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Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: Which Will Save Homeowners Money This Summer

Posted By: on April 16, 2015

One very frequently asked question of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) companies is whether an air conditioner or a heat pump is better for keeping the home cool during the months of summer. In addition, many homeowners also wonder whether one or the other is a better choice for cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. The short answer to both questions is that each system is an excellent choice, both are good at cooling the home, and both can achieve significant energy savings, especially if newer models are installed. There are many things to consider when choosing between an air conditioner and a heat pump for the home. Here are a few things to consider.


Heat pumps and air conditioners are similar in their cost and installation price, which is understandable because when a heat pump is being used in cooling mode, it operates in basically the same manner as an air conditioner. The cost of annual maintenance is also roughly equivalent, with a tune-up of each cooling system involving the same maintenance by a service technician. A homeowner wishing to keep down the cost of installation may want to lean slightly more toward an air conditioner, since initial costs are generally lower for an air conditioner than for a comparable heat pump system. This is partially due to the fact that the air conditioner only runs during the warmer months, and the heat pump is designed to operate year round.

Operating Efficiency

If there is any difference in the operating efficiency of the two systems, a slight advantage must be given to the air conditioner, which is marginally more energy efficient and cost effective than a heat pump used in cooling mode. However, the operating efficiency of both systems can be improved in several ways, including the use of programmable thermostats. This allows homeowners to manage temperature according to time frames. When families are in the home or at work, and asleep or awake  have a great impact on whether a cooling system needs to be running. Regular maintenance also affects the efficiency of cooling system in the home, so ducts, filters, coils, and registers need to be kept open and free of obstruction.

The Geographic Factor

With the characteristics of the two cooling systems being very similar, there is little reason to choose one over the other until location of the home is taken into consideration. Any home situated in a warm weather climate that does not require much heating would have little need for the dual-purpose capability of the heat pump. This means homeowners in warmer areas would probably receive greater benefit from the installation of an air conditioner.

By contrast, a home in the northeastern region of the United States which requires significant heating during the cooler months would greatly benefit from having both heating and cooling systems contained in the same unit. This is especially true because the heat pump really shines in comparison with typical furnace operation, being much more cost effective and energy efficient.

The decision between the two units greatly depends on several factors. As a homeowner, sit down and take a look at the different factors of the home, location, and desired efficiency and requirements of the two systems. Both have their merits and their disadvantages.

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The Worst Investment Ideas For 2015

Posted By: on April 14, 2015

emptying piggy bank

Investing can be a tricky game full of unpredictability. And with the current state of the economy, many people are shying away from the idea all together. There are still plenty of economic development happening that leaves investors with room to make some interesting investments. On the other hand, there are definitely some places that experts suggest not placing bets on. Here are some of the sectors that are best to steer clear of in the upcoming year, and what alternatives to consider in the mean time.

Government Bonds

Despite 2014 being forecasted as the year that the multi-decade rally in fixed income would be over, government bonds continued to sink throughout the year, and it’s expected to continue on the downward trajectory in 2015. There is plenty of concern over weak economic growth, less than impressive inflation figures, and geo-political tensions that make government bonds sadly underweight. A slight possibility exists that government bonds might bounce back, but it is far more likely that they will not. Try looking at master-limited-partnerships instead; they trade like stocks and boast yields of around 7 percent.

High-yield, Fixed-Income Investments

With interest rates at a historic low, financial experts caution investors not to reach for too much yield with their fixed-income portfolios. High-yield bonds behave somewhat like stocks, and are thus a poor choice when it comes to bonds that generally have a negative correlation with stocks. Leveraged-loan mutual funds are also being frowned upon this season, and financiers suggest staying away from both of these places. Instead, try looking outside the fixed-income sphere to dividend stocks and real estate investment trusts as better options.


It hasn’t been a good year for gold; the precious metal has dropped to a four-year low, and now that the dollar is looking strong, coupled with weak inflation, the predictions are for gold to continue falling. Gold, which is valued according to the dollar, has become more expensive with the rise and there is little need for its hedging power when inflation is low. Further weakening gold’s case is the impending boost of interest rates by the Fed, a move that seems inevitable. There’s no need to shy away from precious metals completely, however, and there is certainly plenty to consider with silver.  Silver, much undervalued to gold at the moment, is a much cheaper investment. This precious metal has a high level of utilitarian value, being in demand for various technological devices. Furthermore, a shrinking supply promises higher values in the future.

