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Gramps Celebrates 107th Birthday With A Big Mac Cake

Posted By: on August 22, 2010

A Jacksonville, FL man is celebrating his 107th birthday at a local McDonald’s with a huge Big Mac cake. This will be Harold Bergman’s third straight year throwing it down at this location. Apparently he really loves his snack wraps.

His wife surprised him with the party, taking him there for his weekly meal, which they normally just get via the drive-thru. She convinced him to go inside where the space was decorated in a surf theme with balloons and birthday decorations. A massive Big Mac cake also awaited the Bergster.

He didn’t stay very long, and I don’t blame him, getting up and saying thank you to all his friends after they sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He was born in Bloomfield, N.J., on August 20th, 1903. He served in the Army, went to Law school at Rutgers University, became a lawyer, and even met Albert Einstein at a Rutgers versus Princeton football game.

He was previously marries for 50 years to his first wife, Marianne, whom he had a son with. He moved to Jacksonville when he retired but continued to do pro bono work for Legal Aid. He has been married to his current wife, Lillian, for 17 years (she’s 18 years his junior, go get em’ boy).

This guy is just too cool for school in all regards. For one, I would love to have him as a grandfather but even more I would love to be this spunky (and awesome) when I’m his age. Really though, even with the advancement of modern medical care, I doubt if I’ll live to see 107. It does say something that he’s still eating McDonald’s and cake, maybe all the doctors are wrong. I do know one thing, if I do each anywhere near that age, I won’t give a damn what I’m eating….and will probably weigh a shit ton because of it.

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  2. marvin says:

    happy birthday gramps. Please invite me on your next birthday.

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