to the thrill and surprise of the patrons. Even Poseidon and the mighty Kraken make an appearance. With choreography by the world renowned Suze Q and brought to you by UE Boom, it’s a spectacle no one will soon forget. For more info, visit

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Want to Extend Your Summer Romance?

Posted By: on September 7, 2014


Not all summer romances have to come to an end, and now that the weather is cooling down and the leaves are turning, you have an important decision to make: Should you extend your warm weather romance? There are many considerations and, of course, your partner needs to be on the same page. It used to be that summer romances were considered fleeting because people are naturally more carefree and amorous while on vacation and also because anyone meeting on a summer vacation might be facing a long distance relationship.

These days, the idea of adults having ample vacation time in the US to even develop a summer romance is rare. Your paramour is probably living in the same region as you already. Plus, even if long distance is an issue, with the latest technology there’s Face time, video chatting, WhatsApp, texting and social media to keep the flames burning across the miles. Just because you’re gearing up to store your summer goodies doesn’t mean you need to shelve your romance, too.

Don’t wait to have the talk

If one of you is heading out of town for good, give yourself ample time to have “the talk.” You deserve to know what your partner’s thinking, and adding extra stress with a time crunch isn’t going to do anyone any favors. Be up front and transparent, because that’s what this situation deserves. Saying something like, “I really enjoy being with you, and I’m wondering where you see this going from here on it,” is a great way to start the conversation.

Today, there are many more long distance relationships that work, but that doesn’t mean it should be a given. It’s pointless if you don’t see your lives aligning again in the future without a lot of sacrifices. For example, if both parties are in college on opposite sides of the country, giving up your college experiences in order to wait for someone you’ve only known a few weeks is a poor move. If you can, stay friends and keep in touch, but don’t give up the chance of meeting someone else great just because you’re holding out for a summer fling.

When it works

If you’re lucky enough to both be sticking in town for the foreseeable future, the bigger question is whether or not your partner sees this as a fling. There can be a lot of expectations heading into the holidays. Family travel, the big New Year’s date and of course winter couple activity staples like visiting pumpkin patches and tree farms are right around the corner.

The sooner you have the talk, the sooner you can start planning for the rest of 2014 (with or without your partner).


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4 Ways to Keep the Romance When Using a Medical Device

Posted By: on September 4, 2014

Whether you or your partner has recently started using a wheelchair, walker, oxygen tank or any other medical device, you’re thrilled that they’ll be healthier, happier and more comfortable but what about the romance? Some devices can seem more obstructive than others, and sometimes the person using it can feel embarrassed even if they’ve been with their partner for several years. Using a new device takes getting used to, and every feeling that may accompany it is normal from embarrassment to feeling “weakened.”

If these feelings persist, it’s a good idea to start working with a counselor to address them (with or without your partner). However, there’s not a single medical device whether you’re equipped with a CPAP mask or permanent crutches that’s a romance killer. You may just need to change things up and get creative, which is always a great idea for boosting the romance factor in any relationship. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Define “always”

Talk to you doctor about just how often you really need to be using your device. “Always” may not include during showers, meals and of course intimacy time. It’s easy to overcompensate with a new device and be fearful of going without it, but it may actually be good for you. Be open with your doctor when discussing your intimate life.

  1. Don’t ignore it

If your condition and/or device will cause some changes to your romantic life, there’s no point in ignoring the elephant in the room. You’ve probably been with your partner awhile now, but they might be leaving it up to you to broach the subject. In fact, they may have concerns, too. Talking about it with each other, your doctor and perhaps another professional such as a therapist can work wonders.

  1. Remember all the alluring things about you

You were comfortable enough with yourself before this device came into the picture, and chances are many of those appealing qualities (if not all) are still there. That’s what your partner sees, and you concentrating on the positive can be all the motivation you need to get frisky. Focusing on the positive in all situations, including the romantic, is a must.

  1. Embrace it

Every part of you is what makes you attractive. Your device isn’t a part of you. However, any conditions that it’s treating is a part of you, and it’s a part that makes you strong, a fighter and survivor. What’s not sexy about that?


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What Sets You Apart from the Rest?

Posted By: on September 3, 2014

One of the greatest roads to happiness is finding and expressing yourself in a unique and authentic way. Unfortunately, the road to happiness through self-expression is paved with inner fears, worrying what others will think, limiting outlooks about life, negative social conditioning and a lack of knowledge and insight.

