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Oral Adams

Anarchy Rules!

Posted By: on October 3, 2010

I love this. Whenever you see someone “blindly” following some ideology because they think it’s popular or hip to do so, I always want to set them straight. This to me is a case of that. I could be wrong, but the responder clearly knows more about the original poster’s set of beliefs than he does. I hope he got the message.

9 Responses to “Anarchy Rules!”

  1. Lawrence H. says:

    Re: Anarchy Rules!

    And yet you're so blinded by your own arrogance that you can't even imagine that someone was being intentionally ironic with that statement.;

  2. JIng Hoo says:

    Dude you have to admit that is like way cool

  3. Daily Cash says:

    According to the definition, anarchy doesn't rule

  4. pajaro says:

    typical anal-retentive nerdy response… actual posting is like saying: "anarchy is cool", or "anarchy rocks", and then some dumb idiot takes it literally "anarchy cannot be cool because it's not a temperature"….

  5. Jesse says:

    @Pajaro did you not just commit the same act as the one you denounce?

  6. fish says:

    good post I like it

    you have a good ideal what a nice picture thanks you!

  7. Pile of Pooh says:

    That would be "blindly" and "poster's."

    Proofreading is your friend.

  8. restless says:

    by the way, i'm one of the people who think that anarchy is a very great idea, and the 'anarchy rules' statement above is really an insult to everyone with a brain or even the slightest idea of the idiology behind this. so i think this is a really great pic :)

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