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Dutch Mechanic

Notable Haircuts In Popular Music

Posted By: on March 30, 2011

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Dutch Mechanic

Around the World In 2000 Pictures

Posted By: on March 24, 2011

This is a very cool video made by Alex Profit. He took a trip “around the world” in a little over 3 weeks and captured these photos. He’s compiled them together in a short of stop-motion film. Check it out, it’s pretty darned impressive.

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TopCultured Legends

New $100 Bill Design

Posted By: on April 21, 2010

Well folks, it’s a new day and there’s a new $100 bill that just came out, and it looks pretty good. Well, the design just came out, the bill won’t be in circulation until February Read On »

The Zombie-Decapitating Slingshot May Be Impractical, But It’s Epic Nonetheless

Posted By: on July 19, 2011

You can see by looking at this thing that it would be hard to make work. Most zombies move slowly, but getting the toilet seat over their head can be challenging to say the least. Read On »

A Real Disney Weekend

Posted By: on May 3, 2011

With the successful blasting of Osama and the royal wedding happening in the same week…

Dutch Mechanic

Drunk Cooking Is More Fun

Posted By: on March 22, 2011

Sure cooking can be fun…but so can drinking. Why not combine the two? Take some wine (a lot of wine) and some butter, and some bread, and some cheese…and make a marvelous meal. Enjoy your grilled cheese sandwich…and tomorrow when your belly is satisfied and you’re sober enough to thank me, send me an email thanking me.

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Dutch Mechanic

Sexier Than >

Posted By: on March 21, 2011

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Dutch Mechanic

What Pi Sounds Like

Posted By: on March 20, 2011

It may not be marked on most calendars, but if you’re a math nerd (or a nerd in general), you know what March 14th was. It’s 3/14, otherwise known as the first three digits of Pi. That’s since become a minor geek holiday of sorts, and has prompted some fairly unique celebrations over the years. One of the latest comes from musician Michael John Blake, who interpreted Pi to the first 31 decimal places as musical notes and turned it into a song — played at 157 beats per minute, no less (or half of 314).

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Dutch Mechanic

Guy Straps Wings & 4 Jet Engines To His Back

Posted By: on March 13, 2011

After the last sneak peek, JETMAN officially presented his formation and precision flight abilities to the press for the first time during the Breitling Flying days in Buochs, Switzerland, by flying together with and around the Breitling Wingwalkers for 3 minutes… and now it’s there for you all to see!

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Dutch Mechanic

Reverse Stereotypes

Posted By: on March 9, 2011

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Dutch Mechanic

Why Do We Not Have This?

Posted By: on March 5, 2011

Check out this awesome invention and idea from the 1950’s. I’m surprised that this didn’t catch on. From what I understand it’s a bit hard to actually implement and can cause a lot of strain on certain parts, but you’d still imagine that a device like this could be perfected and utilized. Lord knows that many of us could use the help in parallel parking.

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Dutch Mechanic

Porn Addiction in America

Posted By: on March 2, 2011


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Dutch Mechanic

The Ultimate Hipster How-To

Posted By: on February 24, 2011

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