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Simple Tips for Fixing Common Home Repair Problems

Posted By: on September 25, 2014


If you own a home, or even if you rent, you’re bound to run into some problems every now and then that need fixing. The issues you’ll face can range from holes in the drywall to clogged toilets and leaky roofs. Having a few handyman tricks up your sleeve can save the day and save a lot of money. It’s easy to do most of these fixes. All you need is a decent set of tools and a bit of knowledge, and you’ll be known as Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It by all your friends and family.

Know Your Drywall

Drywall, plaster, and sheetrock; people call it different things in different parts of the country. There’s also different ways to spray-finish it, too, with splatter-knockdown, orange peel and flat coatings being popular applications. Drywall is something that can easily get damaged by kids, doors and a myriad of other causes. However, knowing a quick patch technique can save you money and headaches.

  1. Mark and Score – Let’s take a small, fist-sized hole as an example. Get a carpenter’s square or any straight edge and mark with a pencil a square around the hole. Be sure to make the outline larger than the hole and give yourself an inch or two of unbroken drywall. With a razor knife, score the drywall along the pencil line.
  2. Knock Out the Old Drywall – Now, with a chisel and hammer, bust the damaged drywall out of the hole and clean up the edges.
  3. Cut and Attach Wood Strips – Behind the two horizontal sides of the drywall square, attach two strips of two inch by one inch wood backing to the inside of the drywall with at least three, two inch wood screws. A drill will come in handy for this application.
  4. Apply the Patch – Take tight measurements of the hole, and cut out a new piece of drywall. Place the square piece within the hole and attach with a few wood screws. Grab some drywall tape and mud and cover the joints. If the patch is lower than the existing wall-plane, fill it up with mud and sand it flush once it dries.
  5. Spray Your Finish Coat – You can find several different kinds of spray textures in the can at your local hardware store.

Maintain Your Roof

A major problem area, especially on older homes, is the roof and gutter system. Clogs in valleys can lead to leaks and damage. This is because rain water cannot properly drain and backs-up under the metal flashing and shingles, leaking into your home. Keeping your gutters free and clear will prevent most problems. It’s a good idea to regularly clean out your gutters and make sure your downspouts are clear, especially in the fall when a lot of leaves and debris builds-up.

Maintenance is simple. Grab a ladder or gain access to your roof and move down the gutter line removing any clutter. Heavily clogged downspouts can be sprayed out with a pressure washer or use a toilet snake. Following a good maintenance plan will ensure you avoid costly repairs in the future.

It’s good to know a thing or two about fixing the stuff in your home. Most the time solid maintenance will keep everything in working order.

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You Can Eliminate Unsightly and Unhealthy Fat

Posted By: on September 25, 2014


The healthiest and most efficient way to eliminate excess fat and have a slimmer body is to burn more calories than you eat. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it seems. If you did aerobics all day and only drank water, you would lose fat, but you would be seriously unhealthy. The key is to reduce calories while maintaining nutrition and having an exercise regimen that is suitable for your age and activity level. Even with the best diet and exercise, some fat just doesn’t seem to move. This is where liposuction Miami comes in. Liposuction is a safe cosmetic procedure that can quickly remove fat from your body.

Reduce Calories

Calories are what your body burns for energy. When you eat more than you burn, it’s stored as fat. You need to eat a wholesome diet of veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. Sugar, fried foods and processed foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Sugar may be worse than fat for adding pounds to your body. It is hidden in many processed foods and beverages and causes a rise in insulin, a hormone that causes energy to be stored in fat cells.

Don’t skip meals thinking you will reduce your caloric intake. This doesn’t actually work. You need to eat to maintain your energy and your metabolism. There are many very low calorie foods such as grapefruit, celery, cucumbers and pickles, onions and garlic and broccoli. There are more, but these are the most popular. You can eat all you want and they are tasty and make you feel full.

Reduce Stress

Stress triggers an increase in cortisol, which is a hormone that causes the body to store fat. Stress is also a cause of emotional eating, which means you eat for comfort and not because you’re hungry. If you can organize your life so you aren’t always in a hurry, and can spend some time relaxing every day, it will help you lose fat.

Drink Water

Keeping the body hydrated helps all of its normal functions running smoothly. It is recommended to drink eight glasses a day and one or two before meals. Herbal teas and fresh juices are also good, but don’t add a lot of sugar and defeat the purpose.

Get Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is the best for burning calories. It also speeds up your metabolism to help you lose weight. If you can do 30 minutes of jogging, fast walking, swimming, biking and hiking five days every week, you’ll be on your way to a slimmer body.


