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Down-to-Earth Ben Stiller Poses with Homeless Man

Posted By: on April 7, 2011

Celebrities are known for being inaccessible. It isn’t their fault sometimes – when you’re famous, it’s hard to go anywhere without someone wanting to grab a shot with you on your camera phone, eventually plastering your face all over Facebook.

Ben Stiller is the rare exception. His humility and understanding that people are people shines through here as he gets up close and personal to pose for a picture with a poor homeless man. Bless you, Ben. Bless you.

Ben Stiller and a Homeless Man

3 Responses to “Down-to-Earth Ben Stiller Poses with Homeless Man”

  1. Bob says:

    Robbin Williams? lol

  2. asdf says:

    isnt that robin williams?

  3. np says:

    thats not robin williams with a beard??

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