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Evol Jess

Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!

Posted By: on December 21, 2010

I know, I know, this is really just an ad for Friskies, but it is done SO well and is actually really cool that I have to share it. This is such a great and fun idea and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been done before.

I would love to see this done with other animals too. Dogs of course, maybe mice…but how about alligators, or bears…or sharks!!! I know there have obviously been videos made from the perspective of the animal, but I really like the way they do it here. It would certainly be fun to see this done with puppies too. Come on Purina…I’m looking at you.

One Response to “Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!”

  1. Colin says:

    Seen something similar a few years ago.

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