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Tips for Winter Clothes Shopping Without Breaking the Bank

Posted By: on December 16, 2014

While holiday shopping can consume hours of your time in early winter, you shouldn’t neglect opportunities to snap up the latest fashions to round out your own wardrobe. If money is tight, there are strategies you can employ to find the best deals on winter clothing and still have plenty left for the holidays. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Know What You Need

Before you even begin looking for new clothes, pull out your entire winter wardrobe and look it over carefully. If you’ve gained or lost weight since last winter, try them on to make sure they still fit and hang nicely. Inspect everything for stains, moth holes and missing buttons. Set aside items you don’t want to keep, and take a hard look at what is left. Make a list of what you’re lacking. This will help guide you while shopping and will also ensue that you know exactly what you have at home. The last thing you need to do on a shoestring budget is waste money on duplicate items.

Consider Secondhand

The thrifty folks at Bankrate advise checking out thrift shops and consignment stores. This strategy can allow you to find timeless, classic pieces at deep discounts, as well as snapping up fashions that were hot last year and still quite on-trend for the next few years. Everything from name-brand bags to wardrobe staples like tights and peacoats can be had second-hand, and no one needs to know.

Check Closeout Websites

Online shopping can net you some huge savings, if you check out the discount sites first. NoMoreRack and Zulilly both offer closeout items at deep discounts. Huge retailers such as Sears, Macys and Kohls also offer discounts on some wares via their websites as well. What’s more, you can often find online coupon codes to stretch your dollars even further. Some sites offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, too.

Scan the Sales Racks

If you’re still not finding what you want, go to your favorite retailers and dig through the sales racks. As spring gets closer and closer, more items will be marked down and shifted over to discount racks in order to make way for warm-weather apparel. Give yourself plenty of time to peruse the racks by checking the store hours of operation before you leave the house.

Play the Loyalty Game

You can save big by cultivating loyalty to one or two stores. Sign up for their in-house credit cards. Sometimes you will get a huge percentage off by using the store card, even if you pay off the balance as soon as you step in your door. Sign up for the catalog and you may start to receive coupons and invitations to exclusive, members-only sales. If you love a particular retailer, take advantage of their loyalty programs.

Saving big on winter fashions can be a hassle. By using these tips, you can find the absolute best deals without draining your bank account. This will leave you with more money for the holidays and a fashionable wardrobe to wear while celebrating with your loved ones.

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The Difference Women Make in Business

Posted By: on November 17, 2014

The overall misconception about business is that only men are fit to start and operate companies, but the truth is that women are becoming a major force in the global economy. Every corner of the world features women starting businesses in distinct industries. While there is still a level of imbalance between the two genders, women are definitely spearheading a major upswing in entrepreneurship.

Numbers and Industries

Women are starting more businesses than ever before. There are over 120 million women starting new businesses right now, and at least 98 million women are operating established businesses that are over three years old.

From manufacturing and service-based enterprises to city businesses of all sizes, women are starting businesses in all industries. In fact, over 35 percent of global businesses have a female owner. While their growth has been lagging in large businesses and manufacturing companies, there has been a major surge of female owners in all other niches.

Better Business Owners

This might be a surprise to some, but some experts believe that women are better business owners than males. One compelling reason for female owners is that successful businesses tend to have more women on the founding team. Women also tend to have fewer write-offs and risks, which makes it easier for them to secure loans.

Though there isn’t much research yet, some studies are showing that women-owned firms often outperform male-owned firms in terms of growth and profit. Women also tend to be more trusted in the community, which can lead to more sales and better business loyalty.

Effects of Female Owners

What is the major difference between female and male business owners? Female owners tend to reinvest more money into education, nutrition and health. Male owners spend money on the same resources for themselves and their families, but the ratio of investment is different. Females invest 90 percent of their money in these resources, but men only invest 30 to 40 percent into the same resources.

