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Air-Guitar: America’s Favorite Non-Sport

Posted By: on October 6, 2010

Most people have seen air guitar playing in action, when a person pretends to play a guitar while music is playing. The air guitar move is so popular it’s even the basis of the video game Guitar Hero. Playing air guitar is every frat boy’s favorite party trick but, the fact is, air guitar has roots that extend back prior to the heyday of heavy metal. While no single musician or act can claim undisputed credit for inventing air guitar, there are a few early adopters whose pioneering efforts are recorded on video.

Take a look at this graphic from for tips on how to impress your significant other by not actually playing an instrument.

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Air Guitar


7 Responses to “Air-Guitar: America’s Favorite Non-Sport”

  1. ZungPee says:

    Neat, that is some pretty cool stuff dude.

  2. Dave says:

    I just made a documentary about air guitar in the UK, check it out if you're interested…

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