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Amazing LEGO Stop-Motion Music Video

Posted By: on September 13, 2010

Check out this incredible music video for 8 Bit-Tour by the Swedish band Ninja Moped/Rymdreglage (they have two names to confuse everyone). They say it took them 1,500 hours over the span of 8 months to complete it. I’d say that their efforts were certainly worth it as this is one of the sweetest music videos I have seen in a long time. I love when independent artists create such awesome and creative art. Hats off to these bros for making this.

One Response to “Amazing LEGO Stop-Motion Music Video”

  1. sanud002 says:

    1,500 hours! Are you kidding? Obsessed much? He should have used Rokenbok blocks. I would have taken them about a 10th of the time and they wouldn't have killed themselves making this both figuratively and probably literally. Imagine being like half way and totally over it. Should have gone with these —–> http://www.rokenbok.com

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