Women have also shown higher levels of innovation. In a strict sense, innovation is defined as offering new products or services. This is especially true in America and Europe, but it’s also been shown in other nations.

Reasons for Entrepreneurship

Why are so many women becoming entrepreneurs? The surprising reason is the continued lack of opportunity for women in the formal sector. While most of the world is slowly accepting women into the professional workforce, this sluggish pace has frustrated many women because they want to show their talents and capabilities.

Instead of waiting for a business to hire them, they use their abilities to create their own business. By carving out their own niche, women have had a major impact on the economy and the workforce in general.


Though men are still the most common business owners and entrepreneurs, women are quickly starting to stabilize the equation. Not only are females starting a number of businesses and generating a lot of income, they have higher levels of innovation and personal reinvestment. If this pace continues, then it won’t be long before an equal number of men and women are starting businesses and participating in the professional workforce.

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When Chuck Norris Rocks a Deuce

Posted By: on March 27, 2010

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Five World Famous Shelter Dogs

Posted By: on October 2, 2012

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How Companies Can Prevent Cyber Crime from Within

Posted By: on November 12, 2014


Cyber security has dominated the news in recent years. Headlines often draw attention to the cyber risk American companies face from terrorists or outsiders in foreign countries. However, “Bloomberg” suggests a greater threat that is much closer to home: workers who become hackers.

“U.S. companies and organizations suffered $40 billion in losses from unauthorized use of computers by employees last year,” wrote Chris Strohm and Jordan Robertson. While outsiders likely attacked companies like Home Depot, the worst data breaches are often created by vindictive insiders. Employees can access sensitive data that outsiders can’t get their hands on.

The Rise of Cyber Crime

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cyber crime division issued a warning about the rise of computer hacking by current and past employees. Workers can pose the greatest threat to corporations. Not only can they access confidential personal data and passwords, but they can also transfer the information through personal email accounts and cloud storage.

Most companies work hard to protect themselves from cyber threats from the outside. However, they must also guard against internal threats. Cyber crime is a quickly emerging field of law, and good cyber security can help companies avoid costly financial and legal hassles.

Cyber Crime and Business Litigation

The complexities of cyber crime and business litigation require the expertise of a qualified attorney. Business lawyers guide companies through the litigation process. They can also help companies protect themselves from internal cyber crimes and other criminal threats.

How can companies guard against internal hackers and still allow their workers to access sensitive data? Business attorneys say it’s a delicate balance that requires serious attention. Here are four suggestions.

  1. Identify Who Can Access Computer Data

It’s essential that companies identify who can access sensitive data. They must also evaluate the genuine need for this information. Access to company data should be on a “need to know” basis, and workers who require temporary access should get no more than that.

  1. Change Computer Passwords Often

Cyber crime prevention is often as simple as a new password. Online criminals look for quick and easy ways to hack into computers. Companies can avoid cyber attacks by changing their passwords on a regular basis. Only workers who need to know the passwords should receive them.

  1. Establish Computer Use Policies

Restricting access to personal email on company devices is another smart idea. This minimizes cyber threats by employees. Companies should also consider restricting the use of personal devices since they are an easy way to transfer data.

  1. Terminate the Rights of Former Workers

Disgruntled employees who are fired or leave the company often pose the greatest cyber risk. When a worker leaves a company, that company should terminate their access rights. Changing the necessary passwords adds another layer of protection.

Employees must have access to certain data in order to perform their jobs. It is not productive to restrict all access to confidential or sensitive data. However, in an era of growing cyber crime, wise companies closely monitor how their workers use, share and transfer data.


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Medical Assistants and Physician Assistants: What is the Difference?

Posted By: on November 12, 2014


Some allied health professionals who earn a medical assistant (MA) degree stay in this field throughout their careers. Others see this position as a stepping stone to another allied health role: physician assistant (PA). While the names may sound alike, these health professions are different in many ways. They have different education requirements, job duties and salaries.

What Are Medical Assistants?

