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Designer Stickers Coming to Your Bananas

Posted By: on March 12, 2010

If the old Chiquita girl wasn’t cutting it for your bananas you’re in luck. Designer, DJ Neff, has done a rebranding for the potassium rich fruit. There is a very thorough post on Design Related with the artist (with a lot more pictures). You will see them on the wonderfully yellow (and phalic) delights in your local supermarket soon. The stickers are just part of entire new campaign which includes a new website (with a few flash games, custom stickers, etc.), a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some new slogans:

  • Banana Yo Face
  • Bananafy Yourself
  • Build Your Banana
  • Party With Potassium
  • Be Your Own Banana
  • Bananafy Your Sticker

One Response to “Designer Stickers Coming to Your Bananas”

  1. Hailey says:

    Man, that will be so fun when the big yellow cavendish banana dies out and we're left with no bananas to eat!

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