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Scotty Trigg

Arrested Development Monopoly

Posted By: on January 7, 2011

Check out this sweet Monopoly version created by RaineGirl’s brother for her for Christmas. They really thought of every thing. The Chance cards are Kitty’s Chest and the Community Chest cards are Chicken Dance ┬ácards.┬áThere’s always money in the Banana Stand you know.

Instead of railroads there are lawyers, Bob Loblaw- Barry Zuckerkorn, Maggie Lizer, and Wayne Jarvis. The pieces are a pair of cutoffs, Franklin, a banana, a blue man, a Segway and a claw (Buster’s hand).

If you’d like to create your own you can use this printable version. The following rules have been suggested:

  • Anytime you pass “COME ON!” you have to say “Come On”
  • Anytime you land on Afternoon delight you either have to sing “afternoon delight” or “big yellow joint”
  • Anytime you land on a chicken dance you have to do a chicken dance
  • Anytime you land on a Kitty’s Chest you have to mime lifting your top
  • IF you get the chicken dance card saying you have made a huge mistake you have to say “i’ve made a huge mistake”
  • IF you get the chicken dance card saying Michael has appointed you Mr. Manager, you have to say “I’m Mr. Manager!”
  • IF you get the chicken dance card saying you have a date with Steve Holt you hav- “STEVE HOLT!”
  • IF you get the Kitty’s Chest card where you have burnt yourself on the cornballer you have to say “SSSSSsssss every goddamn time!”

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