Medical assistants handle entry-level administrative duties such as updating medical records and scheduling laboratory tests. They perform routine clinical tasks like recording medical histories and vital signs. Most of these allied health professionals work directly with patients in primary care settings.

What Are Physician Assistants?

Physician assistants practice medicine under a doctor’s supervision. Their everyday duties include medical diagnosis and treatment. They often serve as chief health care providers in rural or urban clinics.

Educational Requirements

In addition to their job descriptions and duties, there are other key differences between the MA and PA professions. Medical assistants usually start their careers with a certificate or an associate’s degree. Certificate programs take about a year to complete, while associate’s degrees are generally two-year programs.

Physician assistants usually earn a master’s degree that includes two years of classroom study and clinical rotation. A four-year bachelor’s degree is another option. Most of these allied health professionals have combined degrees that include an associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Certification and Licensing

While medical assistants can find work without certification, their employment opportunities improve when they are certified by the state. To become certified, they must complete an accredited medical assistant training program and pass an examination.

Physician assistants must be licensed by a state board. They must also pass a national certifying exam after graduating from an accredited physician assistant training program.

Salaries and Job Growth

Salaries differ greatly for medical assistants and physician assistants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), $29,370 is the median annual salary for medical assistants in the United States. Physician assistants earn a higher median salary of $90,930.

Jobs in both fields are growing much faster than average for most other employment. Medical assistants can expect a 29 percent increase in employment opportunities through 2022. The projected job growth for physician assistants is 38 percent. A team approach to health care and an aging population are the main reasons for this job growth.

Medical Assistant to Physician Assistant

Since medical assistants and physician assistants are such different professions, why would health professionals use one position to jump-start the other? Skills and experience are the answers. Allied health workers are needed in all medical settings, and MA to PA programs are a good way to earn them.

Because medical assistants develop skills that other health workers lack, they are often the backbone of the medical field. Medical assistant jobs enable workers to polish their people skills and hone their bedside manners. This can be very beneficial to future physician assistants.

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4 Cheap Advertising Options for Bands

Posted By: on November 6, 2014


For many people, the 1990s doesn’t seem all that long ago yet it was an entirely different era for bands. Social media was basically non-existent and the go-to advertising option for new bands was posting about gigs on telephone poles and a few select music stores around town. Technology has changed all of that, and now you need to mix modern advertising with traditional approaches. How can your band possibly stand out?

You don’t need a lot of tech savviness or a fat bank account to make it work. You might have more competition than ever and pirating has made earning a living from being a musician tougher than ever, but you’re up for the challenge. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get buttoned up

Buttons remain a staple in band advertising for a reason: People love that kind of swag. It’s a natural ice breaker, way to start conversations, and it’s a cheap DIY marketing piece you can drum up yourself. Have buttons available at all your gigs and to order online at a site like Etsy.

  1. MySpace

No matter how you feel about social media, you need to be on the biggest music-centric platform of all. It’s where fans go to seek out new music, so your natural demographic is already there. Appoint just one person in the band to be the social media “voice” for all and ensure that posts happen at least three times per week. Stay on top of analytics with one of the free tools mentioned on TechRepublic’s hot list.

  1. Build a blog

This should only be done if someone in the group is a phenomenal writer or videographer. Like social media, you need to blog regularly and be committed to building a following (it takes time). You can get blogging tips at Moz, and don’t get frustrated if it takes months for your first comment to roll in. That’s normal.

  1. Seek out brick and mortar establishments

As a local band, you want to tap into the demographics that are actually out and about in music stores, instrument shops and at diners or bars that appeal to “your” crowd. These people have already proven they’re happy to get up and out of the house, which means they just might for your next gig, too. You might even be able to strike a deal with a local (non-chain) print shop for regularly printing gig posters.

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Gift Ideas to Make the Holiday Special

Posted By: on October 31, 2014

Gift graphic

There is something very special about spreading holiday cheer and watching loved ones light up with joy as they receive your gift. Giving a gift is a way to show the important people in your life how important they are to you.