U.S. Equities

Overall equities have not had the best of times this year in the market, but in the U.S. it has been different. In fact, in the S&P 500 there has been a historic high water mark several times during the previous year, and it’s been the best performing equity sector by a full 6 percentage points. So what’s the problem? Some experts feel the price is too high; it’s trading at ratios of 26/27 times that have only been equaled in 1999 and 1929. The market is due for a difficult period and a high degree of investor complacency is rampant the market. Investors are better off putting money down on favorable looking emerging market economies, such as India. The country has overcome political unrest and brought down its inflation significantly, along with posting impressive growth forecasts.

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TopCultured Legends

Super Sweet Super Mario Stop-Motion Video

Posted By: on February 17, 2011

This video has got me feeling like a 10-year old boy again. It has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently. They did an extremely good job of bringing Mario “to life.” Read On »

How Taiwan Views Sarah Palin

Posted By: on July 26, 2010

I love these silly 3D animations that have been coming out of the Asian media. I’m not sure if you caught the fairly accurate (presumably) reenactment of the whole Tiger Woods debacle, but that’s pretty Read On »

Amazing Parkour Display

Posted By: on August 5, 2010

I know, I know…you’ve seen cool parkour displays before…and they’ve kind of lost their cool factor but this really is a neat video. If you haven’t heard of parkour, well then you must be living Read On »

Why You Should Eat Organic Meat

Posted By: on April 13, 2015

Not everyone agrees on organic diets. Some people believe that the laws for organic foods aren’t strict enough to make them a really healthy choice. Some people argue that GMO foods really aren’t that bad for you. Right now, there really is no definitive proof of who is right and who is wrong. 

If you have chosen to eat organic already, or you have just been thinking about giving it a try, here are some reason you should go for it.

Antibiotics/Hormone/GMO Free

Farm animals that have been raised organically do not get antibiotics or rbGH, which is bovine human growth hormone. They also don’t get pumped full of any other drugs which then get in your system when you consume them. These animals also are not fed any foods that have been genetically modified, but rather, they are fed corn that has been certified organic.

Raised Healthier

Farm animals that are raised organic live in healthier environments than the alternative. They eat more nutrients and they may even get a lot more outside time than other farm raised animals that are crammed too many in a cage. There healthier lifestyle is another reason they don’t need antibiotics. Most farm raised meat animals are given antibiotics because they are more likely to get sick in small quarters with too many animals in cages together.

Allowed to Graze

Not all organic meat comes from free range animals, but those that are get a wider and healthier diet. What you eat determines your own health, so eating an animal that eats healthy is healthier for you. Not only do they get fresh air and get to graze in nature, free range chickens enjoy bugs and grubs which help fatten them up.

Less Chemicals Used

On an organic farm they don’t use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on the food or even on the land. These pesticides can get into the fat of the animal and then into your system when you eat it. That’s why eating organic animals reduces the amount of chemicals you are exposed to. It also reduces the amount farm workers are exposed to.

There are many more reasons than these that make organic meat a healthy diet option, but these are just a few of the ones that should help you make the right decision or to confirm that you should keep eating organic if you already do.

Organic eating isn’t a fad for most, but no matter how you choose to eat there will always be someone out there that argues with you on your beliefs. Even if organic isn’t the best, it seems like it can’t hurt to eat less chemicals and eat fresher food choices.

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5 Reasons Every Business Should Use SMS

Posted By: on April 11, 2015

Mobile Marketing

Mobiles are taking over. According to Business Insider, more than half the traffic that checked out e-commerce sites over Black Thursday in 2014 used mobiles. To get the attention of prospective customers, a business must go where they are. That means engaging with them via cellphones makes good business sense.

What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. Its more advanced  counterpart is MMS, Multimedia Messaging Service. These are non-voice communications using mobile phones. Actually some landlines can handle SMS, but their numbers are low.

The limit for SMS is 160 characters. These notes are sent through a message center acting as a middleman. If a message doesn’t get through the first time, the center will try to re-send it. Though spoofing and spamming are common problems with SMS, it is extremely popular. According to Forrester Research, over six billion are sent every day in the U.S.

