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Battle of the Hipsters

Posted By: on May 7, 2012


All three are so amazingly hipster that putting them in the same post might actually stop time altogether. We’re willing to take the risk for the sake of science. Which one is more hipster?

Battle of the Hipsters

In Case of Hipsters in the Area…

Don’t panic. Don’t pack up and leave. Don’t stay cooped up in your home, emerging only when you think it’s safe. If hipsters are in the area, it will never be safe. 24 hours a day, they roam the streets as if with a hive mind that puts them into unconscious shifts. There’s only one thing to do. You must trap them. Here’s how.

Hipster Trap

***Important Note: Cigarettes must be American Spirit brand, the yellow pack. No other cigarette will work.

How to Survive NYC as a Hipster

There are a few places that are considered “hipster friendly” but the Big Apple is not one of them. Still, hipsters are able to survive and even flourish there every day by following a certain set of rules that were specifically made for the city that never sleeps.

Hipster New York City

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