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Fat Kid + Erin Andrews = Gold

Posted By: on January 31, 2011

Enough said!

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Probably Not a Good Name for a Church

Posted By: on January 21, 2011

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TopCultured Legends

Just… so much awesome

Posted By: on November 23, 2013

Deep Fried Macaroni & Cheese with a Chipotle Bacon & Garlic Aioli. Yes, this is good for you, at least your attitude. Not the best for your diet. Source

Facts About the Feet

Posted By: on October 14, 2010

Whether you are planning an extravagant outfit or throwing something on right as you walk out the door, shoes have a daily role in our hectic lives. Sometimes we forget how vital our feet are Read On »

4 Ways Any Business Can Boost Its Web Views

Posted By: on December 15, 2013

Whether your company exists solely online or is an actual bricks-and-mortar store, you probably have a website associated with your business. These days, an actual website, not just a social media presence, is an absolute Read On »

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Possessed Pull Up Cat

Posted By: on January 13, 2011

I’m a cat and I do pull ups. No big deal. I can also zap the hell out of you with my laser eyes.

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Racism is Everywhere

Posted By: on January 7, 2011

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If You Move, You Will Die

Posted By: on January 6, 2011

As the story goes, aliens touched down on New York City and dropped off some of their minions who were extremely flexible and talented at yelling. These are those minions and they’re pretty good at whatever it is they’re doing here.

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Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!

Posted By: on December 21, 2010

I know, I know, this is really just an ad for Friskies, but it is done SO well and is actually really cool that I have to share it. This is such a great and fun idea and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been done before.

I would love to see this done with other animals too. Dogs of course, maybe mice…but how about alligators, or bears…or sharks!!! I know there have obviously been videos made from the perspective of the animal, but I really like the way they do it here. It would certainly be fun to see this done with puppies too. Come on Purina…I’m looking at you.

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Silly Russians, That’s Not How You Bungie Jump

Posted By: on December 8, 2010

Given the stereotype that Russians have vodka running through their blood, I’m not really surprised to see them attempt this. Then again, we’ve all seen crazier stuff performed by people who weren’t frunk as duck, so that first part doesn’t really make sense. Maybe I just wanted to point out the fact that Russians drink a lot. They do. They drink. A lot!

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20 Bizarre Craigslist Posts Visualized!

Posted By: on August 9, 2010

There are some really bizarre things posted to Craigslist with alarming regularity. To give your imagination a rest, we plucked the best and most bizarre of these posts from the classifieds site and illustrated them for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve seen anything more bizarre than the items below, definitely let us know and we’ll start working on your favorite posts right away. In the meantime, don’t post or buy anything that might negatively impact your credit score!

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Coolest Packaging System Ever

Posted By: on May 3, 2010

Some things are hard to wrap or package because of their shape. Ever try giving someone a wooden ship for a birthday or holiday? It’s hard to do, what with all the sails sticking out and all. Well, one packaging system has the perfect solution.

Check out the rest of the Universal Packaging System:

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The Greatest Flavor Ice Cream Ever Imagined

Posted By: on April 3, 2010

What’s your favorite flavor? Mint chocolate chip? Rocky road? That’s cool, but it doesn’t even begin to come close to the genius combination of the flavors used in this ice cream.

More of the coolest food shtuff ever.

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15 Pictures of Santa Getting Arrested

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