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Oral Adams

10 Awesome Young Me/Now Me Photos

Posted By: on March 22, 2010

We’ve all got shoe boxes full of old wacky childhood photos in the basement. I know I’ve always wanted to recreate a shot from long ago and compare the two. Well the website Young Me/Now Me is the site for people who have done just that. Here are some awesome variations on the concept.

26 Responses to “10 Awesome Young Me/Now Me Photos”

  1. Jess WOods says:

    Wow that is truly amazing.


  2. katgos says:

    watch kim kardashian's pics

  3. Simon says:

    Wow, fantastic list! Thanks for the gathering :D of them!

  4. yabba dabba says:

    The last one gave me a chubby!

  5. whatever says:

    yabba dabba says: The last one gave me a chubby!

    You probably mean the one on the left you sick pedo!

  6. Aaron Payne says:

    This is great! I did a photo of myself a while back that would go great on this post.

    Check it out here:

  7. steve says:

    once ugly, always ugly.

    awesome photos though.

  8. Miles says:

    I have a really cute one year old baby here, and judging by these pics he basically has no chance of growing up to be good looking.

  9. Ralph Hefley says:

    Of all my years on the internet, since Dec of 93' with Databank out of Lawrence, Kansas

    This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on the internet.

    Just beautiful Art.

  10. seed says:

    Let me sum up his actions in one word. "MINE" I did click the link but it took forever to load and my attention span waned. The three you posted pleased me enough. Thank you.

  11. I recognize the setting of the 4th from the top – that’s Lake Anne Plaza in Reston, VA, about a minute from my house :) Because you care so much you asked me specifically.

  12. Konstantin says:

    cool, and if you want to be the one making the changes.

  13. jjkkjj says:

    re. pulling the original article (good to know you guys will actually do that btw).

    If the guy's really that stupid as to insist you take down 'his' content, just pull the article altogether. Also, that guy should lern2SEO. Duh.

  14. Udo Sero says:

    Is the last one Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

  15. Xenio says:

    Why did you changed the Photos?

    I shared this as Young me / Now Me, not this?

  16. Lexe says:

    Where are the other 40?

    • Heesa Phadie says:

      Unfortunately we had to take them down but each of these ten are 5x times as good…so we've got you covered.

  17. Lakawak says:

    Man…Sean Connery was SOOOO young in 1989. Almost a baby.

  18. Yep. That's what our TVs look like now. All bubbly and made of glass.

  19. telecom book says:

    just one word, wonderful.

  20. lol there are amazing photos , i loved the man with tattoos , i wonder how he will look like after 10 years.

    maybe a new batman

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  22. Car Insurance Irelan says:

    Sean Connery is pretty astonishing: he looks almost the same in 2009, as he did 20 years earlier, in 1989. Granted, he has plenty of wrinkles and gray hair in 2009, but they are EXACTLY the same wrinkles and gray hair he had 21 years ago (even to the point of the gray hair being in the same places). I'd be tempted to say the 1989 picture isn't actually from 1989, except that it is – I remember that exact scene from the Indiana Jones movie.

    I wonder what his secret is!? :-)

  23. haha, awesome play on the whole young me now me shiz

  24. John Greer says:

    The governor of California has disappointed me. I did not think that the numerous champion "Mr. Olympia" will so look

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