Heesa Phadie

I See What You Did There

Posted By: on July 20, 2010

Well, well, well…very clever Mr. Stone Carver sir. I see what you’ve done there.

…if you find this amusing, here’s a little gift for you.

9 Responses to “I See What You Did There”

  1. Al says:

    The righting is in the carved areas where the stone was removed.


  2. Hideo says:

    Nothing, except for…

    I could think of better things to put on my tombstone.

  3. Tel says:

    It can be taken as the word 'nothing' is written in stone.

  4. very cute, smart ass.

  5. Doug says:

    Just putting "nothing" would have been a tad more clever (and a little less work). Less is more. Or, perhaps, nothing is more.

  6. Joe Michaels says:

    It's actually chiseled or sandblasted. So, in fact, the phrase is correct.

  7. jacobian says:

    a bit of irony I think.

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