The First Key to Success in Starting a Business: The Name

Posted By: on August 1, 2011

My Name Is Earl

We get an idea. We come up with a concept, a business plan, and maybe even a marketing plan. We look for funding, find partners, and hire employees. We prepare to launch a new business and everything is looking great. At this point, the one step that many fail at is often the easiest yet most important. What’s in a name? Almost everything.

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All of the Money in the World Spent on Advertising Cannot Replace Customer Experience in 2011 and Beyond

Posted By: on July 25, 2011


The headline might be long, but the message is pure. It’s that simple. In the past, a company could get around negative buzz or public perception simply by advertising more. Public relations firms and spin doctors were able to patch up a potential disaster by throwing money at it.

It just doesn’t work like that anymore.

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TopCultured Legends

5 Exercises to Get Ready for Skiing

Posted By: on November 6, 2013

Whether it’s your first time or a recurring activity, skiing can be a hard on the body if you don’t properly prepare for the maneuvers of turning and stopping. Skiing can’t be practiced in advance, Read On »

First World Problems

Posted By: on October 3, 2011

Health problems in Liberia are immaterial when I have to wait a long time to close out IE.

4 Things Binary Brokers Can Do for You

Posted By: on March 2, 2013

Binary options have really been picking up steam, and some traders are thinking about getting in on this market. However, the critics call it more of a gamble than actual investing. After all, the learning Read On »

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The World’s Newest Country

Posted By: on July 21, 2011

Sudan Revolution

Countries have come and gone over the centuries, but it’s not something that you see very often anymore. The borders as they are currently set in the world are the way things are going to be in the foreseeable future. Sudan splitting in half earlier this month is something that we won’t witness very often.

When it becomes the 193rd member of the United Nations, they will be the 3rd addition in the last decade. The country is loaded with natural resources but decades of war have made the country a challenging place for its people to prosper.

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The Zombie-Decapitating Slingshot May Be Impractical, But It’s Epic Nonetheless

Posted By: on July 19, 2011

Zombie Slingshot

You can see by looking at this thing that it would be hard to make work. Most zombies move slowly, but getting the toilet seat over their head can be challenging to say the least. If you miss, you’re toast. It does, however, appear to be able to deliver a very appealing result if you are able to get them collared.

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The Winners So Far: 2011 Best in Business

Posted By: on July 16, 2011


The economy has been in a state of flux for years now. We get good news and bad news every day. Sides point fingers at each other. Corporations and banks get bailed out. Tax payers pay. It seems like an endless cycle in these uncertain times.

Well, not for everyone.

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Strangely, He Always Felt Guilty When Engaging the Trash Compactor

Posted By: on July 4, 2011

Months have gone by and he still isn’t sure what that strange feeling is. He knows they’re just boxes and trash, but something always nags at him, haunts him late at night in dreams that fade as soon as he wakes before he’s able to remember what it was about the garbage that gives him an odd feeling of… guilt.

Trash Compactor Faces

(via: Reddit)

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The Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Posted By: on July 3, 2011

Freelance Click

Freelancing is a challenging profession. There are such amazing benefits to being your own boss. There’s also a ton of risk.

This mini-guide is designed to help those considering jumping into the game. Our friends at Freshbooks breaks it down for us in a nice, concise infographic that shows you how to start, where to go, and what challenges await.

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The Many Friends of the Many Doctors

Posted By: on July 2, 2011

Doctor Who

The Doctor’s “companions” have numbered across the decades in the dozens. As we now have double-digit Doctors, it makes sense that he has them in all different shapes, sizes, and even races. This infographic breaks it down for us.

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Seriously, is College Really Worth It?

Posted By: on June 29, 2011

College Money

The politically correct answer, at least in America, is that “you have to go to college if you can.” We all hear from our parents and guidance councilors that the road to being successful in life starts with college and that we are doomed to failure and drive-thru jobs if we don’t go.

Most who go to college say that it was a good investment. Most also say that it’s not affordable and that the system does not end up “paying for itself” even in the long run. Which is right? In essence, the different opinions contradict each other.

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Drinking Forever Alone

Posted By: on June 20, 2011

He doesn’t always drink alone, but when he does…

(via: ThisIsWhyYoureJolly)

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