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How to Tell if a Shampoo is Actually Damaging Your Hair

Posted By: on December 4, 2012

There are a lot of people in your life or on the Internet telling you what to do with your hair. Some people say you should wash it every day. Others say hair washing should happen every other way or even only a couple of times a week. It doesn’t matter so much how often you wash your hair as it does what you wash it with. This article will tell you the one ingredient you need to look out for when shopping for shampoos. Your healthy hair will thank you!

Introducing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a grease cutting detergent found in a lot of cleaning agents currently on the market. Found in many soap products, sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient that makes the product foam. Many people may see this as the ingredient that makes shampoo shampoo.

The way sodium lauryl sulfate works in shampoo is that its particles react to the air in your shower. When this occurs, your shampoo will start to foam. When you shampoo tends to foam a lot, that’s a sure fire way to tell that it contains sodium lauryl sulfate.

The Downsides of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Don’t you hate when you get shampoo in your eyes? The burning sensation is enough to drive almost any person insane. Well, that burning is the direct result of sodium lauryl sulfate. In addition to burning eyes, sodium lauryl sulfate can be a skin irritant and cause diminished growth from your follicles.

The news only gets worse from here. Sodium lauryl sulfate has been recognized as a carcinogen. The toxic ingredient could also cause damage to your immune system. A shampoo ingredient that could cause cancer and make you more susceptible to various other illnesses? If that fact alone doesn’t get you to visit for alternative products, you need to keep reading.

Using Non Sulfate Shampoos

When people first use non sulfate shampoos, they may use more shampoo to make up for the lack of foam. That’s because they may think that foam = cleanliness. That’s not necessarily the case. When using a non sulfate shampoo, you only need enough to lubricate your hair and scalp. No soap afros required.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is just one of the ingredients in cosmetic products that were recognized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as a toxic ingredient. They and other watchdog groups are feverishly working to ensure that products such as sodium lauryl sulfate are no longer in our cosmetic products. This is a great thing as no one wants to put cancer causing agents into their systems.

To find non sulfate shampoos for you and your kids, go to for a bunch of fun options.

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