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If Marijuana Was Legal, This Is How It Would Look

Posted By: on August 2, 2009

Recently, Print Magazine approached four design and packaging firms with a simple brief: If marijuana was legal, how could it be packaged? The following are the ideas and proposals that came from that brief. So… which one would you pick?

Version 1: By The Heads of State

Version 2: By Base Design

Version 3: By Stromme Throndsen

Version 4: By LUST

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73 Responses to “If Marijuana Was Legal, This Is How It Would Look”

  1. Stonker says:

    Wow that looks really awesome. I think it should be legal anyway, does less damage than drinking and NOBODY has ever died as a direct result of it.

  2. as they say on twitter #FAIL.

    unimaginative and lacking innovation with regards to font-work and lack or originality. some of the casing has interesting design.

    this is a disappointment.

    so much more could be brought into this re: symbolism, iconography and simply the history and different stands and variations of the plant.

    i'll stick with a zip lock bag for the moment . . .

  3. Joe says:

    haha i like the heads of state

  4. case says:

    #4 is full of lies, #3 looks pretentious, #2 is non-existent (how sickeningly clever?) and #1 would only sell three out of the six varieties. who would ever want seeds & stems, schwag, or "possibly oregano"?

  5. anonymous says:

    marihuana IS legal in some countries

    it's sold in little bags just like where it's illegal…

  6. Devin says:

    I wish people would get over the "roll your own joint" look and graduate to something that actually looks mass produced. Take cigarettes for example, if you roll your own, then yes they look like the pics above, but straight out of the factory they look like the cigarettes that we know and smoke today. The packaging looks great, but i can't take it seriously when every picture has hand rolled joints in it. Does that make sense or am i just over analytic?

  7. theshaft@hotmail.com says:

    I personally would purchase the first 2 pouches. I'd pay upwards of 60-70 if that is some really good dro. All my friends are old school joint smokers though, so they would go for those packaged ones and be set for life. Just the ease of using pre-rolled joints is great for the eldery patients like my grandpa.

    And on that note. Megalize Larijuana! :P

  8. Mchael says:

    I would not pick based on marketing, I would look for some that Monsanto hasnt messed with.

  9. Jason says:

    These are kind of lame.

    #1 looks sterile and medical like suppositories.

    #2 looks generic,you ever see those white cans with just BEER on the side?

    #3 is the only mildly appealing design

    #4 I don't even understand, do you smoke the chart?

    OK I gave them a second look and they are ALL terrible! Nothing realistic or mass producable, these art students ideas are just mediocre! (The leather case has a Weezer insignia on it!)

    Did these designers even research weed… or even listen to any reggae before attampting this?

  10. Tami says:

    I'd go for the tin/plastic box :)

  11. echo says:

    probably #1

    also, first post

  12. george says:

    doesn't matter how it's packaged it needs to be done. I'm 50 with a 25 year old daughter and a sone who was murdered at 17. none of this had nothing to do with weed exceptd if the police had more time chasing the real bad guys instead of busting weed crooks maybe we'd have a better societey. as an adulut who used to smoke given the choice of a state sponsored outlet of some guy who deals out of his house i would go to the state controlled store instead of risking a blacket marketeer. on and by the way it would free up the police to chase after the bastards like the ones who shot my son, and the black market dealers who sell to anybody. where i grew up it was easier to score weed than booze. prohibition doeson't work. legalize this plant for adults and collect taxes on growth and disrtibution and help keep the government from jacking up all of our other taxes.


  13. fersure says:

    don't assume it'll be smoked. the packaging will have creation date, health warnings, tax stamp, probably embedded rfid, usage warnings, multiple colors in a branding scheme, chemical content, weblinks and 800 numbers, marketing contests/subscription/coupon.. for rolled cigarettes, would probably use very similar boxes to todays for shipping/retail/cost purposes. i'd bet the real innovation would be in edible forms and hemp products.

  14. S says:

    When weed is legalized, Monsanto is going to make a genetically-engineered version of it.

