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Digg Removes User Icons From Submissions

Posted By: on October 8, 2009

Digg has a history of changes, some would call improvements (see Recommendation Engine, Related Submissions, Removing Hot in sub categories, etc.). Recently, there have been a lot of changes at Digg. Removing shouts, the diggbar wobble, Kevin Rose confirming a new digg iPhone app, a new structure for Digg ads, and most recently (as of somewhere around 1:20pm EST today) Digg removed user icons from submissions on the Front Page and upcoming pages, which seem contradictory to what Rose spoke about at the Future of Web Apps conference: the 10 ways to take your site from one to one million users… and what’s the #1 way was that he suggested…  Exactly what Digg just removed.

“1. Ego. Ask does this feature increase the users self-worth or stroke the ego? What emotional and visible awards will a user receive for contributing to your site? Are they gaining reputation, badges, show case what they’ve done in the community?”

Here’s what the Digg FP looks like now… with no word yet from Digg as to whether or not this is a permanent change or simple a mistake. I would think its deliberate and permanent. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

digg front page

*UPDATE* Here’s a post from the Digg blog about the change. Still unsure if it’s permanent, hopefully not but it seems so…

11 Responses to “Digg Removes User Icons From Submissions”

  1. Garland says:

    That's pretty ridiculous… Digg wouldn't ever remove its logo from the site because its the brand they've built, much like its users who have an avatar for a reason… Recognition.

    Bad move Digg, bad move.

  2. Gerald Weber says:

    This reminds me of while back when digg took all the social links out of user proliles I wrote a post titled Why is digg taking the social out of social media? and ironically later that very day they put the social links back and said they were just doing some upgrades. Yeah i'm sure Kevin. But then again Kevin Rose had no idea that digg bar changed while he was on vacation. Digg (Kevin Rose) has a history of making antisocial moves and then acting dumb about it. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Icyone says:

    Digg wouldn’t ever remove its logo from the site because its the brand they’ve built, much like its users who have an avatar for a reason… Recognition.

    Your -brand-? Seriously, you're posting stories to Digg, you don't have a brand.

  4. The posts aren't what make Digg what it is, in fact there has been serious issues in the past with power users dominating the site. They haven't removed the icons form the the conversation, which is what keeps people coming back to Digg. The reward is the upvotes for good comments. Reducing the cult of self from the front page will get users more likely to submit stories as the power users lose a little of the power.

  5. Rakeshsgk says:

    Our story reaching the front page is a moment of joy for us. Normally it takes a lot of submissions and searching to get a story worth enough to reach the front page.

    This move from Digg kind of deprives at least some joy out of the excitement! Let's wait to see if it's gonna come back!

  6. Luke says:

    All of this is over the little tiny icon next to the link? I actually had to look at old screen shots to even realize what was being removed. Isn't your amount of "Diggs" supposed to be your reward for contributing? Must have been a slow news day for someone to even blog about such a silly thing. You lot keep bitching, while the rest of us enjoy a faster loading home page.

  7. nitin says:

    Good Move by digg !

  8. John says:

    True he did just talk about 10 ways to take your site from one to one million users and user icons are a big part of that, but beyond one million users you probably do not need that anymore.

    There are several reasons that this is better for Digg and Digg Users

    -Fast page loads

    -Less resources used saves money for Digg

    -Cleaner look/More uniform look

    -Possible NSFW icons on front page (possible legal ramifications)

    -User names are still used

    -Even if it causes a million users to stop using Digg, they still have 20 million plus still

    -A rough 10×10 area does not make a great Avatar picture

  9. It's interesting to see how Digg has grown over the years as its popularity has skyrocketed up the social networking food chain. I actually have a post of some of Digg's offices from the early days, check it out if you're interested. http://www.insidethewebb.com/2009/07/collection-o

  10. Kelvin60 says:

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