The best gift is a personalized gift. One that shows the receiver that you were thinking specifically of them when you made the purchase. Follow these ideas to ensure that you are giving the perfect gift each time.

Make a Homemade Gift

Homemade gifts are the perfect way to show that you care. Everyone loves delicious Christmas cookies. Try wrapping them up to make them extra gift-able. Or, you can get creative and give your friends and family homemade pasta, infused olive oil, or home-brewed beer!

Plus, homemade gifts can be non-edible as well. Put your favorite picture in a frame or create a scrapbook for your loved one to enjoy for years to come. You can make an ornament for your family to hang on their tree each year.

Give a Memorable Photo Gift

Photo gifts are a simple way to make any one feel special. For starters, you can give a memorable photo to everyone on your list by sending photo holiday cards! But, the gifts do not have to stop there. You can create photo books, calendars, or large prints to give. You can even put photos on blankets, coffee mugs, playing cards, or just about anything else!

Gift a Memorable Experience

We remember our experiences in life far more than we remember the things in our life. So, this year, spend your holiday money on time spent with your loved ones. This could include a dinner to their favorite restaurant or tickets to their favorite play.

You could even plan a get-away as a gift. Try booking a charming bed and breakfast for that special someone in your life. Or, give your children a weekend at their favorite amusement park. These gifts are experiences that will last a lifetime.

Give to Charity in Your Loved One’s Name

During the holidays, there are many people in need. Your loved ones will feel important when you give a gift to charity in their name. You can gift to a charity that has a particular significance to them. Perhaps this means gifting to a charity that researches a disease they have overcome. Or, you could gift to a local church or food-drive.

You could also gift to those in underdeveloped countries. Purchasing a goat for a family in Africa or providing cleft palette surgery, can be lifesaving gestures. Your loved one will feel special knowing that their gift has made such a difference in someone’s life.

Give the Gift of Time

Everyone feels that they need more time in the day. Considering gifting in a way that provides more time to your loved ones. This could include babysitting their children for a day or hiring a maid service to clean their home. The most important part is that you require them to do something enjoyable during this new found time!

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4 Best Foods When Legally Smoking Cannabis

Posted By: on October 31, 2014

Everyone has their go-to munchies snacks whether it’s Taco Bell, you’re a strict vegetarian only when you’re smoking, or that’s when your sweet tooth hits. However, try branching out and even playing it a little healthier the next time you light up. It’s about more than just taste: Smell, textures and the aesthetics of your food are highlighted when you’re indulging in a toke. If you haven’t experimented, you might be missing out on re-discovering some of your favorite foods.

There are many places in the US where it’s perfectly legal to use cannabis for medical purposes as well as recreational uses. If you’ve been prescribed cannabis as a means of keeping food down during a treatment such as chemotherapy, it’s even more important to make each meal enjoyable. Consider some of these tried and tested healthy treats that are very cannabis-friendly:

  1. Bananas

The creaminess of bananas, their sweetness and of course the joy of peeling them are all heightened when smoking. In fact, there are a number of fruits such as peaches and grapes that you might not appreciate as sensual during your non-smoking meals. The next time you load up on munchies, spend some time in the product aisle.

  1. Granola with almond milk

Do you normally reach for sugary cereals you ate as a kid when smoking? Try loading up on sweet granola instead, such as Whole Foods’ famous flaxseed granola. Pair it with almond milk for a lower calorie and lactose-free treat. Once you experience the complexities of this breakfast at any time, you’ll never crave Froot Loops again.

  1. Fresh squeezed, pulpy orange juice

Juices are notoriously not as healthy as fruits because you’re missing out on fiber, but that’s not the case if you go for extra pulp. Squeeze the oranges yourself, put them in the freezer for 30 minutes, and enjoy a sweet, fiber-rich slushie of a treat. It trumps cola-riddles slurpees and satisfies your sweet tooth.

