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How to Hack Any Elevator to Go to Your Floor without Stopping

Posted By: on April 2, 2011

It can be extremely annoying to be heading down in an elevator from one of the top floors of a tall building, only to have to stop 10 times on your way. My friends, those days are behind us all.

Thanks to an override put in for use by emergency personnel, you can go straight to your floor, flying right past those on other floors who want to delay you. Try it! It works every time.

Elevator No Stop Hack

12 Responses to “How to Hack Any Elevator to Go to Your Floor without Stopping”

  1. Lakawak says:

    Doesn't work.

    If you are going to plagiarize 5 year old internet posts, at least plagiairize factual ones.

  2. Ryan says:

    Agreed with Lakawak, emergency response gets the fancy little keys and such, the whole press both buttons at the same time thing doesn't work, or if it does, it only works on one specific model or brand of elevators. Definitely not a standard programming though.

  3. Jack Slater says:

    April 1st was yesterday, just FYI.

  4. wombat says:

    Uh… great… except that NOBODY gets on the elevator going UP so this doesn't help at all- even if it DID work. I'm not even sure you read your own copy. You start out by saying how annoying it can be to go DOWN from a high floor and then talk about how this "trick" works for going UP. Jeesh. Dates, inaccurate, useless information. "Thanks" for sharing.

  5. Funny Animation says:

    Gotta try this out sometime now!

  6. ZungZuu says:

    Nice, this is a very cool tip. Wow.

  7. Austin says:

    Even if this did work, it's incredibly inconsiderate and rude. Terrible tip.

  8. Shinty says:

    Older elevators used to have a 'bypass' button which took you direct to your requested floor.

  9. gigdrummer says:

    This works but only in hospitals and typically only on freight elevators or elevators that have a direct route from the emergency room to the operating room. Anyplace else is BS.

  10. Joe says:

    Sure, screw everyone else. How democratic of you.

  11. John C. Randolph says:

    Of course, you're a total douchebag if you do this, but who cares if you get to feel clever, right?

    Why don't you just leave early enough to get wherever you're going on time?


  12. This doesn't work.

    I tried it at four separate locations (at work [50-story bldg], my condo [20 story], my doctor's office [12 story], and a hotel [30-story bldg]). Not a single one.

    Test your advice next time.

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