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Julie Bort

Malaria parasites? There’s an iPhone app for that!

Posted By: on July 23, 2009

UC Berkeley researchers have developed a microscope built on a cell phone that not only takes color images of icky things like malaria parasites, but also of super-icky things like tuberculosis bacteria. Although I don’t personally want to use my cell phone to discover how many germs I’m living amongst, the technology is a major step in making clinical tools more accessible, and affordable, for health workers in the field.

3 Responses to “Malaria parasites? There’s an iPhone app for that!”

  1. hmm says:

    Hmm… That's no iPhone

  2. Rob says:

    Deceptive title. Phone is clearly not iPhone and app is not iPhone app. (Deletes web site from bookmarks for shabby reporting and makes mental note not to return).

  3. CaptainScorpio says:

    Lighten up, it was clearly a humorous title.

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