Dog Ecstasy

Posted By: on May 5, 2012

Dog Riding in a Car

Have you ever wondered why dogs love to stick their head out the window in a car (or out the sunroof, as with our happy hound above)? The reason has less to do with the noticeable (and comical) effects it has on their mouth as much as their nose.

“They’re pretty much in ecstasy when they’re riding in the car and the wind is pushing all these odors in their nose,” said Dave Burke, a veterinarian at Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital. “They can discern things we’re totally unaware of.”

With noses 1000-2000 more powerful and accurate than human noses, it’s the most important sense to them. Like the visuals humans get from acid or the tactile sensitivity they get from ecstasy, wind infusing odors into a dog can be a trip.

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