MMS also use a message center, which sends the message via the internet on to the recipient’s smartphone, as long as it is capable of receiving MMS. If it can’t, the recipient can use a tablet or computer to look at it in a web browser. MMS messages have no size or character limit.

Engaging with Customers

Six billion is an impressive number. Any business with a product or service to sell can make contact with potential customers by joining the vast number of other businesses who regularly contact prospects using SMS and MMS. According to Andy Shirey at Open Market, there are three main reasons that SMS is such an effective method of engaging the audience. The first reason is that it is simple contact. It gives a business multiple opportunities to present a call-to-action directly to targeted consumers. There is no learning curve for prospects. They are already using the technology.

Easy Effort

The second reason is that there is a very low level of commitment required from the target audience. The consumer can easily opt in and out of SMS. This reduces how much time and effort they must invest to form a mobile relationship with a brand. The less commitment required from them, the more likely they are to receive an SMS.

Easy Access

Third, it is very easy to upsell using SMS. It is simple to build on the initial engagement. As trust develops, the consumer is very likely to take advantage of further offers for upsells, like downloading apps or clicking on links.

Business Growth

These three reasons make it appealing to many companies to use SMS to widen and grow their customer base. There are two other good reasons to join the move to SMS. The fourth reason is that it is an easy way to grow a brand. When people respond to an SMS, they are opening a dialog. This connection is what grows brand recognition and trust.

Track Sales

The fifth reason is that it is simple to measure results. There are numerous metrics a business can track with SMS ad campaigns. It is simple to find out where users are opting-in, for example in the store or after reading an advertisement. This gives a company valuable information about the effectiveness of different methods of marketing.

To stay in the game, to be relevant to customers, a business needs to find them first, then engage them. SMS and MMS both offer this ability. It clearly pays to join the crowd and become a part of the flood of six billion texts every day.

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The Importance of a Healthy Smile

Posted By: on April 10, 2015

healthy smile

Once you have your adult teeth it’s important to know that those are the last real teeth you are going to have. That means that it is really important to take good care of them. Taking care of your teeth means brushing and flossing on a regular basis. It means regular dentist visits too. You dentist is a one stop shop for a healthy and happy mouth.

Sometimes, even when you take care of your teeth, you lose them. Your smile is key to making that first impression whether at job interviews or social gatherings, according to top cosmetic dentistry office, Broadway Dental. Just because you’ve lost teeth, doesn’t mean you can’t gain your confidence and smile back while making great impressions with cosmetic dentistry.

Take Care of the Teeth You Have

If you don’t take care of your teeth plaque and bacteria can build up on them and in your mouth. Bacteria from bad teeth can also get into your blood, which is why it is very important to brush and floss regularly. If you have cavities, your dental care professional can take care of them before any harm comes to your health.

Studies have also shown that pregnant women with bad teeth can transfer that bacteria to their unborn baby. That’s just one more reason why healthy teeth are important to overall health.

Try Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’ve lost teeth, for whatever reason, and you want to gain your confidence back, you can visit a cosmetic dental professional and they have many options to help gain back your smile. Caps, veneers and other false teeth can be used to cover or replace missing or broken teeth.

Missing teeth aren’t the only things that can keep you from smiling though. If you have stained teeth from smoking or coffee consumption, your dentist can whiten your teeth for you. Just remember, they don’t stay white forever, especially if you continue that habits that are causing them to stain. Crooked teeth can also make it hard to feel confident. That’s why there are many choices for braces these days, so that adults can feel confident while straightening their teeth.

Don’t let your teeth keep you from being happy, smiling, finding love or evening finding a job. With so many choices to rescue your smile, no matter what problems you have, it just doesn’t make sense to not get some help.

Even if your teeth are already perfect, don’t neglect them. You won’t keep your healthy smile if you don’t work at it. Get regular dental checkups, even if your teeth appear to be white and you have no cavities. Watch what you eat and always brush your teeth. Flossing regularly also helps you ensure that your whole mouth is getting clean.

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Great Historical Hotels in England

Posted By: on April 9, 2015


Fancy a trip through history?  How about spending a night there?  Hotels in London are often steeped historically, just like their afternoon tea. The buildings are old and have volumes of history to share.

