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Haters Ghana Hate

Posted By: on June 26, 2010

No matter how upsetĀ I am that the United States lost yesterday I still have to give credit to Ghana for their win. Normally I’m a pretty sore loser but they played well and deserve their due respect. It was great to have the chance with Donovan scoring in the second half and pushing it to extra-time with another 30 minutes…they out played us and are now moving on. I love our boys and wish we were still playing but I guess there’s only one thing to say…

…speaking of the World Cup, have you seen this awesomeness and the great Kanye even gets the treatment.

…and of course what do we find when checking the ever reliable Wikipedia?

And who can resist










7 Responses to “Haters Ghana Hate”

  1. aaron says:

    absolutely wrong. Ghana was faking injuries and having the time get run off the clock. Most unsportsmanship thing ever.

  2. Majed says:

    Haha, that's awesome.

  3. dwells75 says:

    Ghana did what any team would do: they milked the clock. It is the ref's job to stop them and he failed miserably.

  4. FrankL says:

    Aaron, EVERY team does that. To be honest, it was relatively mild compared to the lengths other teams go to.

  5. DBthegreat says:

    Aaron, that's just how the sport works, it's gay i know. But still, that's how it's done, you mericans just don't know soccer.

  6. MasacruAlex says:

    Funny as fuck XD lold

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