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Due Date Dash Looking For Winners

Posted By: on February 22, 2011

Let’s get real, Due Date the movie is by far the funniest movie since Dumb & Dumber.  If you’ve ever been arrested, put on the no-fly list, hitchhiked, or  forced to hangout with a hairy neurotic guy with a dog…this movie will split your sides!  To salute this gem, on behalf of our friends at Warner Bros. we’re giving away FREE Due Date movie rentals to five very lucky people.  And for one very special individual as a Grand Prize we’re giving away a FREE Due Date movie, a T-shirt, car air freshener and much more!

So Here’s The Deal:

As a tribute to the overwhelmingly opposite nature of our Due Date star actors, your goal is to find the website opposite to Top Cultured.  Every day we will be releasing clues that will make our opposite more obvious.  The first person to fill out our entry form with the right answer wins the Grand Prize. Only one entry per person so use it wisely Danielson.

Hint: The clues could be about the website OR the unique Due Date video embedded in each website.

Lets Get This Party Started:

Out of the kindness of our heart we’ve narrowed Top Cultured’s opposite to these 16 lovely movie sites:

Here Come The Clues:

1. Pow!  Right In The Kisser! One of these days Alice, straight to the moon
2. Our opposite has a mean left hook!
3. The Good Ole Crimson And White
4. Stay Tuned (Clue Coming Soon)

Without Any Further Ado:

I bet you can’t WAIT to buy the movie! Click Here to buy or download Due Date!

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