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Ryan Deal

Now That’s My Kind of Haircut

Posted By: on December 17, 2009

I’ll admit, I cut my own hair. I’m no professional but I keep it short so why spend the money when i can do it myself right? Well, that is, until I found out that barbers give out free whiskey with every haircut. I’ve got an appointment at the local barber shop for tonight, wish me drunk!

Also, i heard all these guys are paying for your new years eve tab.

free whiskey with haircut

4 Responses to “Now That’s My Kind of Haircut”

  1. Codswallop says:

    What?? No address??

  2. Jfgiv says:

    It's in St. Andrew's, Scotland.

  3. durr says:

    The address is right above the door! Tard..

  4. sounds like my kind of place!

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