    Some lawmakers love weed so much…they want to keep it illegal so Monsanto doesn't get their dirty hands on it.

  15. Vivian says:

    I can see this as part of every metrosexuals "man bag" ;-)

  16. Richie says:

    1st link is French not German.

  17. joe says:

    Is it just me of has basedesign phoned this one in? Putting a sticker on a glasses case, a film case and an altoids tin doesnt really scream 'design' to me.

    Also, cant help thinking that if it was legal, they would look just like cigarettes

  18. Clive says:

    Legalizing marijuana makes a lot of sense. And i am not a pot smoker (never did).

  19. cheese says:

    Version 4.

    Version 1 would not protect the product.

    Version 2 does not give USDA or FDA information.

    Version 3 is wasteful packaging.

  20. Tom says:

    If Marijuana WERE legal.

  21. john says:

    I think versions 1 and 3 are the best, the other two aren't bad but are a bit tired in their approach to the drug. The two that look a mix between cigarettes and sweets are the nicest..

  22. Eric Gates says:

    If Marijuana WERE legal.


    Great Design. Poor Grammar


  23. Marcy says:

    Why would manufacturers twist the ends when they already have manufacturing processes that make thin cigarettes? Instead of re-inventing the wheel, they'd use machinery they already have to create a product that looked like one that is already on the market to assure the customer that what they're getting is quality and not something grown in someone's back yard.

    Quality differentiation is the key to mass marketing away the segment from the street vendor.

  24. The Lust design sucks, as the label contains some misinformation about marijuana.

    Dependance/addiction? Please! Serious scientists haven't believed that in 40 years.

    As for the rest of the designs, none of them is going to convince me to give up homegrown.

    Dismissed. Next?

  25. Smokes alot says:

    I just want my weed to come in a clear bag not pre-rolled or in some fancy container. I want to roll my own joints and blunts. What they should do is sell pot packages which could include a bong and a onze or papers and a slice. Why not get a 12 pack of dutches and a half all at one location in a "Get High" bundle.

  26. jonathan duenez says:

    well dats great but need to come more in a package lol

  27. Gnarly says:

    That was the most AWFUl thing i have ever seen, the people that made this clearly don't know what a spliff loks like…

  28. K says:

    I'd appreciate it more if it were in simple packages like cigarettes.

  29. (evil)amy says:

    I like the White Widow design box in Version 3, but the logo seems like a rip of Weezer/Wonder Woman. Version 4 is making my brain bleed.

  30. Johan says:

    pork penis donky

  31. hurtzsogood says:

    I would go with the simple baggie design K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid and while on the subject make it legal tax it and leave my cigarettes alone.

  32. Yes says:

    Yes, yes, yes! YES!!!

  33. hurtzsogood says:

    The baggies who cares about packaging not pot smokers (I live with one). Content is king I say sell it tax it and help pull the economy out of this slump oh and leave my cigarettes alone :D


  34. Not Yes says:

    Really cool concept brought to life. Madam you are wonderful!

  35. chadz says:

    i would only choose something made to be bio-degradable because you are goi ng to thro the package away anyways and we allready poduce way to much garbage with products now days. marijuana is good we should not make it produce harmful by products to litter the streets with.

  36. Scotty says:

    Is that a flying =w=?

  37. andrew says:

    why would people buy possibly oregano or stems and seeds joints? thats fucking retarted haha

  38. gnome says:


  39. blackd says:

    God this makes me want pot legal..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Version 2 because that's how I carry it around right now. Just a tin/metal box where you can put all kinds of stuff in, everyone should get one.

  41. Germen says:

    I'm from the Netherlands and marijuana is legal out here. But they still wrap a little plastic bag around it.

  42. Robots.Optional says:

    i'm thinking the black and green pouches for sure.

  43. jaof says:

    LOL Make Weed legal and smoking illegal =)

  44. Nice. I like Version 1: By The Heads of State the best.

  45. Frederick says:

    The first one. hands down. the third comes in second. and the other two… umm?