30 James Street:  Home of the Titanic

This absolutely beautiful building survived the bombings in World War II because it was reinforced by the men who built the Titanic and ships like it. It was originally made for the Ismay, Imrie and Company shipping group, which then later became known as the White Star Line. This is the building where Captain Edward J. Smith, the Titanic’s commander, received his orders, as did the rest of his crew.

Now 30 James Street is a gorgeous hotel. It boasts all the modern amenities, including a champagne bar and well-known spa. Afternoon tea may also be taken there.

2 Whitehall Court, London:  Home to Spies

This fantastic building has been home to scandal since its beginning. Originally it was built as a block of luxury residential apartments. Jabez Balfour was the developer and apparently used the building to solidify a very elaborate pyramid scheme. The Liberator Building Society, as controlled by Balfour, was supposed to have advanced money to homebuyers. Instead, it had given the money to property companies purchase overpriced properties owned by Balfour. It collapsed and left thousands of investors without their funds.

The Ministry of Defence took the building over during both World Wars to use as headquarters. Both M15 and M16 were housed there. And, the most important spy of all, James Bond, appeared there in the 1983 filming of “Octopussy.”

For even more crime and history, dine at the One Twenty One Two Restaurant. With a nod to the hotel’s former neighbor, Scotland Yard, the award-winning restaurant is named for the Yard’s famous telephone number, Whitehall 1212.

Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel:  Home to Safe Harbor

For something completely different, try this functioning lighthouse built in 1815. It exudes charm and romance; and is small enough to provide a very intimate appeal. However, it boasts all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

There are 20 acres of grounds with the hotel which allows visitors to view a large variety of wildlife. Seals, birds, and deer are often spotted, in addition to sea life. Many differing types of plants are also found in the area. Be sure to visit Dunskirkloch, the Iron Age Fort, which is also in the area.

Views from the Hotel itself are spectacular. Some of Scotland’s most remarkable coastline are located in and around the lighthouse. You should make sure to look for the Kintyre Peninsula, Arran, Ailsa Craig, the Firth of Clyde, and even the coast of Ireland. In fact, on a clear night, you might even be able to see the beams from several other Scottish lighthouse, and possibly some from Ireland.

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3 Reasons Mule Deer are in Decline

Posted By: on April 8, 2015

mule deer

Mule deer have been an iconic part of the western U.S. landscape for over a century, they are an essential part of the eco-system and the diet of large predators like mountain lions and grizzly bears. They also play a part in human economic activity, with hunting license and permit sales supporting state wildlife agencies. Their numbers, despite regulation efforts, have been on a rapid and steady decline, causing growing concern amongst biologists and conservationists. According to the Denver Post, between 1991 and 2012 the population of mule deer dropped 36 percent to a 369,000 headcount in Wyoming while Colorado experienced a similar decline. New efforts are being made by hunting enthusiasts to track mule deer in order to better understand and combat some of the reasons these magnificent animals are disappearing from the American West.

Loss of Habitat and Degradation Roaming Grounds

As in the case of many struggling species, loss of habitat is playing a part in the decline of mule deer. The sizable foraging areas that mule deer once had access to have steadily been shrinking as cities have sprawled out into rural areas. According to the National Wildlife Federation, in the Rocky Mountain states the rural population grew faster in more than 60 percent of counties than the urban, consequently destroying much of the mule deers habitat and foraging grounds. To lessen the impact of human expansion on mule deer populations industry, landowners, government, and environmental agencies need to work together to protect habitat and mitigate development impacts through careful land management. This includes not just careful allocation of construction projects, but also reducing the impact of highways, installing overpasses and appropriate fencing.

Wildfires and Invasive Species

Not only have mule deer lost a large portion of their original habitat, the food sources on the lands that remain have been lessened. Mule deer exhibit a great deal of selectivity in their diets, only eating very specific plants and, of those, only selected parts. The attempt to beat out wildfires has left a number of favorite deer foods less productive. Plants like mountain mahogany, bitterbrush, and big sage are growing old, unchecked by fires and producing less each year. Furthermore, the stockpiles of dead timber, along with rising temperatures, have been one of the fueling factors for the massive wildfires that have become regular summer problems in the western states. Invasive species are also a problem for mule deer. Cheatgrass, originally from Europe and Asia, already has taken over millions of acres and threatens to infest millions more.