  1. Pita and hummus

If you regularly crave dips and chips when smoking, try swapping them out for whole wheat pita and hummus. It gives you the dipping vehicle you crave, saltiness, a little sweetness and depending on how much tahini is included just the right amount of tartness.

Plan wisely and discover how more natural, filling and wholesome foods might satisfy your cravings. There’s no rule that a smoke-induced munchies fest has to be bad for you.

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How IASbet Could Change the Way You Place Sports Bets Online

Posted By: on October 31, 2014

There are several new and exciting opportunities to bet on sports in Australia. Thanks to IASbet and its recent merger with Sportsbet, a leading Australian bookmaker, those of you who are interested in online sports betting have more options to spend your money and win some extra cash. If you play your cards right and take advantage of every promotional offer available to you, you can even earn free bets that will help you get the most play for your money. Keep reading to find out how you could start making free bets and winning today.

How Does Online Betting Work?

According to Australian government gambling statistics show there are many ways to wager your money these days, from betting on races to lotteries to online casino games. Online sports betting has become more and more popular as well, allowing people to wager a couple of dollars and spice up the experience of watching sports with the possibility of winning a little extra money.

IASbet helps get you in on the fun as quickly as possible. In fact, when you register an account and place your first bet, you’ll be automatically credited with up to $250 of free bets.

How Free Bets Could Change the Way You Play

Free bets? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s beneficial for everyone involved. The betting site or bookkeeper offers you a credit of money to spend on bets in exchange for your putting forth your money for an initial bet. The odds of winning in a traditional casino are slim, and it’s common knowledge that “the house always wins.” That said, if you place your bets wisely and take advantage of matching “free bet” offers, you increase your chances of winning big and don’t have to spend all your own money to do it.

The more you play, the better the casino or bookkeeper fares. Offering you free bets to keep you playing is a no-brainer for them, but it makes sense for you too. Gambling can be risky, and it’s all too easy to bet more than you meant and wind up taking a loss. Betting with free bets, however, is much less of a risk on your part. Taking advantage of free bet offers helps you gamble responsibly.

How IASbet Works

These bookmakers offer customers a chance to make a free bet or earn bonus cash for registering an account. You may be able to earn much as $250 in free bets, depending on how much you put forward; the bookmaker will match that money dollar for dollar.

There are many ways to place wagers through Australian bookmakers like IASbet. You can place bets with a credit card, bank check, wire transfer and more. IASbet is designed to allow you to place bets on your favorite sports effortlessly. Just because IASbet is an Australian bookmaker doesn’t mean you’ll only be able to bet on Australian sports and teams. You’ll have the opportunity to place wagers on everything from American football to hockey, cricket, baseball and horse racing, among many more choices. You can even bet in US dollars or Australian dollars!

Wagering has gotten easier and more affordable thanks to free bet offers and IASbet. Bet responsibly, take advantage of offers of free money, and have fun!

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Vitamin D Deficiency and Cognitive Impairment

Posted By: on October 29, 2014


Healthcare providers report that for a vast variety of reasons, people over the age of 65 may not receive adequate nutrition. Many are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals, which may lead to or contribute to the severity of different medical conditions. Recently, an international team performed research at the University of Exeter Medical School concerning a possible correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases in the elderly population.

Unexpected Results

During the study, team members from multiple universities followed 1,658 healthy adults for six years. All of the participants were over the age of 65. When the program began, none of the subjects exhibited musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular diseases or cognitive disabilities. The scientists were curious to learn which volunteers might develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

By the end of the six years, the scientists were surprised to learn that the adults who demonstrated a moderate deficiency of vitamin D had a 53 percent higher risk of developing cognitive disorders. Moderate deficiencies also indicated a 69 percent higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s. The percentage for cognitive impairment rose dramatically to 125 percent for the people exhibiting a severe vitamin D deficiency. Similarly, Alzheimer’s risk rose to 122 percent. The team also learned that adults required higher maintenance levels of the vitamin than was previously believed.