Liposuction is a process that sucks fat from the body. It’s mostly used for fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chin, neck and upper arms, calves and back. A hollow instrument called a cannula is inserted under the skin and vacuums out the fat. It’s the most common cosmetic operation in the U.S. It is not an overall weight-loss method or a treatment for obesity, and will not remove cellulite. However, it will change the contour of the body and make it more attractive.

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Real Estate Investments Are Heating up in 2014

Posted By: on March 12, 2014

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4 Ways to Zoom Out and See the Big Picture of Your Business

Posted By: on September 21, 2014

Whether you’re leading a department or a small business, it can be difficult to understand broad, wide-reaching trends when you’re in the middle of daily operational tasks. However, leaders must be able to take a step back and see the big picture in order to influence change. Here are four ways to start thinking like a leader and direct your organization toward success.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It can be tempting to get wrapped up in the day-to-day responsibilities, interactions, and tasks that your team is involved with. However, sometimes you need to just trust their judgment and autonomy. As a leader, you can’t control every single aspect of your team’s actions. Instead of lingering over someone’s shoulder and micromanaging, see what happens when you let your employees take the reigns and direct their own tasks. You might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Delegate Tasks

So how do you avoid getting too caught up in the minutiae of daily business and lead instead? Develop your delegation skills, and learn how to assign tasks effectively. Leaders need to cultivate a sense of trust with their team – avoid delegating a task to someone if it seems like they’ll be in over their head. Alternatively, find the employees who are seeking new challenges and give them the opportunity to strut their stuff.

Trust Your Judgment

Uncertainty and fear can prevent leaders from clearly seeing what’s right in front of them. Hesitation can also cause you to lose credibility with your team. Leaders should be able to make confident decisions. It’s true – you’ll only have access to some of the facts and little time to learn more about a situation. However, your team will rely on your expertise and snap judgment to proceed.

Watch Metrics

Leaders can use customer and sales data to get a bird’s eye view a company’s overall performance. Organizations that critically review business metrics can better identify sales opportunities and trends. These reports are often scalable, so you can monitor performance on individual and team levels.

New business leaders often struggle with the scope of their new duties. It can be particularly difficult to adopt a leadership mindset, especially if you’ve worked your way through the lower levels of a company. You might be tempted to dedicate your efforts to small tasks and duties. As a leader, you must focus your attention on the big picture and drive your teams toward success.

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Microsoft Online Video Training Covers the Waterfront

Posted By: on September 20, 2014


Since the advent of online courses for colleges and professional seminars, the number of students who pursue degrees or certification online has increased substantially. The only real drawback for professionals has been scheduling.

With work and other planned activities, it can be difficult to maintain the commitment to spend quality time in front of a live class … whether online or in person. Fortunately, the curriculum for Microsoft Online Training has developed to the point where it’s possible to offer online training videos in seminar format that supplant a live course, and that allows students to train on their own time.

Is the success rate the same as in a live course?

Surprisingly, the distractions of a live course are not a factor with the training videos. In addition, the videos can be controlled with regard to speed, and you can advance or rewind them to watch a portion again. The net effect is that students have a pure learning experience in which they can re-experience as much as they like, and thereby solidify any areas that that might require extra review to master.

A downside of live courses can be that once they are taken, you have only your notes to fall back on. So it isn’t surprising to see similar success rates.

In addition, a comprehensive study done a few years ago showed that most learners perform better when there’s an online component to their coursework.

Are there other benefits to using a video format?

One very cool feature that’s typically included allows you to take notes while the video is playing and compiles a record of your thoughts on the seminar for later use. Some providers also include related information files as part of the package, and even offer sample exams as an option for learners to hone their skills.

At CBTnuggets.com, clients can make use of a virtual lab that allows them to test what they’ve covered in the video course. So instead of trying to line up all the necessary software and build another server, you can use what the company has online and focus on working within a pre-built environment.

If you’re taking courses under a certain subscription, CBTNuggets also offers the capability to download a video and watch it on your offline device. Finally, because the firm recognizes that it’s important to help students achieve what they set out to on their particular timeline, the company also makes motivation coaches available who can provide extra impetus and keep you on schedule.

What’s the scope of Microsoft Online Video Training?

If you’re used to working through Microsoft certifications, the videos that are available form the complete coursework for various certifications. Not only is the Windows Server series available, but programming, database, and e-mail server course series are offered as well.

