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Great Wallpapers For Your Walls

Posted By: on March 24, 2010

Wallpapers have been in use for years due to their easy to use nature. Earlier it was all about flawless and smooth surfaced walls. Today wall papers are becoming fashion statements for the interiors. The smelly paints are no longer an option for decorative walls. Ever since ‘featured wall’ (a single wall being the focal point of the room) is the trend, designers are coming up with bold colors and patterns. Wallpapers have become a platform for innovation that makes them so different-from the textured to the light emitting wallpaper. Wallpaper is aesthetics minus mess. Check out the latest and varied trends in wallpaper designs.

wallpaper 1

This high quality wallpaper is one of the Cityspace Wallpaper Collection by The House Couturier. The design is hand painted in the studio and then printed by roll. Coming in six different colors, it creates a contemporary effect for the walls.


wallpaper 2

The Dragonfly wallpaper is a remarkable one in the Poter’s Paints collection of wallpapers. The print is available in four colors and it made from the finest raw material.


wallpaper 3

The Westwood wallpaper is high fashion-attitude wallpaper. The colored swirls add to the high definition of the design. This digital-print wallpaper is available in two shades.


wallpaper 4

The Fir Tree wallpaper is from Denmark with a price tag of $115.00.A high quality product, the design is available in Black with Lacquer as well.


wallpaper 5

Inspired by the 70s design, this Kadmos wallpaper is made from vinyl and is super-washable. The palpable pattern is flame resistant as well.


wallpaper 6

The Garden bird wallpaper by designer Louise Body is one of the fanciest wallpapers. It gives a fresh new look to the interiors. With its hand-finish, it tops in quality as well.


wallpaper 7

The wallpaper is the winner of ‘New walls, please!’2007. Created by the young team GAMplus FRATES, the wallpaper creates an antique look.


wallpaper 8

This classic looking wallpaper is a design inspired from the late 70s. The square patterns with the wide borders give a rich look.


wallpaper 9

‘Frames’ by artists Taylor and Woods is a simple white wallpaper with rectangular blocks of different sizes in it. What results is a unique wallpaper design wherein you can paint or add photos to each block to make your own perfect designer wall.


wallpaper 10

This bold-colored wallpaper by Matthew Williamson stands for the latest trend. This wallpaper can easily change a simple wall to the focal point of the room. Coming in varied colors and patterns, this wallpaper can instantly update the room interiors.


wallpaper 11

There is no better idea than a wallpaper to create a theme-impact for your room. So if Golf is your choice, this wallpaper can certainly satisfy your needs.


wallpaper 12

The Polka dots wallpaper gives a classic look for your walls. With a wide range of colors to choose from, this wallpaper suits the minimalist approach. The metallic touch gives a stunning new look to the walls.


wallpaper 13

The Blue silk swirl wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki is a perfect decorative. The design is of the contemporary style with the uneven swirls. A single blue swirl adds colour and high-end definition to the wallpaper.


wallpaper 14

There is no better way to make-the-most-of-your-wall than with this cool wallpaper by Cinq Cinq designers. This one features a Tic Tac Toe game. Washable and durable, this wallpaper is not just for the kids’ room.


wallpaper 15

The Acadia Deep Vanilla wallpaper is the answer for the rich look you want on the walls. This glass beaded wallpaper shines throughout the day. These are commonly used as patches to give the loaded look.


wallpaper 16

The Light Emitting wallpaper by Jonas Samson is innovation at its best. The wallpaper serves as a 2D light source as it is made of LEDs. The LEDs consume very little power and can be switched on and off. This creative art piece may take over indoor lighting to new domains.


wallpaper 17

Stunning wallpaper with its designer touch! This wallpaper is so unique that even a single wall with this wallpaper can redefine the feel of the entire room.


wallpaper 18

The century old floral design is updated here to give the trendiest wallpaper. The Floating Petals from Trove creates a dreamy surrounding. Available in different colors, this costs $13.00 per square foot.


wallpaper 19

Add personal touch to your interiors through wallpapers that carry your words. Made from vinyl, they come in different fonts and colors and gives the hand-painted effect.


wallpaper 20

This versatile wallpaper is a paintable wall covering which gives a modern rustic look to the interiors. Made from vinyl, this wallpaper is repaintable and gives the perfect base for textured effects.


wallpaper 21

This black-skull wallpaper is the ideal choice for a featured wall. It is freaky and stylish with the velvet texture.


wallpaper 22

The Gold leaf wallpaper is made from gold sheets with a thickness of about 1/200,000 to 1/250,000 inch is the pick for the prosperous look that you want for the interiors. No other wallpaper can be expected to cross beyond it’s limits in terms of beauty and durability.


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