Also, a new feature automatically sends faxes with photo quality images enabling users to place their signature on the cover or body pages of outgoing faxes.

4 Signs HR Pros Know it’s Payday

Posted By: on July 2, 2014


No matter the size or type of company you work for, there are certain signs that payday has arrived (or is right around the corner). It’s an exciting day for every employee, including you, no matter what the salary range or commission status. There’s something freeing and lovely about pay day, even for workers who are really responsible and already know exactly how the income will be distributed. However, for HR managers, payday isn’t all fun and frolicking.

If you’ve been in the industry for awhile, you’ve probably become adept at spotting those tell tale signs of payday panic. In fact, you probably have your fair share of stories, and might even dread this busy day if you have an outdated payroll system or, worse, have to deliver the checks yourself. If there was ever a reason to indulge in some updated software, payday might be it.

You know you work in HR and payday has arrived when:

1. The phone won’t stop ringing

The employees might happily send emails all day long, avoiding an actual phone conversation like the plague, but those standards go out the window on payday. They want to know when the checks are arriving, making sure you did their vacation time correctly, and they want it all right now. There’s no way they’re going into the weekend without the check they deserve.

2. Your email (also) blows up

However, calling you non-stop isn’t enough because they want to make absolutely sure you understand how important this is. As such, they’ll send you countless emails re-detailing their sales, hours or other information that you may have mysteriously missed. Bonus points if they cc your boss or a totally unrelated executive in an attempt to light a fire under you.

3. Suddenly those time sheets don’t add up

If you work for a company where employees clock in and out, and then hours are tallied, you can bet that come payday there will be discrepancies. Sometimes these are honest mistakes, but sometimes it’s an employee trying to get a few extra bucks or a manager who’s shaving hours. Not only are these tactics perhaps illegal, they’re also a nightmare for HR.

4. You hear the same jokes for the millionth time

Either it’s a joke, or a song lyric that’s talking about payday that’s sung to you every single week. Luckily for you, as an HR professional you’re expert at hiding your true feelings and pasting on a smile.

However, NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid” will always make you cringe.

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Newcastle Brown Ale’s If We Won

Posted By: on July 2, 2014

What if the British won the Revolutionary War? Newcastle Brown Ale presents a unique take on what America would be like as “Great Britain II” and how amazing it could be if America were still under British rule. With that said, they’ve produced 16 short films providing “alternate history” takes on how things might have played out. Elizabeth Hurley, Zachary Quinto and more provide their talents in showing us the country that could have been. Visit and follow @newcastle on twitter for more adventures in alternate history. See Elizabeth Hurley’s take here:

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TopCultured Legends

The Right to Bear Arms. Literally.

Posted By: on March 7, 2013

It’s not just a political debate. Here, a Model 1896 Swedish Mauser 6.5×55 is proudly presented by the arms of the bear that it once shot. Definitely creepy. Possibly pretty darn nifty.

Windows XP Security Updates To End April 8

Posted By: on April 3, 2014

Most people probably did not expect the last of Windows XP for quite a while yet. But Microsoft has announced that it’s planning to stop issuing any further security updates for the popular Windows platform, Read On »

52 Things That Should Never Be Swallowed or Inserted (but were)

Posted By: on July 29, 2011

There are simply too many examples of people eating or otherwise inserting odd things. The stories that result are often comical to everyone other than the victim. We can laugh, but sometimes it’s serious business Read On »


Why We Shave

Posted By: on July 2, 2014

A young boy asks the age old question, “Why do we shave every day?” The answer is nothing short of inspiring. Schick Quattro wants to remind us all that we shave for freedom. Our awesome jawlines and manly faces should never be oppressed by beards. Together we can make the world a better, less hairy place to live. Use #UnitedWeShave and join the conversation. Shave for freedom after watching the short film:

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5 Recession Proof Professions

Posted By: on July 1, 2014

Even though the recession is slowing down, there’s no telling when another may hit (or when this one may reboot). When choosing a career and profession, it’s important to note the stability of it. After all, many professions require years of specialized schooling, so changing career mid-way due to a recession can be costly and a big mistake. Fortunately, there are many “recession proof” professions if you know where to look.

It’s unsurprising to many that medical professionals top the list when it comes to stability. No matter what the economy or a patient’s financial situation, everyone needs medical care at some point. That’s why medical recruitment is such a hot field right now. With a recession comes stress, and with stress comes the need for medical care which is why physicians make around $175,000 per year and nurses around $50,000.

1. Energy workers


The field of energy has to keep moving forward no matter what. People still need HVAC services, to drive their cars, or even get ready for the day. Some might be more prone towards energy conservation efforts in a recession, but that doesn’t decrease the need for professionals in this field. You can pursue any path from engineering to being a technician, which will earn around $50,000 per year.

3. Mental health experts


Surprisingly, mental health providers are more in demand when a recession hits. It’s when stressors go through the roof, which can lead to more psychological issues. Unsurprisingly, the demand for divorce counselors also increases during a recession. Counselors average anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on their specialty.

