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Lookout! Domo Invades 7-Eleven Stores

Posted By: on October 3, 2009

The coolest thing since The Simpsons has just invaded 7-Eleven stores. Yep, it’s Domo, the lovable-but strange Japanese character with an affinity for Japanese meats and a strong hatred for apples that has something to do with an unexplained mystery in his DNA (no lie). So, as you go for your Fuji-Frost slurpee (Domo’s custom flavor), lookout for Domo.

domo brownie

domo invades 7-11

domo at 7-11

domo signage at 7-11

domo rules

For more info go here, for tons more pics, go here, and for another strange-but-funny Japanese product, go here.

12 Responses to “Lookout! Domo Invades 7-Eleven Stores”

  1. Alyssa Myers says:

    I'm about to om nom nom all over those Domo brownies!

  2. Top Movies says:

    It looks weird…just like all other stuff from Japan!

  3. Bob says:

    What country is this in, and where exactly? I was just at the 7-11 down the street from me in Michigan and no domo-invasion there.

  4. Pedo Bear says:

    This is pretty cool. I like how the coffee lid looks like a hat. One problem though: There's no 7-11 around here.

  5. KyleMc says:

    Just stopped in a 7-11 yesterday on my way home from work in Southlake, Tx. I loved seeing DOMO!!! The rep wasn't sure what caused the invasion to happen, but I'm glad it has!

  6. Citizen says:

    This is pretty cool. I like how the coffee lid looks like a hat.

  7. miku-chan says:

    i so wanna get all of the domo stuff >///< the hot dog box,coffee domo,slurppies domo

    oh man my domo doll gonna be so jealous of me munching on a brownie XD

  8. web says:

    I saw all of the signs and stickers yesterday, but they didnt have any of the cups at all. Disappointed, I went without a slurpee.

  9. I was just in Tampa over the weekend and went nuts purchasing as many cups as I could. The best part, which you don't have here, are the custom straws that I saw: they are plastic/PVC with attachable Domo characters (flying luchador, MC with ballcap and chain, and one with candy in his hair). Pretty awesome.

  10. I like Domo!, he's Candy The Magic Dinosaur's BFF!… xxxxx

  11. rach says:

    I wish there was a 7-11 in my area, I love Domo!

  12. Margot says:

    I'm visiting the US from Canada right now and noticed this at the local 7-11. Bizarre.

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