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Dutch Mechanic

Oops…Our Mistake (a.k.a. “My Bad”)

Posted By: on May 16, 2010

Unfortunately once you’ve been published in the local paper as a prostitute it’s a bit tough to clear your name. The sad thing is that no one reads the correction pages either. So even though The Public Opinion printed this redaction, Diane K. Merchant (was a pun intended?) will forever go down infamously as a solicitor of  seedy men rather than the lady that doesn’t yield to the railroad crossing sign….apology not accepted.

this on the other hand was no mistake.

4 Responses to “Oops…Our Mistake (a.k.a. “My Bad”)”

  1. Jo Dean says:

    Wow that sounds pretty reasonable to me dude.


  2. Alex says:

    LOL that's hilarious… poor girl

  3. Welly well says:

    If newspapers have any class (and they should because they are on the ropes worldwide), they will institute an unwritten rule which states:

    "Whenever we wrong someone in this fashion, we will print a retraction that is 50% larger than the original story. This story will appear on the front page."

    That's IF they have any class…

  4. poor lady… this thing shouldnt be happening at the first place..haha

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