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Posted By: on July 3, 2012

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Understanding how-to use any social platform can be hard to do, but trying to grasp a new one, like Pinterest, takes some time. Reading articles on the internet of how to use Pinterest correctly is one way to learn best practices, as well as, watching how others are behaving on the site.

The first step to fitting-in on any social network is to learn the lingo and Pinterest is no different. There are three new words to include in your vocabulary if you choose to use Pinterest. The first word is, “Pin” or “Pinning”. This relates to when you post an image on Pinterest – “I’m pinning a photo to Pinterest”.

The second word is, “Board”, which is when you create a pinboard to categorize/organize images you have pinned on Pinterest. Thirdly, you will need to start using the word “Re-Pin” or “Re-Pinning”. This means that you like an image so much that you want to now put that image into one of the “Boards” you created on Pinterest. In-turn this will share that image with those following you and they too can re-pin it to their boards.

Once you have got the lingo down, there are other steps that can be taken in order to make the most out of your time spent using Pinterest. Review the categories that Pinterest offers to see what you are about to post (or “Pin”) is suitable for the topics listed. If you have a blog or website, add the “Pin-It” button to articles to go alongside the other social media buttons on your site. Become familiar with what types of images are getting the most re-pins and then adjust your photos to meet that same quality or better. Lastly, be sure to promote your pins to other social networks, be selective and diverse in what you pin, follow people who have already mastered Pinterest and soon you too will have conquered the Pinterest world.

This infographic from comes to us via Toyota Dealers Chicago and explores “Which Businesses Are Already Using Pinterest?”. Click to enlarge.

Which Businesses Are Already Using Pinterest?

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