An Illusion So Impossible I Had To Double-Check in Photoshop

Posted By: on September 10, 2011

Sick IllusionMost optical illusions are cleverly placed but believable enough that once you get an explanation, you believe it. This one was so impossible, I had to pull the image into Photoshop just to double-check.

In the image below, the “blue” stripes and the “green” stripes are the exact same color, RGB 0-255-150. The pink and orange lines are the key to the illusion. The orange brings out a more brisk green than how the strips by themselves appear, while the pink stripes make the light green appear to be baby blue.

If you don’t have a headache yet from the visual, pull it into Photoshop and check it out yourself.

Sick Illusion

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My Whole Life, Reduced to this One Moment

Posted By: on September 1, 2011

My mother always told me that gaming would never help me with anything in real life.

She was wrong.

Rotating Sprinklers

(via: Reddit)

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TopCultured Legends

The Coolest Clock You’ll See All Day

Posted By: on April 6, 2010

There are cool clocks and then there’s the Segmentus. CHECK OUT MORE ON SEGMENTUS HERE.

4 Ways to Travel Internationally with Ease

Posted By: on March 11, 2015

Do you have a big trip planned that means leaving the country? If so, there are many things you should do to help you prepare for this major venture. Planning in advance will help you Read On »

How to Visit Cape Town … and Why

Posted By: on September 11, 2013

Now’s a great time to visit South Africa, and the increasingly popular city of Cape Town should be on any African visitor’s list. With a vibrant culture, compelling history, and an abundance of natural beauty, Read On »

The Idiot’s Guide to the S&P Downgrade

Posted By: on August 29, 2011


Nearly a month after the downgrade to the US credit rating, the knee-jerk reactions seem to be over but the long-term effects are just starting to warm up. What is this going to mean for investing? For jobs? For inflation?

Will GDP growth be hampered? What does it mean for us to be “under observation”? Who’s observing us? What are they seeing?

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Posted By: on August 26, 2011

I’m not going to bother explaining it. If you don’t get it, go have yourself some pudding.

Bill Enclosed

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Job Interview Fashion Tips

Posted By: on August 24, 2011

Strange Fashion

Going into a job interview is often the first personal impression you’re able to make. As much as we don’t like to admit it, physical appearance has a lot to do with whether or not you get the job. It doesn’t matter whether you’re handsome or ugly, skinny or large, blond, brunette, or ginger; you can improve your chances of getting the job by following a few simple rules in fashion.

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Behind Bars

Posted By: on August 18, 2011

Art doesn’t have to be paints or a chisel (or in today’s world, Photoshop or Illustrator). Art can be achieved with a pencil, a sheet of notebook paper, a concept, and some excellent creativity. Case-in-point:

Behind Bars

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Well Played, Pringles

Posted By: on August 13, 2011


Reddit user ThatPurpleDrank had a question for Pringles:

Out of total curiosity, why is it that Pringles have a resealable lid when (as stated by the advertisement as well as from personal experience) after you have popped you just can’t stop?

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Summer Job Searching on Decline (aka “those damn kids ain’t workin’ no more”)

Posted By: on August 7, 2011

Job Search

Has the standard practice of looking for a job for the summer been replaced by Xbox and Facebook? Is the economy simply too bad for temporary employment between school years to be a valid course of action?

Summer jobs are on the decline, and it’s not just the economy. Students aren’t looking like they used to. Since 1989, there has been a sharp decline in the number of 16-24-year-old people even looking for a job over the summer. Did we give up, or is there a problem with work ethic? Are parents spoiling kids, or are kids spoiling themselves?

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Cafe Perfection

Posted By: on August 7, 2011

For many, coffee is more than just a tummy-warming jolt of flavor and caffeine. There is a certain feeling that a perfect cup of coffee generates in true coffee lovers that makes Starbucks and Folgers seem inadequate. This image from 1X brings a vision of what cafe perfection might look like.

Titled “Boom Boom” – the beauty and art of this wonderful drink may have you running to the coffee machine shortly.

Cafe Perfection

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Politics. It’s Hell.

Posted By: on August 1, 2011

They say that people age when they are stressed from politics. For some, such as Barbara Boxer, the effects are stronger than on others.

Senator Boxer

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