The overall scope should be quite familiar to people who have taken Microsoft certification exams in the past. In other words, CBTnuggets.com offers a complete set of videos that will qualify you to take the Microsoft certification exams for the MCSA, MCSE, MCTS, and MCITP certifications.

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Where SEO Has Gone This Year

Posted By: on September 20, 2014


Search engine optimization — or as everyone calls it, SEO — has been evolving since the early days of the Internet, well before a company by the name of Google turned the practice into a science. You can thank Panda, Penguin, and a boatload of black hat marketers for that.

Link farms were the beginning of the end. What we’re left with now, thanks to all the algorithms that the major search engines have installed, is what SEO was meant to be all along … real and honest.

You can’t buy customers anymore

According to Point It, the specialist in Seattle SEO, organic or non-paid search results account for about 80% of the total searches that occur now. In other words, buying your way to targeted traffic is no longer as easy as some would have you think.

And for the most competitive keywords, the cost per click is astronomical, which makes it almost unfeasible to advertise with pay-per-click services. So if you want your website to be seen, you need to play the SEO game. There’s really no way around that.

Part of the game is knowing who the top players are in the search engine wars, because they’re the ones who essentially control how high up the SERPs your site is going to go. According to List Of Search Engines, the top 10 consist of Google at no. 1, followed by Yahoo, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, ScrubTheWeb, Entireweb, Blekko, and Gigablast.

If you add up the number of unique monthly visitors for each of these search engines, Google gets 182 million of the roughly 570 million garnered by all the sites, or a little over 30%. This explains why Google pretty much rules the Internet as far as search results and how much traffic any particular site will get.

How people find things

Now, if you return to Seattle SEO’s findings, more than 60% of searchers click on the top three listings, and about 36% of the searchers believe that the top listings are the experts in that field. If they don’t find what they want in the first three pages, about 88% of the searchers will either change their search parameters or go to another search engine.

You can see why getting organic traffic is so difficult if your website isn’t properly set up for SEO. Just how can you make your website “SEO friendly”?

The key to scoring high

In theory that shouldn’t be hard. But black hatters continue to game the system, which forces the search engines to change their algorithms regularly.

Essentially, ranking high in the SERPs is a matter of adding unique content to your site on a regular basis, making navigation around the site easy and its look appealing to visitors, and making sure the content can be easily indexed by the search engine robots.

If this is something you feel hesitant to tackle on your own, you might want to hire an SEO professional to do the work for you. They’ll ensure that your site meets the basic requirements of the search engines and give you your best chance to rank high in the listings.

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Resources and Reference Guides Every Store Owner Should Have

Posted By: on September 18, 2014

Running a retail store is extremely difficult work, and it’s possible to get so caught up in daily operations that your store team has little time for general maintenance and upkeep. However, reference guides and resources can make your work significantly easier. Having resources like sales tax rates, support phone numbers, and case studies on hand can reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining finances and conducting transactions. Make these resources easy to access on paper or digitally.

Sales Tax Rates

Business owners need to be acutely aware of their local sales tax rates. Keeping these posted in an area that is easy to access can help you manage taxes and avoid trouble with the IRS. Check out your state government website for these resources – they’re often posted in a special area for business owners. Calculate and pay local taxes on time to avoid penalties.

Transaction Processing and Support Numbers

Say your point of sale system goes down in the middle of a big transaction. Who are you going to call? Make sure your sales associates have access to important support numbers, so that your store can get transactions back on track right away. Make note of special phone tree key presses or extensions, so that callers don’t need to waste time listening to automated messages. Some help lines assign retail stores special ID numbers, so make sure that these digits are accessible to all of your employees.

Another list of numbers to have on hand are card and check processing numbers. These support lines can protect your company from fraud. If a customer’s credit card does not work, contact the credit card company directly. Don’t allow the customer to personally dial a credit card or check verification phone number, because they might be contacting a fraudulent third-party.

Expense Case Studies

Your store can’t succeed in a vacuum. Business owners who learn from the mistakes and triumphs of other retailers can apply key principles to their own retail stores and succeed. Case studies of other national retailers can help retail leaders see how managing expenses can guide a business to success.

Retail leaders can improve the overall quality of store experiences and internal operations by making key resources available to their employees. Case studies, support numbers, and current tax information all play a crucial role in running a retail business. Make this information easy for employees to access, and watch your store flourish.

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How to Plan a Successful Basement Remodel

Posted By: on September 17, 2014

Typically, one of the last places that gets finished or remodeled in a home is the basement. Even if that’s because the basement is usually less visible than other areas of the home, it still adds value and living space to your home and benefits your family.

