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Heesa Phadie

Marge Simpson Made From Gelato

Posted By: on January 9, 2011

You don’t have to do anything special to get me to down an entire tub of gelato, but if you did, this would certainly work. I am a huge fan of the Simpsons and everything and anything that comes from EvergreenĀ Terrace, or Springfield for that matter. And lord knows I’ll knock down doors for anything gelato, ice cream or soft serve related. I can only image what would happen if you put the two together, well…you’d get this of course. But if I were anywhere near this it would look like an Kirstie Alley had stumbled upon a free all-you-can-eat pork rib buffet.

One Response to “Marge Simpson Made From Gelato”

  1. howdy!

    ohhh,Is that simpson' mommy?by the way I liked the movie very much,it sent me a biggggg smile!


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