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Posted By: on June 18, 2010

Exclusive: Phil Lamarr on the Future of Futurama [UGO]

New Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer [YouTube]

Sexy Sword Swallower Heather Holliday Opens Up for ‘Hot Girl, Cool Job [Asylum]

Contest opened to give BP logo a new deserved look [This Blog Rules]

21 Obvious Things You Probably Never Noticed [Chicago Now]

“Hackers” at 25 [O’Rielly Radar]

Powerlifter attempts to lift 1,008lbs, ends up puking on judge then passing out [That Video Site]

Wrong Shirt, Wrong Day [Knuckles United]

The 6 Most Hilarious Undercover Operations Ever Pulled Off [Cracked]

Will You Be My Girlfriend? [Uncoached]

The Journey to Find the 5 Best Chicken Wings on Earth [Holy Taco]

6 influential rock albums that sound like nothing before them [Guyism]

This is Your Pet on Drugs (40 PICS) [COED Magazine]

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