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Hey, That Kinda Looks Like A…

Posted By: on November 9, 2009

kinda looks like

If You’re on Facebook, You’ve Got To Add This Guy [REDBEARD]

The Best Football Celebration Dances EVER [Holy Taco]

Rejected Mortal Kombat Fatalities [Gorilla Mask]

Hot Girls Playing Twister. What Else Can Be Said? [COED Magazine] NSFW

Coolest Thing You Could Ever Do With A Vacuum [Guyism]

Proof That Halloween Isn’t Always Sexy [Don Chavez]

It’s Normal To Be Afraid Of Tyler Perry [Stay Here]

Everyone Loves McDonalds, Especially Thieves [Uncoached]

Guy Gives The Best Excuse Ever [Yep Yep]

The Best Video You’ll See All Week [Lemon Drop]

Should Your Grandfather Say No To Prostitutes? [Next Round]

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One Response to “Hey, That Kinda Looks Like A…”

  1. Francescu says:


    In English : @"To captivate mom, nothing is better than dark magic" and @"The mom favorite gift"

    Thank you to make us laught !!!!

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