4. Web professionals


Big companies realize they need to downsize their marketing departments during a recession, and those who are laid off are encouraged to start their own business. This means the demand for SEO pros, web designers, coders and other techie geek jobs grow in demand to the tune of $60,000+ per year.

5. Police officers


Crime goes up in desperate times, which means crime units need as much help as possible. Technically this profession is “recession resistant” since there were layoffs in police departments starting in 2009, but others say that’s just weeding out the weakest links.

If you’re a student, thinking of going back to school or changing careers, don’t forget to consider how secure your future job is. Otherwise, all of that training and experience can go down the drain (on the other hand, plumbers also have a recession-proof job).

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Foods for a Better Back

Posted By: on July 1, 2014


You are what you eat, and that includes when it comes to back health. You probably know what foods can help you get better skin, such as good old water, lemons and antioxidants like blueberries, but did you know there are foods that can help strengthen, soothe and improve your back? Many Americans suffer from chronic back pain, but you might be able to eat your way to relief.

The best approach is to marry back-friendly foods with ongoing chiropractic care and perhaps try acupuncture, massage therapy and of course regular exercise. A holistic approach to caring for your back will lead to the best results. However, the next time you’re at the grocery store, try picking up these “back bites.”

Vitamins and minerals

You need Vitamin A because it’s an immune system booster, antioxidant and helps with tissue repair and bone strengthening. You can get this crucial vitamin in liver, most dairy (such as butter, cheese, eggs and milk), fruits that are orange from apricots to cantaloupe, and orange/green veggies like spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes. Before dismissing liver, consider a pate such as chicken liver spread on whole grain toast: It’s both decadent and very good for you.

Vitamin B12 is also essential because it keeps bone marrow healthy, letting the spine function its best. Get this vitamin in liver, red meat, poultry and fish. It’s also in dairy products and leafy green veggies like broccoli, kale and spinach. To get those Omega 3 fatty acids, opt for oily fish like salmon so you can get a super boost of the good stuff.

Keeping it healthy

It’s no surprise that Vitamin C is important, helping with collagen development and with healing injuries in tendons, discs and ligaments. Berries are high in vitamin C as well as tomatoes, green vegetables, potatoes and bell peppers. Also indulge in extra Vitamin D for calcium absorption and healthy bones. This can also prevent osteoporosis and can be fond in fish oil, egg yolks, and milk (you can also get this for free by soaking up the sun’s rays a few minutes each day while wearing sunscreen).

Additional vitamins include Vitamin K for proper calcium usage, iron for healthy cells, magnesium for relaxed muscles and calcium for healthy bones. Both vitamin K and iron is found in meat products including liver, fish, red meat, pork and poultry as well as green leafy veggies. You can get your magnesium from whole grains, beans and nuts, and calcium in dairy products.

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Algorithm Changes and How to Adapt

Posted By: on June 27, 2014

Google wants to be the best search engine provider. In order to do this the company alters their search engine results. While these tweaks may seem harmful or unfair to your website these changes benefit users who want to see relevant helpful results. Take these opportunities to improve your website’s content. With relevant content your website will have more long term staying power. First, you must understand what these algorithms are and how you can optimize your website so it will be favored in search results.

The Panda algorithm came out in February 2011. Panda lowers the rank of poor quality websites. The algorithm considers the amount of content websites have and adjusts the search rankings accordingly. The more content the website has the higher the rank. This algorithm increased the rank of news websites. Panda lowered the rank of websites that were considered to be advertising heavy. Panda favors websites with valuable information.

Penguin came out in April 2012. This algorithm lowered the ranking of websites that participated in link schemes. Any websites with huge amounts of links but almost no content had their rankings lowered. It is unfavorable to link spammers.

In August 2013, Google released the Hummingbird algorithm. Hummingbird takes context into account when calculating search rankings. This encourages content to be relevant and useful and not just stuffed with keywords.

How to Adapt

According to this website it is important to change your SEO methods, so your website will be favorable according to these algorithms. You should build websites with original content. If you focus on having high-quality content you can protect your website from future algorithm changes. To do this be sure and hire experienced writers who will produce original relevant content.

Another article recommends using important and relevant URLs and create signals for them. The better and stronger the URLs are the more search engines favor your website in the results. Make sure there is no duplicate information. Have helpful content that the URLs are anchored in. These tips will make Panda favor your website.

The Wordtracker blog has many tips for SEO with regard to Penguin. One tip mentions that web designers should build quality links. Quantity is no longer in favor. To make your website rank higher, you need to do your research first. Look for high-ranking websites in your keyword and study what they do. Check text to link ratios. Study their content.

According to Search Engine Journal there are five ways to adapt to Hummingbird. One such way to adapt is to use keyword synonyms. You should do keyword research and find highlighted terms. These terms are synonyms for the keyword. Using these similar terms lets the algorithm know that your website has more useful and similar content that will be helpful to users that are searching for a specific keyword.