If you’re preparing to attempt a basement remodel, a few aspects of the project are common to nearly everyone’s remodeling experience. Here are a few items to study before you get started.

First things first

There may be a few homeowners out there who believed their basement was waterproof and went ahead with a full remodel, but they probably had a wet winter pour water into their basement, just like what happened to everybody else.

Weather changes and so does the water table sometimes. So it’s important for you to take measures before you start a remodel to ensure your basement will not flood.

If you live in a region that experiences heavy winter storms or substantial spring rains, then it’s a good idea to have an expert inspect the drainage systems around your basement. If it appears that drainage systems alone won’t do the trick, you may want to consider installing a sump pump that will go on when the water table rises.

That’s an effective way to ensure that your basement will stay dry year-round.

Coordination is key to success

People sometimes say that one of the biggest strains on a marriage is doing a remodel together. That isn’t really all that true, but it does highlight the fact that there will be some inconveniences to your family in terms of living space as the work progresses, with resulting stress.

According to some basement remodel specialists, there’s a way to minimize the strain of having to coordinate work with multiple vendors: include a project manager on every project. When you have a single point of contact who knows everything about the state of the job and is in charge of all of the subcontractors who are doing the specialized work, it makes your experience a lot easier than it would be if you did all the work yourself.

Don’t hold back on design

A lot of families use their finished basement as an extension of their house during parties. They entertain guests in a movie room or use a rear patio-basement combination as the perfect party area during the summer.

This is reflected in some of the most popular materials that have been chosen for basement remodels over the past few years. From stone facing on columns, to marble fireplace inserts, or granite slab countertops in a common area, homeowners are dressing up their basement so they can enjoy their entire home.

So when it comes to making design choices, remember to choose materials and styles that will last for a very long time. You don’t necessarily have to hold back because “it’s just a basement.”

When you’re ready to get started remodeling your basement space, it can be an exciting time for the family. Just remember that focusing on the right parts of the process during the planning stage can help make the job a truly enjoyable experience.

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4 Ways to Fight the Stress of Job Hunting While Unemployed

Posted By: on September 16, 2014


Gone are the days of life-long careers. Unlike previous generations, the modern workplace thrives on constantly rotating workforces. The flux of hiring, layoffs, and resignations can seem overwhelming to navigate as you seek your next job. The digital era has enabled dozens of competitors to apply electronically, which increase response rate times from hiring departments. These periods can seem excruciatingly long for anxious job seekers. Here are four ways to take your mind off the stress of the job search.

Stay Productive

When you first become unemployed, it might seem like a neat vacation from work. But if you land a gig right away, the inactivity might start driving you crazy. Don’t sit idle waiting for the offers to roll in. Use your spare time wisely by volunteering for causes you’re passionate about. Volunteer work can serve as experience on your resume and give you important talking points during your interviews. Or begin a personal project that you’ve been putting off for a significant amount of time.

Try New Versions of Your Resume

If you’re not getting anywhere with your current resume or cover letter, then test new ones out. Create a variety of drafts with different styles and content. It can be nearly impossible to tell what recruiters are looking for. If your current resume doesn’t resonate with businesses, then perhaps a variation will.

Stay Healthy

Discouragement and anxiety can build during the job seeking process, especially if you don’t receive callbacks right away. You can stave off negative emotions by getting exercise and eating healthy. Use your extra time to reach new fitness goals and explore affordable physical activities in your neighborhood. Visit community centers, such as local libraries, to learn about free events that can be personally enriching.

Follow Up

Recruiters are oftentimes flooded with responses to job postings. Note the dates of your applications, and schedule follow-ups one to two weeks after your application. Check in via email or over the phone. This reminds recruiters of your continued availability and interest in a position.

Searching for work while you’re currently unemployed can be extremely stressful. However, your situation can turn around within moments after you receive a call back or job offer. Don’t let this process get you down. Stay active, practice your interview skills, and learn as much as you can about the industry you’re exploring. Keep a positive attitude while focusing on your goals, and you’ll start seeing results!

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What to Do if You’ve Been Injured by a Medical Device

Posted By: on September 15, 2014

Whether you’re a child or senior citizen, millions of people rely on medical devices and prescription drugs to treat chronic conditions. Diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure are just some of the ailments people suffer from, but gain relief through medical breakthroughs. However, some medical solutions may not be magical by design. There could be little-known side effects permanently affecting you right now. You do have rights if you feel a device or drug has negatively affected you.