How You Speak Can Make a Difference

How you speak can have an impact on how you navigate through life. It’s about learning how to speak the language of your trade or profession. If you’re not presently employed, it might be about how well you fit in with your social group. How you speak will change over a lifetime, but each new way of expressing yourself should be authentically, you. Living up to other people’s expectations won’t always make you feel good about yourself. Find your voice and way of expressing things.

Working Hard to Be Authentic

Just saying to yourself that you are who you are, that there’s nothing more to work on and that the job is finished isn’t a recipe for finding your authentic self. To really find out who you are and what your contribution to the world will be takes hard work. Keep in mind that true authenticity is a byproduct of eliminating the limitations that have held you back. Authenticity requires that you know what you believe in. At their earliest stages, children are like sponges who easily take on the belief systems of those they look up to. Some belief systems will serve them well while others will not.

Hints of Who Your Authentic Self Might Be

Believe it or not, children have a vision of who they could be at a very young age. The secret is in their dreams and in their play time. An alert parent can tap into this energy and help guide their child along the right path. Thinking back, what made you laugh as a child? Laughter is a good feeling and is a true indication of the things we feel good about. Identify with that inner happiness and apply it to life. Go back in time and observe yourself.

Do You Feel Comfortable with How You Dress?

Whether you prefer wearing suits or dressing casual, wearing shoes or strolling barefoot, you should wear what makes you comfortable. Obviously, there will be limitations and restrictions based on the type of work you do. Your free time is time to express your own authenticity. Express yourself in how you dress. People are visual, and what you wear can speak volumes about you.

Finding Your Flow

Your life is an experience of extremes that are filled with anxiety and periods of rest. It’s easy to allow boredom to take over during passive moments. One way to combat this is to fill our moments with tasks that require a high degree of commitment or skills. Instead of watching television, practice playing an instrument, study a language or get involved in a sports activity.

Complete engagement is an excellent way to discover your authenticity.

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An “Especial” Collaboration

Posted By: on September 2, 2014

As part of a video series showcasing craftsmen and their skills, Modelo Especial focuses on collaboration between artisans. Metalworkers, tattoo artists and street artists have come together to discuss their definition of craftsmanship. Garry Alderman of Method Bicycle, tattoo artist Big Sleeps, and famed street artists Daniel Lahoda, Zimad, Sego, and Joe Ficalora, founder of The
Bushwick Collective all share their insight into what makes a craftsman great. Check it out:

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4 Times You Really Need a Realtor

Posted By: on September 2, 2014

There are some things in life you can do yourself, like buy a car or choose the right gym membership. Other times, the skills and insights of a professional can make a huge difference. When you connect with a local real estate agent, you’re not just making use of their years of experience and education. You also get access to listings only realtors have and someone to do the “dirty work” for you because, after all, buying or selling a home is a full-time job. You don’t have time to take on that task.

Still not convinced that having a realtor is for you? Here are a few signs you’re in desperate need of this professional and it’s time to build a relationship with a realtor today.

1. You want to buy a home

This one seems obvious, right? However, many home buyers shy away from realtors because they think they’ll get high pressure sales, forced into a home they can’t afford, or the jargon is just too much to figure out. Worse, some people think they’ll be paying for the perks of having a real estate agent. The reality is that a realtor gets a commission of the sale, so it’s actually the seller who’s dishing out a little extra. Just make sure you get a buyer’s agent on your side.

2. You want to sell a home

Wait, if you have to pay part of the price to an agent, why would you deal with that? A seller’s agent can get a higher final price over what a DIY home seller can do every single time. They’ll also take care of managing curb appeal, open houses, marketing, advertising, dealing with buyers and other agents and generally let you live your life uninterrupted. More money and zero hassle is a no brainer.

3. You’re thinking of flipping a house

This is no get rich quick scheme (if it were, all the realtors would be doing it). However, house flipping is a feasible option for some people who have a construction or real estate background. A realtor can help you figure out if it’s a smart move for you and then show you appropriate properties.

4. You want to open your own construction company

If you’re a contractor ready for the next step and you’re considering building residential properties, business properties or industrial, it pays to create a relationship with a realtor. You’ll need a good one once your business takes off.

Realtors are the bread and butter of property deals. Go without one at your own risk, but don’t say you weren’t warned.


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Passion for Life

Posted By: on September 1, 2014

Is your life lived outside the lines? Do you have dreams and ideas outside of the norm? Then you’re living the spirit of Sailor Jerry. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins dedicated his life to the pursuit of his dream. Sailor Jerry rum is a direct result of that dedication. Be a visionary and live an extraordinary life. Check out the video and visit the site for more information.

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