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What Shoppers Want From Retailers

Posted By: on September 28, 2012

It is important to know and to take into consideration the wants and needs of shoppers when running a business. There are several things buyers look for when shopping with a company, both online and offline, and here’s a closer look at what shoppers want from retailers.

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Take A Vacation At Home

Posted By: on September 27, 2012

Take a look around your town or city to find fun places to escape from the everyday life. No longer do you need to go far away in order to take a vacation. There are plenty of cool and interesting things you can do that are close to home.

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TopCultured Legends

Before the White House

Posted By: on May 27, 2012

They are one of the most glamorous couples in the world. Beyond the politics and the hype, there is a genuine sense of stardom that surrounds the First Family, but things weren’t always so glamorous. Read On »

Top 5 Futuristic Cars

Posted By: on November 6, 2012

Via: Auto Insurance Center

Art of the Accidental Penis

Posted By: on May 3, 2010

Though many things can be phallic, and at times some of us are more prone to see cock in things that don’t necessarily look like wang, these below images leave little doubt of what they Read On »

Retailers: The Importance Of Finding An Interest In Pinterest

Posted By: on September 25, 2012

Every retailer is in need of a new place where they can display their products and discover new customers. Pinterest is that place! You are able to post or “pin” photos of your products for others to see and those who share the same interest as you, will “repin” it, hence, even more potential customers are reached.

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Reasons Why Shoppers Do Not Complete Online Transactions

Posted By: on September 21, 2012

Do you know why customers fill-up their online shopping carts with products just to leave them? Many of us are left puzzled when this occurs on our website, but it does happen and there are several ways to decrease the amount of times it occurs.

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Traveling With Your Dog? Here Are Some Safety Tips

Posted By: on September 17, 2012

It is important to not get distracted while driving and a dog climbing all over the front and back seat of your vehicle is pretty distracting. Making sure you create a safe environment while you drive doesn’t mean not traveling with your dog, it just means you will need to make sure some safety precautions for you and your doggy are in place.

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Finding Coupons

Posted By: on September 14, 2012

Some of us collect coupons and organize them according to date and savings. It is important that we save money when and wherever we shop. Coupons have been super helpful in keeping cash in our pockets and less in the hands of others. It truly does feel like a win when a coupon is used no matter how little the savings are.

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The Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Posted By: on September 12, 2012

The less time we spend stopping for gas and the less money we have to put aside for fuel, the better. Although it is great to save time and money, most of us feel it is also important to save the environment by going green and fuel efficient cars help us accomplish all three of these things.

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The Evolution of the Diamond

Posted By: on September 6, 2012

Did you know that it took seven years until Australia was found to be a diamond producer in the 1970’s? Or that miner’s created a myth that diamonds were poisonous to prevent workers from swallowing them to steal the gems? This and so much more has happened within the diamond’s history and due to its royalty it has been touched by many history makers and found to be more than just one type of diamond.

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The Statistics on Water

Posted By: on August 24, 2012

There are interesting statistics on how little water is dispersed around the world that is eye opening. You may be surprised at how much water is lacking in many Countries around the globe.

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Like father like son

Posted By: on August 23, 2012

Nothing like an adorable family portrait to hang in the dog house.

H/T: Reddit

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