Human Induced Issues

Human recreation and encroachment into mule deer habitat have and continue to be significant factors in the reduction of their populations. Two of the biggest concerns are fencing and roadways, both of which contribute heavily to reduced body condition and mortality rates. Fencing on private lands, which unlike that of most highway and public lands, often does not follow the standards set specifically reduce impact. Mule deer are often become tangled in fences, either being killed directly or sustaining considerable injuries that later lead to mortality. Roadways and railroads, likewise, have similar impacts and hundreds of mule deer are killed every year by them. To counter these impacts, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife have created a written strategy guide for saving the mule deer population.

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10 Best Stocks for 2015

Posted By: on April 6, 2015

Saving money can be a tricky business, and to make matters even more daunting, there are so many ways to go about tucking funds away for a rainy day. Investing in stocks is a great way to do exactly that, allowing people to save for a vacation, a child’s college education, or even retirement. According to Virendra Singh Chauhan of the financial analytic company Amigobulls, there is more to investment than simply picking stock and handing over the money for the shares purchased. Knowing which companies will provide the safest options and the best returns is key to good investing. Here are some of the top choices for investing this year.

Google Inc (GOOG)

Tech titan Google has left its mark on the world of Internet technology. The most-used portal to browsing the web, it stands as the guardian to the access of digital information. Named one of the best stocks for 2015 by Kiplinger Magazine’s investment editor James K. Glassman, after a disappointing performance in 2014, Google is poised to rebound to new heights.

Ambarella Inc, (AMBA)

Another technology stock, Ambarella is up nearly 60% since 2014. Founded in 2004, it is a leading developer of high-definition (and low-power) compression software and image processing chips. Much of their technology is vital in the creation of new HD and Ultra HD camera technology. Their visual solutions are being used in everything from security cameras to drones, high-speed sports cameras to personally worn recording devices.

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

2014 was an impressive year for the technology sector, and none reaped the benefits to quite the same extremes as Apple. Expected to soar in 2015, investors are also predicting a nice dividend yield partially thanks to smart buybacks and a decent shareholder return. According to Louis Navellier of Blue Chill Growth, 2015 is promising to be the year of the stock buyback thanks to rock-bottom interest rates.

AMB Industries, Inc. (ABM)

Currently perceived as an under-preforming stock, AMB Industries, Inc. (formally known as the American Building Maintenance Industries) provides maintenance and janitorial work for commercial and industrial businesses. While it’s not as “sexy” as some of the popular tech stocks, earnings have been at a steady rise since 2010.

Rave Restaurant Group (RAVE)

One of the most anticipated stocks of 2015, Rave Restaurant Group has built an incredible momentum on the market. According to Rick Rouse, Editor of Momentum Stocks Weekly, this stock (along with its recent name-change to ‘Pizza Inn’) is off to an incredible start and has shown it can stand its own among the big boys. Pie Five, Rave’s current all-star franchise is poised to take the country by storm with it’s fresh, and fast pizza concept.

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC)

In the running for the title of “Best Stock of 2015,” Prospect Capital Corporation is making fast gains as they catch up from a brief struggle within the first quarter. Still posting gains, Prospect Capital is still beating the current S&P 500, and appears to be a very firm contender.

Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL)

A tried and true favorite, Old Dominion has proven that a solid foundation and a track record of return counts for more in market confidence than the flash of something new and still shiny. With the recent shift of oil prices, this less-than-truck-load carrier which provides shipping services across the U.S., continues to chug along nicely at a predictable (and growing) pace.

iShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETF (IEZ)

Despite current crude oil fluctuations, exploration equipment and services associated with the oil industry are not as waning. As expectations for energy services return to levels seen before the financial crisis, the sector has continued to see a pattern of growth. The global reliance on oil, and the equipment required to fill that need, has meant a strong showing for iShares, and those like it.

Noble Corp (NE)

This energy stock, while delivering a poor first quarter performance is expected to experience a resurgence, much to the delight of patient investors, or those who were able to gobble up shares while they were cheaper. Although oil prices are falling, the industry will look to current leaders as stand-out platforms. That means that unlike many of the shale companies, Noble Corp wasn’t affected by the overburden of windfall which wounded the oil stocks.

