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New Advertising Opportunities on now has the following advertising options: leaderboard, medium rectangle, banner, text link, and custom ads.

More than 2,000,000 page views served each month with over 1,000,000 unique users find TopCultured entertaining.* Audience Demographics:

63% male
37% female

7% Under 18
42% 18-34 years old
32% 35-49 years old
19% 50+

55% college graduates
11% completed graduate and post-graduate education

*based on data compiled from Google Analytics

Creative Specs and Rates:


* 728×90. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 45k (maximum) file size.
* Displayed throughout the site in the top position (rotating – 3 max).

Medium Rectangle (Top)

* 300×250. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 25k (maximum) file size.
* Displayed throughout the site (next to featured posts at top of right column) (rotating – 3 max).

Medium Rectangle (Bottom)

* 300×250. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 25k (maximum) file size.
* Displayed throughout the site (next to blog posts in the right column) (rotating – 4 max).

Full Banner

* 468×60. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 40k (maximum) file size.
* Displayed throughout the site above the footer: USD $150/month (rotating – 2 max).

Text Links (right column)

* 1 Line – 30 characters (including spaces – bolded).
* Displayed throughout the site: USD $50/month (4 max, non-rotating).

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Custom Ads

Wanna take over the background of the site, sponsor a contest, feature a product, or any other crazy idea? We can put together a solution that gets your message across in a eye-catching and creative way.

Additional Specs

* No floating, pop-up, or in-stream ads.
* 30-second animation (maximum).
* Ads with white backgrounds must have at least a 1-pixel border.
* ALT tags may contain up to 50 characters (including spaces).
* Sound must be user-controlled and user-initiated (on-click) with clearly displayed audio controls.
* A default GIF must be provided for users without Flash or JavaScript.
* All public policy, advocacy, political or candidate advertising must be clearly identified on every frame.

Custom arrangements may be available upon request, and are subject to a premium. All ad space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Content of Advertisements

Advertising should not contain material that considers to constitute or promote discrimination. No adult material, gambling or tobacco advertising will be accepted. reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time.


We require confirmation from the advertiser or agent, ordering the advertising at least three days before the advertising is scheduled to run.


Payment for all ads must be made prior to the start date for all ads.