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Evol Jess

Everybody’s Got A Neighbor Like This

Posted By: on October 21, 2009

Ok, so, I think everyone’s had a neighbor like this at some point and if you haven’t, you’re lucky, cause it blows. I’m moving in three weeks and just my luck I’ll end up next to this guy or the guy that mows his lawn at 6am on Saturday. So here’s to hoping for a neighbor that loves to make cookies and always has too much. Oh, and more awesome stuff here.

turn off your car alarm

53 Responses to “Everybody’s Got A Neighbor Like This”

  1. i absolutely hate car alarms.

  2. taliph says:

    Maybe you should fix your alarm, ass

  3. Fabzz says:

    hahahaha that note just made my day !!!

  4. Otto says:

    Crawl underneath it and cut the battery cable. Simple, effective.

  5. JoJo says:

    How come it´s always the crappiest cars that have those annoying car alarms??

  6. GMC says:

    I don't get your objection. Are you objecting to the guys who left the angry notes, or the guy who's got the obnoxious car alarm?

  7. Kobaal says:

    Thats a good neighboor. No body wants to hear car alarms going off all the time. Ive got a woman that drives a POS Solara at work that has this rediculousley sensitive alarm. She parks next to my car EVERY day and every evening getting off work I set the alarm off by just turning my car on… Fix the alarm jagoff. I hate people like that and the guy that wrote this article since he has no clue how to be a good neighboor.

  8. mike says:

    uhhhhh… yeah… you need to fix your car alarm.

  9. turn off your car al says:

    Sounds pretty obvious to me that if your car alarm keeps going off YOU are the annoying douchebag neighbor. Fix your car alarm ass hole no one wants to hear that crap going off for hours at a time. As far as I am concerned you are lucky they just left notes because after a couple of days of that crap I would have moved well beyond just leaving a rude note.

    And you got the balls to call THEM rude. Wow. What a douche.

  10. David Irving says:

    Do like I do. Give the alarm a REAL reason to sound off… throw raw eggs at the car.

  11. Jay says:

    Well Evol..sounds like you're in SERIOUS DENIAL that this situation is actually all your fault.

    Wow you've got to be a d*ck to post this without rethinking it over that maybe…just maybe..there is something wrong with the car alarm. I'm sure you're a nice person and all but come on, this is what makes people look like pricks.

  12. David Irving says:

    Actually cutting the cable is not always easy. The easiest way, which also happens to be preferred by burglars, is to hammer a screw driver into the battery from under the car which causes the battery to go dry and very much dead.

  13. Jesus says:

    How about just dumping a gallon of milk into the air intake? or some doe in heat urine on the rubber seals for the doors?

    Paint stripper on the hood?

  14. gettemg says:

    The douche is the one with the bad alarm.

  15. Evol Jess says:

    Let's clarify a few things:

    @GMC – No idea what you're talking about, I'm not objecting to anything ;)

    @Jay – Haha, hun, how would it be my fault? This isn't my car or my neighbors, I'm just passing along the picture. Maybe there is something wrong with the car alarm, who knows, but I'm betting this is a common occurence

  16. Nixter says:

    Who in there right mind would take the side of the car owner? Of course he should fix the stupid thing or I'd leave a note much nastier than those passive sissy notes.

  17. Bomis says:

    I don't get it. Are you complaining on the notes on your car or the alarm on your neighbors car?

  18. Matt says:

    Pretty sure the "neighbor" being referred to is the owner of the car, not the persons who left the notes.

  19. Josh C says:

    Took me a minute to figure out who you're directing this complaint at!

    I can confirm I have neighbors exactly like this:

    – Hair trigger alarm parked outside of my office. I left a note and for the next couple of weeks, he'd set the alarm off intentionally every morning while walking up to his car.

    – Big subwoofer in a POS Civic has to rock out while parallel parking. Asked him to stop, he said ok… only lasted a month.

    – People that leave HUGE gaps while parking… not huge enough to fit a car, mind you

    – An Accord that must have been going 60 MPH down a residential street at night.

    – People who hit other cars while parking and drive off or move to a new spot.

    Urban living is the worst sometimes.

  20. Rob says:

    Who's the dick? the guy with the alarm or the guy who wrote the note?

  21. Honour Chick says:

    lol… rude-ass neighbors.

  22. Cantab says:

    If you are moving next door to my brother, you may be in luck

  23. gh says:

    Is the "awful neighbour" title meant for the owner of the car or the person leaving the note? My vote goes to the car owner.

  24. Alan says:

    Something may be wrong with your alarm. If the ground wire from the alarm isn't connected solidly it can cause this, I had a similar problem with one I installed.

    Have a mechanic or car alarm pro check the wiring, otherwise you might eventually find a brick through the windows or something.