Consult Your Doctor

The moment you have a bad or unusual reaction to your device or drug, contact your personal physician immediately. For many patients, you may be just acclimating to a new experience, such as a hip joint replacement. However, it’s possible that the device or drug isn’t working correctly. The doctor determines the best course of action, providing you with alternatives or a reprieve from the troublesome substance.

Avoid Direct Contact with Manufacturer

Although it’s tempting, don’t contact the manufacturer yourself. Most businesses use recording materials to record conversations. If you call in voicing an issue, they could use that information against you if a lawsuit arises, such as from a disability claim brought on by the device or drug. The manufacturer may even ask you to waive your rights as a consumer or offer you a monetary settlement. Simply staying away from the maker is the best way to protect yourself.

Speak with an Attorney

Once you find a comfortable alternative with your doctor, consult with an attorney well-versed in medical lawsuits. To avoid publicity, many companies will hide a handful of medical issues to continue selling the drug or device. By bringing an attorney into the fold, you force the manufacturer to answer for their indiscretion. With the media’s help, the open issue could save other lives.

Manufacturers and the FDA

Medical device and drug manufacturers don’t have free reign over their industry. In fact, the FDA must be involved if severe or deadly issues arise with a particular product. Some makers downplay the severe effects of some products, however, bypassing the FDA’s strict regulations. When you bring a lawyer into the situation, the manufacturers must divulge almost all information to the FDA to avoid severe penalties.

Try Another Remedy

The medical device or drug that worked so well for you may never be back on the market. It’s up to you and your doctor to find a safer alternative. The product may not have all the positive effects of the previous substance, but its time-tested reliability is a welcome change. Your doctor has colleagues and schooling to fall back on to find the next great medical innovation.

Don’t hesitate to contact your medical professional if you feel concerned about a device or drug’s interaction with your body. Only you know when your body doesn’t feel normal. By speaking out, you could save other people from countless hours and days of pain and suffering. It starts with just one voice.


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Fall Window Treatment Ideas

Posted By: on September 14, 2014


Cooler fall weather is just around the corner and you may be trying to think of new designs in your home. One way to give your home a new look for autumn is to experiment with creative window treatments. These ideas can help you boost the look of your home without spending a lot of cash.

Wood Grain Blinds

One of the hottest window treatment concepts for fall is wood grain blinds. Wood is making a comeback as a popular shade choice, with bamboo, birch and maple ranking highest among decorators for a unique look in windows. Today’s wooden shades come in various colors and allow in diffused light that lets you see outside but offers privacy. The shades work with many different room decors as well.

Add Vivid Color

This fall, vivid colors, such as navy, lavender, persimmon, gold and orange are growing in popularity for window treatments. Consider pairing brightly colored draperies with black or navy shades to give your room that little pop of brightness to warm it up. Brown will also dominate in window treatments this year, according to experts, as a basic color.

Luxury Fabrics

Decorators are using more luxury fabrics on window treatments this fall, such as velvets, leathers and suede. Although overall room design is leaning toward simplicity, window treatments are becoming more embellished and luxurious over past years. Add some sparkling crystal beaded tassels for additional luxury on your windows.

Dressmaker Details

Window treatments for fall are leaning toward dressmaker details such as ruffles, cording, beading and lace. One popular fabric this year is grosgrain, a woven, ribbed fabric made of silk or rayon, used as ribbon on blinds and drapes. Designers are also using velvet banding or tape to cover the holes used for blind strings.

Panel Track Systems

Sometimes, it is difficult to find good treatments on large windows, such as French and sliding doors, leading many people to turn to those unattractive vertical blind systems. However, panel-track systems made of fabric or wood panels look contemporary. Some even bring an Asian-feel to the room that is modern and clean.

Silk Draperies

Although not an economical choice for window treatments, the shine and luxury of silk can instantly brighten a dull room. For fall, some designers are choosing silk panels in plaid or paisley designs, while others enjoy embroidered silk. If silk is out of your price range, choose a soft, flowing fabric with a shimmery look.


Today, window blinds can be controlled through remote control devices, a light switch or even from your laptop while you are vacationing or at work. However, high-tech window gadgets do not mean your window treatments must be stark and boring. Many designers are layering fabrics to provide a cozier look in rooms that are geared toward high-tech living. According to research, Baby Boomers spend the most on luxury home goods, while Generation-Xers are spending more on high-tech home products. This has led to a more youthful look in home decoration.

Window treatments are sometimes overlooked as a way to change the entire look of a room. These ideas can help you spruce up your home for fall in preparation for the holiday decorating season.


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