  46. Peter says:

    It's cute, but it will not be legalized. However, let's just say it might, the packaging should be clear with the actual bud showing… like a good old dime-bag.

  47. Breezy32 says:

    i like design #1 and #3 (the green and black baggies and the black container that looks like a cigar holder, i dont however, like the box design that says white widow on the side of it). design #2 made me literaly lol i love how u can read altoids on the outside of it…classic.

  48. Tommy Brunn says:

    That third version – definitely! The black-green-white color scheme looks great.

  49. dondondon says:

    You're a loser, these suck. Bad rolls too.

  50. akon says:

    no need those fancy design still get the great sales!

  51. Mary Joe Anna says:

    In some countries it's legal, and believe me, it also comes in little plastic bags.

  52. I am a fan of the option 1 and the G13 version of 3. The others seems as if they would blend into the chaos of the product shelves. I think that v1 and v3 would stand out from cigs and convey a clean branded product.

  53. I dont like them rolling my spliffs it should be sold like a pouch of tobbaco.

  54. Rob says:

    Great work. Too bad most of the comments contained here read as though they were texted while en route on the short bus.

  55. Freddy says:

    you kidding me? Way to put a sticker on an existing box. They should have at least shopped out the ALTOIDS letters!

  56. I would go for the little film canisters in design #2. Looks so old school. LOL

  57. nichan says:

    everything is allowable, now…if not, it will againts human right…


  58. jenny o'shea says:

    Marijuana should never be legalised..like alcohol its sting is slow in coming but wow when it does (and it will) it is devastating….and if you ever mentally recover….its a long hard road back to normality reality and ultimate joy (naturally)

  59. weed4life says:

    Why are we not showcasing the actual product? This is horrible packaging. Everyone knows you gotta look at the product before purchasing it…

    Obviously these people don't smoke and are just amateur package designers.


  60. Gannimal says:

    dude what about buyin a box of big ass blunts just like cigars? lol a cuban of weed? omg

  61. Jayson says:

    What a disappointing, lame and quarter-hearted effort with no understanding of their audience.

  62. Ashely Adams says:

    Probably Marijuana will never be legalized, yet the drug has apparently worked wonders in bringing out the creativity of the designers. The Heads of State version of the packages is by far the best and the most imaginative.

  63. ted says:

    The White Widow looks like a tampon, cool. Now we can bring back disco. Gettin my white suit out tomorrow, and polishing up the the old glass ball. Wonder if these will come with mcdonalds coupons.

  64. Pretty cool packaging concept designs. I think the designs would be bags or clear containers so you can see the product inside.

  65. hahaman says:

    haha are those real products. I 've seen some cool herb grinders before at: Herb Grinder Store

  66. CLARKSTER says:

    LEGALIZE this shit already let me smoke a god damn joint in public. pissin me off n shit…..geeze.

  67. Evan says:

    Marijuana is legal in Colorado, you just need to go to a doctor and express your anxiety issues first (and everybody has anxiety on one level or another).

    In real life, they don't package individual joints. Right now it's mostly about edibles topical creams and clear plastic jars of herb. If anything, they emphasize healthy use of pot (IE smoking is really bad for you) such as vaporizers and pills.

    It's great, all the douchebag dealers who usually sell all of the other really bad drugs (coke meth etc…) are going broke because their 'stable' money source is pot. Mexico will sink into a revolution because the only thing holding their s*** government together was the funds earned by exporting drugs and blaming the US for all their problems. This time it IS the fault of the US, we're going to legalize their major revenue source.

    Now, if we could only get all the douchenozzle trustafarians college students to shut up about Jah and Che Guerva. They're too stupid to realize that both Bob Marley and the Central American revolutionary/terrorist both wish they were dead. Retards…

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  70. Omniture says:

    This is one interestinjg concept! I am still laughing at some of these products. Hopefully we will find out if this is ture or not within a few years!

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