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Home Decor for Beginners

Posted By: on February 12, 2013

Home Decor

Every house should be a home. Everyone deserves to have a place that is safe, familiar, and comforting. Achieving that level with a new space can take some time (and probably a little money), but in the end the decorators should have a home that demands to be lived in and enjoyed.

Home decor shouldn’t be overlooked when it has the potential to be such a great self expression and accomplishment. Here are some things for beginners to think about when they tackle home decor.

Season Different seasons have different benefits. They also invoke their own specific emotions. Winter feels different than spring which feels different from fall. The best parts of each season can certainly be brought into the home. The obvious first indication of season is decorating for its holidays. Christmas decorations go up in December when the house smells of cinnamon and pine needles, and Easter decorations can welcome in the spring. Beyond that, scent diffusers, seasonal flowers, and even lighting can change from season to season. Opening up a house to let in soft fall sunlight creates a distinguishable effect from the warm light of a fireplace on a cold January night. A home should tap into the benefits which each season has to offer

When someone moves into a new house or apartment and is deciding how to decorate, it can help to choose one or two favorite colors to work with. Colors that match the walls can be a great guide for finding rugs, linens, and furniture. It’s not imperative that everything matches, but when there are at least a few items that work well together in a room, they can really complete the environment. Some color schemes are right for a single room, or if someone is in love with a particular color they can adorn their entire house with splashes of it. It’s important to remember that certain colors create specific emotions in people. When in doubt, cool colors can be very calming and warm colors can cheer someone up without them even realizing it.

Furniture, Pictures, and Other Items
Usually, furniture is collected over time, with new pieces added as needed or as the perfect items are found. Not all furniture is right for a person or for a room. For example, a bean bag chair from AhhProds.com would be great in a playroom, bedroom, or even living room, but it might not fit in with every asthetic. Shopping antique and thrift stores can also help find that perfect piece of furniture, and often at a great price.

Where to Find More Inspiration
Collective websites like Pinterest and Dwelling Gawker have pages and pages of ideas that will work with any budget. When someone isn’t quite sure what they want to do with a room, searching through other people’s ideas will likely spark some inspiration in them, and these sites typically include how-to instructions for DIY projects as well as tips on where to find specific items as well as how much they cost.

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