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Building the Best Home Theatre Setup

Posted By: on October 12, 2012

Tech company Denon has announced two new products, the DHT-S313 and DHT-S413, which are expected to raise the standards of home entertainment systems. What sets the DHT-S313 and the DHT-S413 apart from other systems are their output amps and the size of their bodies. The DHT-S313 is promising to deliver output of 20W x3 from the front speakers and 20W from the subwoofer, which will be a perfect add on to any 32-inch television. For larger screens, 40-inches and more, the DHT-S413 will reach 25W x3 in the front and 25W in the subwoofer. Additionally, they will both feature Dolby Virtual Speaker surround, Dolby Pro Logic II, and HDMI. The systems are expected to cost between $450-$600.

As the quality of home theatre system technology continues to skyrocket, it can be hard to know where to start in order to get the best setup for a particular budget. Technology is always changing, so is it worth it to get the current system or wait for the next one that’s sure to be bigger and better? Knowing about home theatre components can help buyers decide what options are best for them.

The Basics in Home Theatres

A home theatre involves two types of components: video equipment and audio equipment. Audio equipment can produce surround sound and possibly including components to play music or satellite radio.

Video Equipment – The video equipment in any home theatre system centers around the television. Attached to it can be a blu-ray player, gaming systems, or DVD and VHS players. An alternative to a television is a projector setup and screen, which would have similar blu-ray, DVD, or VHS hookups.

Audio Equipment – The key to a great home theatre system is high quality audio, and preferably surround sound. This is often achieved with an AV receiver or Preamplifier/Amplifier combination. An AV receiver combines a radio component (either an AM/FM tuner, Internet Radio, or XM and/or Sirius Satellite Radio), a pre-amplifer, and a multi-channel amplifier. Equipment like USB DACs can be included to increase the quality of MP3 and radio music in an entertainment system.

Where to Start Building Your Home Theatre

Consumers can either choose to assemble their home theatre system piece by piece or get a “Home-Theatre-In-A-Box” system. This includes nearly everything that is needed for a basic home theatre setup:

  • Speakers,
  • A surround sound receiver,
  • A DVD/CD player, a DVD Player/VCR combination, a DVD recorder, or a blu-ray player

Home-Theatre-In-A-Box systems are a great option for people who are just starting to build their home theatre or are looking for a cheap, basic setup.

Almost any question about setting up a home theatre can be answered online. has a great collection of articles which will answer nearly every question and give buyers ideas and tips on how to perfect their home theatre system.

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