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)

Another technology stock with a solid foundation and considerable time in the market when compared to others, Yahoo is set in a really strong position as the stock to look for in 2015. Many investors are excited about this large-cap tech firm as they plan their strategy around a connection to the stand-out Alibaba (BABA).


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Social Media Links Needs With Products and Services

Posted By: on April 5, 2015


The influence of social media is undeniable within the constructs of personal communication and relationships, but what’s coming into play more in recent times is that way that businesses can use social media to link themselves with customer needs as well. It’s a natural progression along with general technological advances, and it’s fascinating seeing how different types of business ventures are using it to their competitive advantage. Whether you’re a consumer, and thus trying to find a product or service, or you’re a business trying to find a better way to connect with your demographic, social media research is definitely a progressive pathway to success.

Community Engagement Examples

Consider a few examples of social media community engagement. There are doctors that have blogs. There are hospitals that have Facebook pages. There are legal firms that have categorical specialties, like Park View Legal, that has specific information about improving your credit rating that they post regularly on their Twitter account. There are schools that post community information on forums. There are even businesses that have managed to actively promote information by using Instagram. At that point, it’s all about creativity, and because the Internet is neutral in regard to what information is being posted where, everyone has a shot at the attention they can gather.

Ways To Stand Out By Going Small

One way to have great social media presence is by going small. And by this, think laser focus. If your company has vital information for a captive audience that is interested in something super specific, then dive right into that niche! With six billion people on the planet, there are still going to be a few million who want to know everything about hairless cats in New Mexico. If you’re the only site with social media presenting exactly that angle, then you’re automatically your industry leader. Pretty exciting, right? For more information on getting specific, research the benefits of focus online.

Creating Your Own Approach

There are some generalized approaches that you can take toward social media integration in your business plan. The problem with these general approaches is that everything is going to be doing them. Have this type of Twitter account. Have that type of Facebook page. Have this type of e-mail newsletter set up. Where you get to be creative is how you bend your own approach around those general principles. That way you get to keep all the good points of the technology and approach, but you also get to stand out by making part of it your own. It can be a difference in frequency, or maybe cost. It can be a difference in design, or number of topics covered. The point is to make it individualized into a balance point between what your company is good and passionate about, and what it is that your consumers expect from you. The better you solve this equation, the quicker your overall success.

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Three Tips to Expanding the Space in Your Home

Posted By: on April 4, 2015

If your home seems to have shrunk, for whatever reason, there are things that you can do to make your home more spacious. Maybe you have expanded your family or maybe you just need more room for your belongings, either way there are different things you can do to make your home bigger.

You don’t have to get a whole new addition put on your home to make it bigger, but that could be the best choice too. If a home addition is in your future, you should find an experienced company that works with your needs and wants. However, if an addition or remodeling just isn’t in your budget, here are three ways to expand the space in your home.

Get Organized

Even the smallest house can fit everything you own if you know how to organize it. There is a place for everything, or there should be. The first step in getting organized is to look at what you own and what space you have to work with. Book lovers can benefit from tall bookshelves that are attached to the wall, where all books can have space that is off to the side.

Maybe instead of an addition, you could use another closet, especially is you love clothing. Get shoe racks that are built in, and other organizing shelves and spaces to keep purses and other items off to the side and organized.

If you have a lot of stuff in storage, see if you can get rid of any of it. If it’s always boxed for no one to enjoy maybe it’s time to let it go. For the items you do keep in storage, get clear plastic totes so you can easily recognize what’s inside.

Add Some Color

Color is an amazing thing. Not only can it affect your mood, it can also make you think a room is bigger than it really is. Lighter colors are more likely to make a room look bigger than dark colors. Add accent colors to a white or cream colored room to give it a few focal points that will be pleasing to the eyes.

Lighting is also an important key. Lighting your room, whether it’s a bright, pale or dark color, can make a huge difference in the look of the room’s size.

Probably the best way to get your smaller living space to look larger is by utilizing an open floor plan. When rooms meld together it makes each of them appear larger since they are interconnected.

If you own your home, maybe look into removing a wall or two to help make more room. This will be a lot less work than putting in an all new addition, and it will still give you the extra space you want and need.


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