7 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Moving

Posted By: on December 14, 2012

Moving is an exciting time in your life because you’ll soon be in that perfect house. In order to ensure that the process runs smoothly though, avoid these common moving mistakes.

Not Labeling Items
When you get into the new house, you’ll want to know where everything is. Even though labeling requires a little bit more work now, it will be so worth it when you aren’t panicking later on.

Carelessly Packing Fragile Items
Once again, you might try to simplify things now by just throwing items into boxes. Sure, you might tell yourself that you’ll take extra caution with that box on moving day. However, when moving day comes, you might not even be the one to pick it up and put it in the car.

Underestimating Time
Do not assume that you’ll be all packed up and moved into the new place in a matter of a couple of hours. Dedicate a whole day to the actual moving process, and remember to add more time if you’re moving to another state or across the country. You’ll likely need to take the day before off to pack any last minute items, and taking the day after off is wise as you’ll be extremely tired.

Not Watching Kids and Pets
You must be so careful when children and pets are in the home! For little ones, consider hiring a babysitter or dropping them off at a relatives house for the day. When it comes to pets, it might be better to let them stay at a pet hotel for the evening. It would be horrific if one of them wandered out of the house during the move.

Unpacking Everything at Once
Trying to unpack all of your items the same day that you move is practically impossible. Instead of giving yourself all of this extra stress, just unpack what you need and leave the rest for the next few days.

Not Preparing for the First Night
No matter how well you pack, you’re still going to need clothing and food for the first night. Be sure to fill a suitcase with clothes for each member of the house, necessary feeding and walking supplies for the pets and some canned goods and pots with which to eat on that first night.

Not Hiring a Reputable Company
Remember, you are picking a company to handle some of your most prized possessions, so you want to ensure that the workers are trustworthy. Check out www.trailervalet.com to connect with some of the professionals.

You might think that you would never make some of these mistakes. Hopefully, you won’t, but the stress of the day could make you change. Be sure to keep all of these helpful hints in mind.

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