More Research Planned

Though the researchers expected some correlation, the final results were two time higher than initially anticipated. Scientists shared that especially during summer months, being outdoors and exposing the skin to the sun for a mere 15 minutes was an adequate amount of time for the body to initiate vitamin D formation. Nonetheless, in many areas of the world, ultraviolet B rays are not emitted in quantities that are sufficient at varying times throughout the year. Consuming oily fish or taking oral supplements are also typical options.

However, researchers believe that further testing is needed before studies might demonstrate that elevating the vitamin levels in those who suffer from a deficiency may prevent dementia or other cognitive problems. At the moment, scientists cannot say that low vitamin D levels cause poor brain health. But the team is encouraged that their research might someday benefit many elderly people.

Up to one billion people may suffer from vitamin D or other deficiencies.

Dementia Statistics

Cognitive disorders affect approximately 44 million people to varying degrees worldwide. Some believe this number will triple in the next four decades with the number of people expected to reach or exceed the age of 65. Dementia is not considered a disorder that develops as part of the natural aging process. In the United States alone, cognitive disorders cost an estimated $604 billion annually in relation to the necessity of personal and healthcare.

Whether friends, family members or professionals care for someone diagnosed with having dementia, the disorders causes emotional, economic and physical stress. Proper care and support of these patients typically requires a network of people from various factions of a community. More education, awareness and research are needed.

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Fall Trends in Men’s and Women’s Fashions

Posted By: on October 28, 2014

In a world where many aspects of our lives are under close scrutiny, from how we look, to what we wear, to when we wear it, being the first to know in the fashion world is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. This article will shed some light on some must buy attire for this season.

Desk to Dinner Dresses

The first suggestion here really is a great piece. Anne Klein’s women’s sleeveless directional stripe sheath dress. In a light charcoal color, this is a great structural career dress, that should be on your shopping list this fall. This could be worn to your first dinner at your in-laws after a mad rush beating traffic and would still look great and fresh. It’s also easy to wear, so take note.

Another great addition is Rebecca Minkoff’s dress, a masterpiece indeed. This stunning piece in it’s oxblood shade retails at $400 at Amazon. It has a pleated front with a leather v neck. This is a must buy item if you want something that works great for work parties.

Suits and Blazers

For men we have the Politix Gregory suit, the latest in trending wear among the top, young and elite businessmen. This goes for about $400. It has a perfect fit to it and a nice Italian ring to its style. It comes in dark blue, cream white and black.

From Burtons menswear, their latest trending piece, is the sharp and bold Tonic Tailored Fit Suit. This is a must have if you are planning to attend business meetings with top managers.

Finally, at the top of the list of suits, is the Uber Stone’s Marcos Suit. It’s flashy and makes a bold statement about your personality. This is a must have this fall. It retails for $560. Colors are dark blue, eggshell and black.


Starting with the women’s collection, one of the latest designs is the Fossil Women’s stainless steel watch that retails for $61 and has a metallic silver look to it. It is trendy and of course it is a must have for business partners.

Finally, the Raymond Weil Noemia gold watch is out. A trendy piece; quite common in the luxurious world, and it’s also well known for its precision time keeping. This should be on every lady’s shopping list. It will accent your attire well at any event.

For a classic masculine finish, there is the Montblanc Meisterstuck. This Swiss made pen is a definite wrist sharpener, a must have from the latest collection of men’s accessories, and you can personalize it with an engraving.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre has a sapphire crystal back and costs a whopping $10,455. It is a must have for the rich and has a great Wall Street look to it. Ladies, if you can afford it, this should be your man’s birthday gift. All guys would appreciate such a fine watch no matter how fancy their mobile phone is.

Now that you have the list, it’s time to hit the stores and stock up on the latest fashions. Remember to think about where you are going to put everything. According to, whether you are totally stocked in all of the latest men’s or women’s fashions, you need the perfect storage space to keep them in good condition and readily available.

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