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Android Kicks So Much Ass

Posted By: on December 2, 2010

This post brought to you by LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know the hip cool thing to have is iPhone but more so than ever people are choosing to opt of the close market of Apple and use Google’s Android based phones. Personally I made the switch myself and find it awesome! Being the computer geek that I am, I find it refreshing to not have to be pigeon holed to only approved apps (unless you want to jail break your press decedent for Mr. Jobs).

I’m not sure if you’ve looked at the Android Market…but there are some amazingly cool things there. And don’t you fret Angry Birds fans, there is even that. What’s cool is that pretty much whatever you can think of that you want to do, someone has come up with a way to do it. There is a huge open source community to find the things you want…and they’re all extremely helpful.

I personally have the Motorola i1 and it’s pretty kicks ass. Another great new phone though is the LG Optimus. I just heard about and was checking it out and must admit I’m a little jealous now. Check out what it’s rocking:

  • The LG Optimus One allows for two to three times faster and smoother internet browsing, web-page loading, application pop-ups and multi-tasking.
  • It easily syncs with Outlook Calendar, while offering portable Wi-Fi hotspots to easily share a single 3G connection.
  • The device is optimized for popular Google Mobile Services including Google Voice SearchTM, Google Voice ActionsTM, Google GogglesTM, Google ShopperTM and Google MapsTM with Navigation.
  • Offers access to Android Market with more than 80,000 applications.
  • LG Optimus One focuses on offering instant information search and versatile application packages including Google Mobile Service and even quality application advising functions.
  • Features a fun, user-friendly user interface
  • LG Optimus One also includes the exclusive LG App Advisor, which recommends 10 highly rated applications every two weeks.
  • The phone also features a camera with face tracking and smile shot, a 3.2″ wide HVGA screen and a long-lasting 1500mAh capacity battery.

I really like the slide out keyboard. I have stubby fingers and sometimes the touchscreens are tough for me to operate. Anyways…if you’re sick of playing Snake (actually who would ever get sick of playing Snake) on your outdated Nokia. Or you’re tired of being locked up in your Mac Universe (get another outfit besides a black shirt and blue jeans please) then do yourself a favor and jump into the Android game and why not do it with the LG Optimus.

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