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I Just Bought Zombie Insurance

Posted By: on July 30, 2010

I know one thing is certain…when those rotting corpses come looking for me I’ll be as confident as Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock since I just purchased me some Zombie Insurance. What should I get as the license plate? I was thinking something along the lines of ZMBEATR.

…speaking of, would you want these guys on your side…or would they be against you?

12 Responses to “I Just Bought Zombie Insurance”

  1. Me says:

    No covered cab = FAIL

  2. Eric says:

    that thing on the back better turn sideways, otherwise you are screwed

  3. Jo dean says:

    Wow this is like way cool man

  4. Meno says:

    1) Death chainsaw on the back and parallel to the driving line = cumbersome and ineffective against masses. Plus, I think these things were designed to be used while the vehicle is standing. You'll need to mod.

    2) As a poster before said, you need a covered cabin, a la the Killdozer (google it)… Except for the "can never leave" bit of the dozer, tho.

  5. Jerad says:

    Dude that thing is used for burying cable. That's not going to do anything against zombies.

  6. Freebies says:

    Ha, that thing is sweet! I want one!!!

  7. Tim says:

    A zombie is not fully 'dead' (rather, stopped) until it's head/brain is removed. This will do very little to stop the undead horde. I mean, unless you can flip the saw horizontally, this is an just an dismemberment tool, and not a whole lot useful.

  8. nguyenthai says:

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  9. med says:

    How much is it? Do they make two seater?

  10. Domenic says:

    You'll be dead before the rest of us – you have no side protection and with all the noise that thing must make I'm sure you'll attract all the zombies from the nearby areas as well. Good luck – I'll stay far away from you.

  11. Those guys would never be allowed in my post-zombie safe zone. You look like a zombie, you get shot. That easy. How else do you think a place can be "safe." If you want real Zombie Insurance, fucking check Eighth Day International. I pity the zombie. Shit.

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