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First Date Ideas That Make Her Feel Like Ingrid Bergman

Posted By: on December 2, 2012

There is nothing more impressive that securing a date with a lady you have been eyeing for a while. The problem comes in when planning for that first date with her. First impressions really matter, and it is important to make then memorable in the right ways. There are simple ways of making a girl feel special.

It is important to bear in mind that your number one goal is to plan a first date that resonates with the lady. The secret to a lady’s heart is to show her that you pay attention to what she likes and needs. The best thing about this date is that you are sure there are things you share in common with your date and the date will be fun for you too.

Types of ladies and their ideal date types

The romantic and artistic

If you are thinking of taking this kind of lady to the movies, ensure it is a romantic one. You should rule out bars or pubs as places to take her for dinner and opt for candlelit restaurants. It is a good idea to surprise her with flowers; this is an ideal way of making an impression. You can step up by looking for local theatre groups or art exhibitions. This is the type of girl that would be more than willing to go to art events.

The adventurous

This is the kind of girl who will be okay with an action packed movie or a horror one. However, she would prefer going out for rock climbing, hiking or for any activity that gives her a rush of excitement. She would like to go to a fun restaurant as opposed to a quiet one. To make an impression, one can take her for an activity that is fun filled and one that she has wanted to go for, but never got the chance to.

The intellectual lady

This is the type of girl who is an avid reader of non-fictional books and is aware and curious of anything around her. She probably has a unique interest like science or even history. With this girl, the ideal date would be in an art or historical museum, a book talk date or even a lecture. You can also try any activity that is fun and educational like wine tasting or even a cooking class. For restaurant dates, stick to those with some historical significance.

The organized, safe and family oriented girl

This is the type of girl who is always time conscious and hates being kept waiting. A date with such a girl should be well thought out. You should consider going to the zoo, roller skating, bowling, having an intimate dinner and enjoying fine tunes in fine places like the jollys piano bar, and even going to jazz festivals. Avoid planning any risky date ideas unless you are sure she is interested. Ensure you keep it safe for the first date with her; otherwise you may scare her off.

Once you learn what type of girl she is, you will be halfway through to planning the most amazing first date for her.

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