Scotty Trigg

Lyndon Johnson Needs Pants

Posted By: on January 22, 2011

Wow…just wow. That’s all I can really say about this. This is a phenomenally video (recording really) of a call that Lyndon Johnson made to the Haggar clothing company in 1964. Not only does he mention that his weight fluctuates 15 lbs each month but he goes into great detail about the extra room need in the crotch area.

This is one of the most hilarious and intriguing things I’ve heard from one of our former presidents. I wonder who leaked this little snippet of comedy. There must be tons more great content like this.

UPDATE: I’ve manged to find the source of the recordings. Now it’s just who has the time to listen through it all for the nice gems we’d all like to hear. It’s pretty interesting to listen to them.

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