  25. Alan says:

    Whoops sorry I think I now get that the car is the neighbor's and not yours, if so, nevermind! Send my comment to him instead. :-D

  26. Righteous Action Her says:

    Yeah…tar and feather the fucker. Most likely, the car owner intentionally bought a car with a crappy alarm and deserves whatever physical abuse/torture we can reign down on him. It's just the same as if the fucker was sitting in his car pushing on the honker every 2 seconds and laughing the whole time he's doing it. That or maybe the stupid fucker left his lights on, and now the alarm is going off because the battery is dead. Fucker still needs to die for being stupid enough to leave his lights on. I hate this fucker. If I had a pen and a paper and I was anywhere near there, I'd most certainly write a bitchin' note to the stupid fucker…I'm tough like that…and I'd hide behind a tree nearby so I could totally SEE the expression the fucker has when he reads my bitchin' note. Guess it could be a chick as well. If she was hot, then maybe I'd let the whole thing slide. But otherwise, she's just as crappy a fucker. We should start a petition to get this fucker banned from everywhere at the very least. Can you tell us where this fucker lives? Better not be anybody related to me. I can't stand to think that I share genes with them. Fucker genes are hard to breed out. Glad I'm not that way.

  27. Dorkn8 says:

    Had this happen to me a couple months back but instead of on the weekend it was in the middle of the week at 3 in the morning. The crap thing is, you call the cops and complain about it but they cant do anything about it, yet my solution of throwing a brick through the window, poping the hood, and pulling the battery out would most definitely get me in trouble.

  28. mmm says:

    My neighbor likes to scrape the ice off his sidewalk with a metal shovel at 5am. Noisy neighbors suck.

  29. Jason Fly says:

    like 99% of these are fake and are planted by the person taking the pics themselves These aren't real or funny anymore

  30. Anon says:

    6am lawn mowing? Does your new place have walls/windows? You must be a light sleeper…

  31. Guffy says:

    @Kobaal: does the POS Solara really have an alarm thats too sensitive or are you just too cheap to fix your POS muffler?

  32. Mark says:

    You're luck someone didn't throw a microwave oven through your window.

    Car alarms should be banned. Nobody's going to call the cops for you. Pros can dismantle them in seconds.

  33. Angry Johnny says:

    I hate some piece of shit that did that a couple weeks ago outside my apt. I called the cops and had them impounded. After I egged the shitbox.

  34. off_leash says:

    I used to live in a third floor apartment that looked down on a rented parking space. The Beemer that was parked there had its alarm going off constantly. Nothing worked to get the guy to fix the alarm. One night something white flew by my window and made a deafening crash. It turned out someone had thrown a refrigerator from a vacant apartment on the eighth floor. Direct hit. Surprisingly, the alarm didn't go off.

  35. Scott says:

    I have one of those neighbors right now. He has a crappy silver mustang with an alarm that goes off for no reason at all.. and it goes off for sometimes 15 minutes before he realizes it. in one night it woke me up no fewer than 10 times. they also have the charming habit of leaving their chihuahua out in front of the house where it barks and whines all night.

  36. frank says:

    you are the person no one wants to live next to

  37. mobtek says:

    simple, put brick through window, open bonnet, pull leads, solved my annoying neighbours car alarm problem

  38. costume_fly says:

    Hilarious. Now, I know what to do when my neighbor's alarm goes off.

  39. I had an alarm like this once. My brother almost got arrested for trying to break into the car to turn it off when I wasn't home. I don't know where the naked boobie girl is from. I hope I'm on the correct article. (O;

  40. How come it´s always the crappiest cars that have those annoying car alarms??

  41. donny says:

    TURN YOUR ALARM OFF> this is 2009.

  42. Been There says:

    I had a neighbor like that. Alarm went off on a Friday morning for 3 hours straight. Not shutting off and coming back on, but honking for 3 hours. Let me just say the cops definitely don't like it when you smash the window with a crowbar, pop the hood and break off the battery terminals. Not that what I did was wrong, but be prepared to face charges when your narky neighbors narc you out after they complained about the fucking thing the whole time.

  43. mlk says:

    I'm confused…..which one of you is the annoying, jerk-off neighbor?

  44. Alberto says:

    Why ppl are so scare to talk face to face?

  45. Jay says:

    @ Evol…well you never said in the post it wasn't your car, so how would I know? But fine, that's my mistake.

    And even though you passed along the picture, I mean read what the letter says…obviously whoever wrote it had to be pretty pissed, which must mean that car alarm really must be a pain in the ass one way or another. So I'm just saying…whoever gave you the picture or whoever owns the car….they've got some issues to deal with.

  46. Sandy says:

    I have one who slashes your tires if you park in front of his house.

    good times. good times.

  47. Robert says:

    Nice find! Thanks for the funny, reposted at http://iamhilarious.com/neighbors/

  48. Ever hear of the movie Noise (with Tim Robbins)? Such a great flick – I so want to have the balls to do what he did :D

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