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It’s Contest Time: Free Bottle of ckfree…

Posted By: on October 29, 2009

ckfree contest

So, I was sent a bottle of ckfree, the new men’s fragrence from Calvin Klein and I gotta say, it’s pretty nice. So I decided to test it out. On Monday, I went through my day without wearing ckfree and on Tuesday I did all the same things, except with a couple sprays of the cologne. Here are the results:

Monday: Absolutely no girls came up and talked to me or mentioned anything about the way I smell (which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it).

Tuesday: Exactly 1 girl mentioned that I smell nice, and, if i had the balls to go along with the ckfree, I would have continued talking to her.

So, what can be learned from this little experiment? Well, that’s easy… Wearing ckfree can get you 100% more chicks than not wearing ckfree.

The best part is that the nice folks at Calvin Klein are letting me give away 4 bottles of ckfree to TopCultured readers. All you’ve got to do is caption this photo and you’ll be entered to win, easy peasy!

Here’s some more info on the product:

ckfree, inspired by the spirit of the modern, independent man who lives every day to the fullest.  he has nothing to prove. he’s cool, relaxed and free-spirited.  he does what he wants and is in control of his own destiny.

ckfree is an aromatic warm woody fragrance, unexpectedly fresh, yet casual and distinctly masculine.  it opens with an invitation to free the mind with absinthe as a featured note.  the journey continues with an unusual spiciness in the heart and winds it’s way through sensual wood notes offering confidence and depth.

top: thailand star anise, jackfruit, absinthe, juniper berry
mid: suede, tobacco leaves, coffee absolute, south african buchu
dry: patchouli absolute, oakwood, texan cedarwood, costa rican ironwood

the bottle and packaging

the bottle conveys the free spirited nature of the brand and iconic ck simplicity.  a slim profile with masculine beveled edges and various angles create a sense of movement.  the color palette for the bottle reflects an array of blues, drawn from the sky, ocean, trees and the earth.  unpretentious and easy.  the carton is composed of two shades of metallic blue that complement the bottle and convey the simple, modern essence of the fragrance.

eau de toilette spray 1oz/30ml $32.00
eau de toilette spray 1.7oz/50ml $47.00
eau de toilette spray 3.4oz/100ml $62.00
aftershave balm 5.0oz/150ml $42.00
deodorant stick 2.5oz/75g $16.00

for more info, visit the ckfree website


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