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Capital One Mascot Challenge Voting

Posted By: on November 15, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CapitalOne. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently told you about Capital One Bowl, Capitol One’s College Mascot Challenge but now I want to see f you’ve voted for your favorite. I didn’t want to mention mine but for this alone I think I’ve got to let it out of the bag.

Again here are your choices for All-American Mascots:

Joe Bruin of the University of California Los Angeles
Bearcat of the University of Cincinnati
Joe Vandal of the University of Idaho
Mike the Tiger of Louisiana State University
Testudo of the University of Maryland
Sebastian the Ibis of the University of Miami
Goldy Gopher of the University of Minnesota
Monte of the University of Montana
Brutus Buckeye of The Ohio State University
Big Blue of Old Dominion University
Duck of the University of Oregon
Smokey of the University of Tennessee
Paydirt Pete of the University of Texas El Paso
The Bird of the U.S. Air Force Academy
Mr. C of Vanderbilt University Big Red of Western Kentucky University


So even though OSU is now #1 in the BSC doesn’t mean I’m jumping on the band wagon…does it? Whatever, that duck is still cool as ice for whomping on the the Houston Cougar. So remember, the school that wins gets $15,000 for their mascot fund and even loosing guys still get $5,000.

Every week you can vote here for your favorite mascot. They will pit the mascots with the best win/loss record in an online playoff beginning November 22nd and the winner will be announced New Years Day at the Capital One Bowl. So be sure to not only become a fan on their Facebook fan page (as we have) but also to go vote for your favorite soon and often.

So as I root for OSU this weekend at the Duck to kick some more ass..my ass will be getting bigger as I chow down on some delicious eats. I’m thinking of making a big batch of my homemade nachos (with loads of soar cream, Tillmook Cheddar,┬ájalape├▒os, olives and buckets of hot sauce. Speaking of buckets…I’m also going to make a bucket load of buffalo wings. My shiz is the best…I’ll throwdown against anyone (even Bobby Flay) with my wings. Anyone coming over to chow down and watch the games with me? You may just have to duke it out with me like these mascots for the last slice of pizza.

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