Five Nostalgia SNES Costumes

Posted By: on November 5, 2012

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) may be long out of production, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. And, to keep that great memory fresh, here are the top five SNES costumes for this Halloween season.

5. Let’s Get Literal

A fun, relatively easy, costume in this genre is the most literal: dress up this season as the SNES joystick. With a little bit of cardboard, paint and glue, anyone can become their very favorite gaming console. Similarly, the female gamers can change the joystick into a dress, fulfilling the need for “sexy” SNES costumes!

4. Tetris 2

Twenty years ago, gamers were all sitting on the edge of our seats wondering: how do you follow up Tetris? Well, the answer was simple: bombs! And what better way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than by dressing up as possibly the most addicting game that ever graced the market.

With cardboard boxes, paint, and a few friends, all the Halloween costume contests will be unapologetically won. Add some bombs in, and even Tetris 2 would be proud!

3. Zelda-A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past was proof that the Zelda series wouldn’t fade into oblivion as new models of gaming consoles arrived on the market. Costumed in Link and Zelda outfits, wearers this Halloween will be sure to get all the gamer’s attention. The Legend of Zelda will certainly never die, especially with Halloween’s help!

2. Donkey Kong Country

At the time Donkey Kong Country came out, it had some of the best video game graphics on the market. Looking back now, and it is almost laughable! This costume is not for the faint of heart. This costume requires a sense of adventure and dedication–not unlike the game itself. Finding, wearing, and sweating inside an ape costume may be challenging. For those serious about Halloween, no one will get more costume props than the Donkey Kong wearer who goes all out. Trolling the internet, one can also find costume inspiration for Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong’s little buddy.

1. Mario and Family

While not restricted to just SNES, there can be no top five list without the now classic Super Mario and friends costume. Whether going alone to the halloween costume, or going with friends, the Super Mario costume is perfect. Easily recognizable, comfortable,  and with the option of a group costume, Mario is for everyone! Consider dragging friends along to complete the game: Mario needs Wario, Princes Peach, Luigi and Bowser to be great. Throw in a mushroom or two, and Mario could take over the party this Halloween.

Halloween is meant to be enjoyed, so why not bring back one of the best gaming systems, and all the memories it holds? However, if the costume of one’s dreams is not contained in the list above, check out uproxx for more costume ideas.

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