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How Come Apple Didn’t Build This Music App?

Posted By: on November 1, 2012

So I was reading this article on VentureBeat the other day, about the music app that’s perfect for people like me – people who multi-task everything and are never doing only one thing at once.

A new app for iPhone and iPod Touch, in:play is controlled completely through gestures – swipe to the left to go to the next song or to the right for the previous; swipe down to see a list; swipe in a circular motion to change volume.

Most of these gestures as a way to control devices or app swere basically invented by Apple on its iPod, iPhone and iPad. In fact, I was so sure that was the case that I went over to to look for an infographic about Apple gadgets and found the perfect one from a year ago, on the occasion of the iPod’s 10th anniversary.

Excuse me while I head over to iTunes to download in:play.

iPod: 10th Anniversary Memorandum

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