Web designers should do research and provide quality content to users. With a high-quality website you not only protect your website from current algorithms but future ones. Google will never favor unoriginal spam filled websites in the future, so keeping your website fresh and relevant will make sure your website will be a long-term moneymaker.

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Dull Emergencies

Posted By: on June 22, 2014

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more urgent than others. Not every day is like an action movie, but for those days that are, BIC Razors are there for you. Check out this hilarious take on an emergency situation featuring the good folks at CollegeHumor.

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Physical Therapists in High Demand

Posted By: on June 20, 2014


It’s not surprising that according to the U.S News and World Report’s list of Best Health Care Jobs, medical professions such as dentists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses all topped the list. Surprisingly, physical therapists beat out physician for the number five best health care job. While physical therapists certainly can be important when it comes to keeping patients strong and healthy, some people might not be aware of what exactly they do.

What a Physical Therapist Does

Physical therapists evaluate, diagnose and treat patients who have limited physical abilities that do not allow them to function normally throughout the day. Most physical therapists have the role of helping patients in the rehabilitation process after surgery or injury. Their job is to help get the patient on the road to recovery and help them regain their strength. One reason they are now in such high demand is because they generally work with the older population and it’s the baby boomer generation that are now requiring these types of services.

However, there are physical therapists specialized in the area of pediatric physical therapy. These specialized therapists work with children who may have been born with a brain injury resulting in medical conditions like cerebral palsy. They may also help babies born prematurely increase their gross motor skills enabling them to reach developmental milestones.

Average Salary for a Physical Therapist

According to the United States Department of Labor, the average annual salary for a physical therapist is more than $82,000 with an average hourly wage of $39.51. The top paying states for this particular occupation include:

  • Nevada

  • Alaska

  • California

  • Texas

  • New Jersey

Training for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are in high demand and get paid well but what type of training and education does it require? A potential physical therapist must first attain their bachelor’s degree and focus their studies on science. They will then have to enter into a master’s program that is approved by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. Their master’s degree may more than two years to complete. Some of the courses involved are:

  • Rehabilitation techniques

  • Cardiopulmonary treatment

  • Patient management

  • Research methods

  • Pharmacology

  • Kinesiology

  • Exercise physiology

Becoming a licensed physical therapist also involves passing their state’s National Physical Therapy Examination. Once they’ve attained their degree and licensing, their education usually does not stop there as 37 states require physical therapists to complete 10-40 hours of continuing education courses.

Physical therapists are certainly in high demand and it is a great career choice for those who have great interpersonal skills and a desire to help others live their best life possible. Another advantage to being a physical therapist is a more informal dress code that often allows physical therapists to wear cool-looking scrubs like the ones found on Everyday Uniforms.

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Mache’s Mango Magic

Posted By: on June 10, 2014

Check out this documentary about Mache, a sneaker designer whose custom shoes have reached a number of celebrities. Watch how he’s been inspired by Bacardi’s Mango Fusion and see what he creates as a result. Discover just how unique his creations are. Discuss using #repyourflavor and then visit for more information.

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4 Signs Gaming is the Highlight of Your Day

Posted By: on June 6, 2014

If you’re a serious gamer, you know that nothing compares with an epic session of taking care of business. Maybe you’re going to earn some serious (and literal) online cash, maybe you’re finally going to level up, or maybe you’ve just talked your significant other into going head to head with you in a legendary battle. online_china_gaming

Unfortunately, the digital era brought us two things that too often conflict: incredible games, but also the ability to be connected around the clock. That constant connection can cut into your gaming time.

Whether you favor e-casino games or old school options such as Mario, how can you know if you’re a real gamer? If any of the four statements below apply to you, that’s a sign that you might just be a lifer.

Of course, there’s still time to dedicate yourself even more to honing your skills. Your next day off is just around the corner.

1. You dream of gaming

Many people dream of getting up and preparing for work, sitting in class, or whatever other mundane task they face on a daily basis. This is because your body and brain are so used to these activities that they’ve seeped into your subconscious. If you’ve dreamt of gaming — even once — you’re a gamer.

2. What’s the big deal about coffee or happy hour?

What you look forward the most isn’t your morning coffee or happy hour after work, but finally getting back to your console and game(s). Everyone has his or her comforts, and for you it’s further mastering your hobby of choice. The good news is that, unlike caffeine and alcohol, gaming isn’t wreaking havoc on your body.

3. You actively seek out other gamers

You’re probably naturally drawn to certain people, but if you’re looking for online communities or checking out local game-centric events, gaming has likely become an integral part of your life. Mixing online and real-life networking is a great way to stay social.

4. A game can make or break your mood

It’s kind of like a gym rat who lets the intensity of his workout set the mood for the rest of the day. If you achieve something in gaming, you’re walking on clouds from there on.

But if it wasn’t a very fruitful experience, that can drag you down until bedtime. Make sure you stay in control by ending each session with a fun yet easy challenge that puts you in the right mindset.

Of course, if you’re truly a gamer, you probably already know it’s the best part of the day.

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